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  • Sergio Valdes: Felon on the run with his young children after detectives say he hurt their mom, skipped prison sentencing

    WANTED IN CHELAN COUNTY and DOUGLAS COUNTY — What was supposed to be a day of family fun — turned into a felon on the run. The hunt is on in Chelan County for wanted convicted felon, Sergio Valdes. Detectives say he took off from a water park with his two young kids – 18-month-old Casper and 6-month-old Aviahna — after detectives say he hurt their mom on May 29th. “During the car ride to the water slides where Sergio […]

  • Jamal Barber: Convicted felon accused of shooting roommate in leg, wanted in Renton

    WANTED IN RENTON — Talk about the roommate from hell: Renton Police say convicted felon, Jamal Barber, shot his roommate in the leg. Detectives say he fired a bullet through his roommate’s lower left leg with a .40 semi-automatic pistol — but it’s why police say he did it that will leave you shaking your head. “He needed to pay his rent. He didn’t have the money so he told his roommate to go ahead and sell his Xbox,” said […]

  • Daniel Bridges: Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force in Yakima on hunt for wanted High-Violent Offender

    WANTED BY DOC IN YAKIMA COUNTY — The Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force in Yakima is on the hunt for High-Violent Offender, Daniel Bridges. He’s a convicted felon wanted by Yakima Police for a domestic violence crime he’s accused of — and by the Department of Corrections for breaking probation on a meth conviction and a burglary bust. His massive rap sheet includes assaults, harassment, violating a protection order, burglary, theft, identity theft, forgery… it goes on and on. […]

  • David Thomas: High-risk child predator with history of going off the grid — wanted in Pierce County

    WANTED IN PIERCE COUNTY — A convicted child predator with a long history of thumbing his nose at law enforcement and going off the grid — is wanted again in Pierce County. David Thomas is a Level 3 sex offender — the worst of the worst and highest risk to re-offend. He’s failing to register as a sex offender — a crime that’s not new to him one bit. “Our suspect has been convicted of not registering before, so he […]

  • Juan Rodriguez: High-violent gang member street named ‘Bandit,’ fresh out of prison — wanted in Tri-Cities

    WANTED BY DOC IN TRI-CITIES — Juan Rodriguez is a High-violent gang member who just got out of prison and is already in the wind — breaking probation for a felony identity theft conviction. Department of Corrections officers say his street name is “Bandit.” He’s got a huge criminal history that’s full of violent crimes, including several assaults and domestic violence convictions. DOC officers say he has ties to the Tri-Cities and Yakima County. He’s got a bunch of tattoos […]

  • ‘Brian Fisher Memorial Ride’ getting ready to hit the road to remember fallen law enforcement heroes

    LAKEWOOD — It’s that time of year to sign up for a great event to remember our fallen heroes in law enforcement. Bikers and drivers will hit the road on Saturday, June 24th for the ‘Brian Fisher Memorial Ride.’ The annual event started back in 2007 following the death of King County Sgt. Brian Fisher. “We’d hoped at that time we’d never have to do this again, but since then there’s been officers that have passed away, or have had disastrous […]

  • Suspect charged in attacks on women walking alone in SeaTac; held on $100,000 bail

    KING COUNTY — June 12, 2017 Ismail Mamatov was arraigned in King County Superior Court on two counts of Robbery 2nd Degree. He is being held on $100,000 bail. FEDERAL WAY — May 29, 2017 Federal Way Police say Ismail Mamatov surrendered with the help of his family after being featured on Washington’s Most Wanted.  He was booked into the SCORE jail on two counts of Robbery 2nd Degree.  “I hope he feels very ashamed and has some guilt for what he […]

  • Violent motel room robbery: Help find pair of fugitives, identify third suspect accused of vicious bathroom attack

    WANTED IN KING COUNTY — Beaten and bloodied by a crew of crooks in a motel bathroom: King County detectives say the three suspects shown above busted down a door and all attacked a man for his money. That’s Demaris Jones on the left, Whitney Faletogo in the middle and the woman on the right is only known as ‘Bree’ right now. Investigators are asking for your help to identify her — and all three need to be found. “Our […]

  • William King: Violent felon with more than 60 convictions, nicknamed ‘Booney’ — wanted in Tri-Cities

    WANTED BY DOC IN TRI-CITIES — Do you know where ‘Booney is hiding? That’s the nickname violent felon, William Roscoe King goes by. He has a felony nationwide warrant for his arrest for breaking probation in the Tri-Cities on burglary and drug busts. Department of Corrections officers say his massive rap sheet started when he was 13 years old and now at 40 — he has more than 60 convictions on it. If you know where he’s hiding, call Crime […]

  • Join upcoming, inaugural golf tournament to help families of fallen officers

    LAKEWOOD — A great time for a great cause is teeing-off next Friday. It’s the Behind the Badge Foundation’s first-ever golf tournament. It starts at 8am next Friday, June 16th at Meadow Park Golf Course in Lakewood. All proceeds benefit The Behind the Badge Foundation — an organization near and dear to my heart that helps the families of fallen police officers. There are lots of prizes to win during play and a band and silent auction to enjoy once […]