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  • Commentary: Petersen deprived Huskies of much-needed win

    We start tonight with an analogy: Imagine that I’m a CEO of a business, getting paid millions of dollars – and the contents of this envelope are time-sensitive and hold important information relating to a major acquisition. On my desk, I have the stamps necessary to mail this envelope myself. In fact, my assistant has the stamps needed to send it too. But do I put the stamps on it myself? Nope. Does my assistant put the stamps on it? […]

  • sounders

    Commentary: Sounders FC season will be defined by MLS Cup Playoffs

    Call it hyperbole, but in terms of scope, I think Monday night’s match against FC Dallas an absolute must-advance match, through either a win or a scoreless draw. Now, you say “wait a minute:” The Sounders won a Supporters Shield for having the best regular-season record in the league. They won a U.S. Open Cup Championship for the fourth time in six years. How can I stand here and call tomorrow’s conference semifinal match a seminal moment for this organization? […]

  • Commentary: Shaq and Connor – Deserving Our Attention

    In a year that’s been forgettable on the Palouse and fairly average on Montlake, we pay tribute to a couple players who have given us a reason to watch. Thank you, Shaq Thompson and Connor Halliday. Halliday’s Washington St. career ended prematurely yesterday with a broken fibula, adding insult to an already dreadful season for the Cougs. It ended the most productive career by a quarterback in the school’s history – one that included the most passing yards ever in […]

  • Commentary: Russell Wilson’s ‘Ignore The Noise’ motto can work for 12s too

    So, here’s what I’m most proud of: Amidst all the media reports, all the potential distractions, Russell Wilson followed his own advice. He and the Seahawks ignored the noise when it mattered the most, and won today’s game. As fans, we should all do the same. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last week and a half has felt like an ongoing episode of TMZ. The Percy Harvin trade immediately spurred a domino effect of “team sources say this” […]

  • aaron 2

    Commentary: The Seahawks are a great team – playing average football

    We start by asking the question – at 3-and-3 so far this year, are the Seahawks a good or great team playing average football…or are they an average team playing average football? I believe the Hawks are still a great team, but one, thanks in part to injuries, that’s played average football. I also believe the Hawks are at a major crossroads – one that will define their season, based on how they respond. For all the “Next Man Up” […]

  • thomas

    Earl Thomas launches local foundation, announces charity event

    RENTON — Seahawks All-Pro safety Earl Thomas announced the launch of his Guardian Angel Foundation in the Seattle area, along with his first official charity function. Thomas will host his First Annual “Steaks and Seahawks” event at Daniel’s Broiler on Monday, November 17 to benefit his foundation, which provides resources and assistance to families in need. Thomas and his Seahawks teammates will step off the field and into the kitchen to help serve dinner to more than 200 guests. In […]

  • Russell Okung has a torn labrum.

    Carroll: Russell Okung OK despite shoulder problems; LB Bobby Wagner suffers ‘turf toe’

    SEATTLE — Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Monday that left tackle Russell Okung will play despite having sprained his shoulder in Week 3.  Q13 FOX reported earlier that he had a torn labrum and was playing through the pain. Okung suffered the injury in Week 3 against the Denver Broncos, and has been attempting to play through the pain. “Russell sprained his shoulder in a game a few weeks ago and returned to that game and hasn’t missed a practice […]

  • Commentary: Pac-12 fans united by one cause – its terrible refs

    We start with a point that consistently connects fans from different loyalties into one united front: Pac-12 Football Officiating is simply THE WORST. It’s mind-boggling that, in a conference that has made it a top priority to improve its officiating, Pac-12 refs continue to embarrass themselves with egregious – and often game-changing – calls every single week. They’ve spent money on technology and a command center. They’ve added position supervisors. And now they’ve been through two officiating coordinators in the […]

  • pac12

    Commentary: Intelligent Pac-12 coaches like Leach still need “Football 101″

    We start with the newest episode of “Pac-12 Gone Wild:” The conference in which Arizona is undefeated, and Cal leads the North Division. And more importantly, the conference where intelligent coaches sometimes make dumb mistakes. Exhibit A? Washington State Coach Mike Leach. Today was supposed to be about Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday. About how most of the nation missed his record-setting 734 passing yards last night. It was supposed to be about the Cougs, rather than Cal, leading the […]