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    Commentary: This Week Should Mean More To Huskies Than Sark

    For the first time since his blind-sided move away from Montlake, tonight marks the official start…..of “Sark Week.” The Huskies, finally with a chance to face the coach who abandoned them less than two years ago. Of course, I get it: Coaching changes happen everyday – guys jumping ship for more money or better opportunities. It’s a shame, but it’s part of the business. My problem comes from the way Steve Sarkisian left – an abrupt, tactless move that ran […]

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    Everett Silvertips winger Graham Millar on “Q It Up Sports”

    Silvertips right winger Graham Millar joined Q13 Fox Sports Director Aaron Levine on “Q It Up Sports” Sunday night. The Tips host the Spokane Chiefs on Opening Night at XFINITY Arena in Everett this Saturday night.

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    Seattle Mariners introduce new GM Jerry Dipoto

    SEATTLE — Jerry Dipoto believes the Seattle Mariners don’t need a major overhaul at the major league level to create a contender. Dipoto was introduced as Seattle’s new general manager on Tuesday. Dipoto was one of three finalists for the position, narrowed from an initial pool of about 40 that Mariners team President Kevin Mather pulled together. Dipoto said that Seattle’s core is solid with the likes of Felix Hernandez, Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz but the challenge will be deepening […]

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    Commentary: Mariners can take a page from Paul Allen’s ownership manual

    Now that the Kam Chancellor saga is finally over – for this season at least – it’s important to focus on one of the most overlooked aspects of the holdout: The fact that, by all accounts, Seahawks owner Paul Allen had John Schneider’s back the entire way. Without that support – we likely have a much different outcome. If you include the Seahawks trade of Percy Harvin last season, it’s now the second time in the last year that Allen […]

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    Commentary: Seahawks have gone more than “halfway” – Chancellor should take the deal

    We start by taking a closer look at the Kam Chancellor situation, which according to the NFL Network, is being stalled by a difference of $900,000. Under his current contract, Chancellor is scheduled to make $5.1 million dollars next season, and $6.8 million in 2017. According to the report, Chancellor doesn’t want any new money – but he wants about $4 million moved up, so he’ll make $9 million next year. The Seahawks have offered to move up $3 million […]

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    Commentary: Leach’s buyout is steep, but worth it – if more embarrassment ensues

    We start with a question I asked about my own alma mater in yesterday’s loss to Northwestern – but I direct it to Mike Leach and the Washington State football team instead: “What the heck were you doing all offseason?!?” I mean, you lost to Portland State, a football subdivision team you were favored by 31 points to beat…in your home opener…in a recently renovated stadium paid for in part by incredibly loyal boosters…in the fourth year of a coach […]

  • Dynamic Duo: Storm’s Sue Bird and Jewell Loyd on “Q It Up Sports”

    Seattle Storm guards Sue Bird and Jewell Loyd joined Q13 Fox Sports Director Aaron Levine in-studio on “Q It Up Sports” on Sunday night. Bird vouched for Loyd’s run at WNBA Rookie of the Year, and talked about the potential future return of Lauren Jackson to Seattle. Loyd talked about what she’s learned from Bird, and how her first season has lived up to initial expectations.

  • Commentary: Loss of Jamie Fay is a loss for us all

    Everytime I attempted to write about the Jack Zduriencik firing, or the Huskies keeping their starting quarterback a secret, or the Seahawks, or the incredible showing for the Sounders-Portland match at CenturyLink Field….. I couldn’t help but think about the horrible tragedy that struck in Gig Harbor this weekend: The unfortunate death of Jamie Fay, the assistant general manager at Chambers Bay. As we shared with you in the newscast, Fay was killed while driving in yesterday’s windstorm, when a […]

  • Commentary: Thanking all the upstanding coaches and role models – apparently, there aren’t many left

    My head is spinning after a week of blunders, accusations, and bizarre stories – locally and nationally – which makes me even more thankful for coaches and leaders who set a good example. To recap: The head coach of a local softball team instructed his 11 and 12 year old girls to intentionally lose a game at the Little League World Series. While I understand that it was an intended strategy and, “within the letter of the rules,” according to […]

  • Commentary: Goal Setting Key for Wagner, Wilson – And The 12s

    On the heels of the big news of the weekend – the Seahawks signing both Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner on longterm extensions to stay in Seattle, I start with my most important takeaway that has absolutely nothing to do with football. Take a listen to Wilson’s account on Friday of a pre-draft flight back home to Virginia: “I remember on the plane, drawing all my goals out. You know, I drew my everyday goals, professionally and all that. And […]