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  • SPD1

    Seattle police using data on car prowl ‘hot spots’ to combat the thefts

    SEATTLE — Car prowls can happen anywhere in the city — day or night — and you only have to leave your car for a second. “I went to my car and it looked like the window was open and I was surprised and when I opened it it was unlocked and when I got in there I could see it was rifled through and the phone was gone,” Gregorio Bustamante said Thursday. That was in Belltown. Ashley Stalwick’s car […]

  • burglaryRedmond

    Redmond police help citizens secure their homes

    REDMOND –Police say burglaries are up and no one is immune. “If you live in a secure apartment you should be fine but if I had a house I’d be concerned,” Redmond resident Kenny Foster said. Police say that is a common misconception;  that where you live makes you more likely or less likely to be the victim of burglars. Police say it’s just not true even in Redmond. “We’ve actually been hit all over Redmond, particularly in the Education […]

  • BirdFlu

    Bird Flu found in Whatcom County

    BELLINGHAM — It is a problem that has come home to roost. “One of the biggest problems we have in western Washington is we’re on the flyway for international migration of water fowl and they can carry all sorts of disease,” chicken rancher Bruce King said. Bruce king runs Big Pig Farm in Arlington. He has 2 to 3 hundred chickens and a couple of guinea fowl. He says with the bird flu doing a lot of damage in B.C. […]

  • burien flasher

    Man exposing himself to women in Old Town Burien

    BURIEN — It’s crude and offensive and it happened Dec. 9  in Old Town Burien. “It’s very scary, kind of scary to think about because we are women and there’s really no males here so he thinks it’s an easy place to target,” Skinperfect employee Mystere Ryder said. As soon as the man walked in the Skinperfect shop, the owner knew something was wrong. She’d seen him before. “The guy had come into the store about a week earlier and […]

  • Flooding along Big Quil River

    Rising rivers flood roads; more power outages expected in next round of storms

    ENUMCLAW — High winds are expected with the next round of storms. Medielaine Depouli says that means trees will probably be coming down in Enumclaw. She’s used to that. “The power goes out quite frequently and sometimes it goes out for days, and there’s no heat. So we bought a generator a few years ago.” She decided to get gas for that generator tonight, to be prepared. “Last time when we were without power, the winds were really blowing high […]

  • File photo/KCPQ

    More rain and wide spread flooding, and we’re not done yet

    NEAR SHELTON — It is never a smart thing to drive through standing water. The warning signs are all there that it can be very dangerous and cars and lives can be swept away. “The water where the Skok river comes near the bank there is where it was too deep. I think it was a good two feet,” Shelton resident Louis Green But longtime residents like Kim Gaskill know the roads near the Skokomish River all too well and […]

  • Washington Coast braces for next round of storms, 70-75 mph wind gusts likely

    WESTPORT — When a big storm rolls in the people of Westport tend to be the first to know. There is a big community of fishermen here, their boats fill the marina and on Tuesday night, they are preparing for high winds and lots of rain. “There’s a big storm supposed to blow 40 or 50 or something like that. I know all the fishermen are in,” Big Dog Fish owner Nick Downs said. In a high wind warning, the National […]

  • LWPD

    Lynnwood veteran on uptick in crime: I fear for my safety

    LYNNWOOD — War veteran Douglas Kerley doesn’t scare easily, but he freely admits he now fears for his safety and the safety of his family in his hometown. Kerley is upset because his son was nearly robbed at gunpoint in Lynnwood back in October. Last week, his daughter was assaulted at knife point last week, although that happened in Seattle. And these episodes of violence appear to be up, Kerley says, as less and less police appear to be on […]

  • Arlington woman finds stolen mail on road side delivers to owners

    ARLINGTON, Washington — If you`ve ever had you mail stolen you know what a violation it can be and it can lead to other crimes, like identity theft, so when a good Samaritan found that pile of stolen mail she did what she hopes someone would do for her; she delivered it. Marysville’s Kathy Brooks is a victim of mail theft and didn’t even know it until Sunday morning when a stranger knocked on her door. “I was really concerned. […]