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  • landslide2

    City of Seattle issues ominous landslide warning to homeowners

    SEATTLE — Kate Johnson has good reason to be afraid. “I just afraid of what this hill can do,” landslide victim Kate Johnson said Thursday. She and her family live at the foot of a huge hill on 55th Avenue Southwest in West Seattle, where there has been a previous slide.   In January 2013, a landslide pushed their minivan into their front yard. “We actually didn’t hear it. We woke up to our neighbor pounding on the door at […]

  • Puyallup

    Police bust hash-oil lab in building owned by Puyallup deputy mayor

    PUYALLUP — Federal, state and local investigators spent much of Wednesday clearing out the tools of the trade and confiscated as many as 300 marijuana plants from a nondescript warehouse in in the 2400 block of Inner Avenue in Puyallup. “I never knew what was going on in there and I was always curious,” neighbor Donna Barnes said. Barnes lives right across the street. The Wednesday morning raid woke her from a sound sleep. “There’s a van out there with […]


    Social media lesson? 2 boys who say they were joking charged with felonies for alleged threats

    TACOMA — We live in an age of technology —  the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and texting. Students these days have had it all their lives. “Before this was all invented we, you know, would hear word of mouth — so social media cuts both ways,” parent Faith Homan said Tuesday. And it cut deep when the student put this message on his Twitter page: “attention, it’s me that is shooting up the school tomorrow so be prepared and […]

  • From WSP

    Tornado stuns, damages Longview: ‘I started hearing a whoo, whoo, like a train…’ (VIDEOS)

    LONGVIEW, Wash. — A rare tornado in Western Washington struck Longview Thursday, causing widespread damage but no injuries. The National Weather Service said the tornado was an EF-1 with winds estimated between 86 and 110 mph. It cut a path through Longview 1.3 miles long and 200 feet wide, the NWS said. In the downtown area hit hardest by the tornado, crews worked Thursday night to fence off a heavily damaged building.  Part of the building already came crashing down […]


    ON CAMERA: Police try to ID ‘persons of interest’ in brazen Capitol Hill burglary

    SEATTLE — Two men seen on surveillance camera who may have been brazen burglars walked door-to-door in a secure apartment building on Capitol Hill, even talking to the people who live there, and no one saw a thing. The burglary happened at the apartments at 19th and Mercer Thursday afternoon. But the message is it could happen anywhere. “I got home Thursday night and I came to just a place that was completely ransacked; all the cupboards were open; the […]

  • ChildPornKasner

    Former substitute teacher for Northshore elementary schools charged with child porn possession

    KIRKLAND — A former substitute teacher for elementary schools in the Northshore School District was charged Monday with three counts of first-degree possession of child porn. Kurtis Kasner, 72, was arrested after computer technicians allegedly uncovered child pornography on his computer that he had brought to them for repair. Kasner remains in custody in lieu of $500,000 bail. According to court documents, police said Kasner was asked during the police interrogation when he started looking at images of children? He […]


    12s line the street to welcome Hawks home

    Nearly three dozen 12s turned up Sunday night at SeaTac international to welcome the Seahawks back home after a difficult loss to the St. Louis Rams. There are no fair weather fans in Seattle just die hard 12s, supporting their super bowl champions even in defeat but make no mistake this loss hurts… a lot. “I think today’s loss, It hurt a lot more than Dallas. This is a game we should have won and we came out in the […]

  • The man with the cap can be seen in this surveillance video using a stolen credit card taken in a Mukilteo car prowl.

    Suspected car-prowl thief in Mukilteo caught on video: Do you recognize him?

    MUKILTEO, Wash. — Austin Rivers, 18, had just moved to Mukilteo from Utah to get a fresh start — but then a thief broke his car window and stole his new credit card and other items. Rivers is working and planning to go to school, too. But life became a lot harder since the car break-in last month. “I thought maybe they took my sound system, because I had a very expensive sound system, well, they just took a credit […]


    High school football player facing two rape charges quits team, still in classes

    HOQUIAM, Wash. — At 6 feet tall and 240 pounds, Tyler Smith, who wears number 71, was a force to be reckoned with on the football field, but prosecutors allege he used his size to overpower and rape two girls. According to court documents, Smith was arrested Sept. 26 in the middle of football practice at Hoquiam High School. Investigators say the latest incident happened back in July when Smith allegedly raped a girl on the tailgate of his pickup. […]