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    Sounders at the Half

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    Graham’s Luke Aikins prepares for 25,000-foot jump without a parachute

    World-class skydiver Luke Aikins of Graham joined Q13 Fox Sports Director Aaron Levine on Sunday night to talk about his upcoming prime-time jump on national TV, airing on Q13 Fox on Saturday July 30. Aikins will jump out of a plane with nothing but the clothes on his back and lands safely in the Southern California desert as his family and friends wait for him on the ground. The special will offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Aikins’ training and […]

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    Commentary: WNBA fan or not, Jackson’s retirement ceremony was a celebration for all of Seattle

    We’re now less than two weeks from the start of Seahawks Training Camp. And I’m glad that before we’re consumed with “Hawks Talk” 24/7, we have two weekends to separately honor two of the best athletes in Seattle sports history. This weekend, it was Lauren Jackson. Next weekend, Ken Griffey Junior. Junior will steal the headlines this entire week – and deservedly so. But whether you realized it or not, this past weekend was all about Jackson, as the Storm […]

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    Seattle Storm star Breanna Stewart and Grandma Stewie on “Q It Up Sports”

    Seattle Storm star rookie Breanna Stewart and her grandma joined Q13 Sports Director Aaron Levine on “Q It Up Sports” Sunday night. Grandma Stewie gained fame with her Twitter post about how to pronounce her granddaughter’s first name.

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    Commentary: Women’s soccer received a major slap in the face by its own professional league

    We start with the best April Fools Day joke of the weekend. Except it’s not April. And this wasn’t an intentional joke. The Seattle Reign FC were forced to play on an illegally narrow field at a minor league baseball stadium in New York yesterday, since the Western New York Flash’s home field was unavailable. It was a field their own league somehow approved, despite the width being a full 12 yards shorter than their minimum requirement. It was an […]

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    Commentary: Just one more reason to appreciate Doug Baldwin, Seahawks

    SEATTLE — You might have thought Oprah Winfrey was doling out the multi-million dollar contracts in the NBA this week – because he got one, and he got one, and they got one….heck everybody got one! – or so it seemed. And while I’d love nothing more than to have an NBA team here, at the very least, it relieved us from seeing Jim McIlvane-like deals reincarnated on an even more head-scratching level in Seattle. Still, I’m not going to […]

  • Commentary: National team in Seattle provides another way to show solidarity in the wake of tragedy

    We start with our deepest sympathies to everyone affected by the tragic shootings in Orlando. And while there’s no appropriate transition to sports – every time horrific events take place, I’m reminded of the solidarity of the sports world in the aftermath of 9/11: From the Mariners and other teams across America showing their patriotism and support for the victims – to the goosebumps we all felt when then-President Bush threw a perfect strike in his ceremonial first pitch in […]

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    Bellevue High coach pleads: ‘This has been a setup since day one … do not punish these kids’

    BELLEVUE, Wash. — Bellevue High School football coach Butch Goncharoff told the school board Tuesday that an investigation of the football program has been “a setup since day one” and he appealed that board members fight back against a conference plan to ban the team from postseason play for four years. “You may not like, me,” Goncharoff told the Bellevue School Board. “You may not like the football club. I can live with that. But do not punish these kids,” […]

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    Storm guard Jewell Loyd on “Q It Up Sports”

    Seattle Storm guard Jewell Loyd joined Q13 Fox Sports Director Aaron Levine on “Q It Up Sports” Sunday night. It’s been a memorable second season so far for Loyd, who scored a career-high 32 points on Friday night against Phoenix.

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    Commentary: Muhammad Ali’s legacy is transcendent

    I’m at a loss tonight – because I simply can’t do it justice. After a weekend filled with compassionate eulogies and emotional tributes – I’m not nearly worthy of reflecting on the life of Muhammad Ali. I never met him, nor was I alive in his heyday. But that doesn’t prevent me from standing here tonight and reiterating that he was the greatest – the best of all time. That his legacy transcends sports. That he belongs as one of […]