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    Commentary: Questioning Chris Hansen’s intentions is valid – but the facts win out

    SEATTLE — Tonight we sit down with investor Chris Hansen, who continues the effort to bring the NBA and NHL to Seattle – a topic we’ve spent a lot of time discussing lately. Why? Because public perception is critical. Misconceptions helped sink their case last May – and many still exist, including those about Hansen himself. For years now, critics have questioned Hansen’s intentions. To them, he’s just a hedge fund manager looking for a profit. “How can we trust […]

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    UW’s ‘Chart Toppers’ Plum and Osahor are a winning combo – on and off the court

    They’re the country’s best 1-2 punch… without a trademark name. “No one really knows what to call us. Which is okay – we don’t have to be called anything,” Kelsey Plum said. With Plum leading the nation in scoring and Chantel Osahor, the most dominant rebounder in the game, “Chart Toppers” might be fair. “You know that song, ‘Started from the bottom now we’re here?’ That’s exactly us,” Osahor said. On – and off the court – with a friendship […]

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    U.S. Curling Championships come to town; local curlers in-studio on Q It Up Sports

    SEATTLE — Q13 Fox Sports Director Aaron Levine was joined by Lynnwood’s Cristin Clark and one of her teammates, Katie Dubberstein, who are competing in the 2017 U.S. Curling National Championships at XFINITY Arena in Everett this week. It’s the first time in 20 years that the area has hosted the national championships. Interview in the video above.

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    Commentary: The annual Romar debate comes with the same twist

    We start with Huskies coach Lorenzo Romar and a discussion that always comes with the implied disclaimer (but we say it anyway) that he’s one of our favorite coaches, human beings, and representatives of the University of Washington. Always has been – always will. To me, it’s a unique situation: All the fans who wanted Romar fired the last few years – were probably right. But those calling for his head now… could be right or could be wrong. And […]

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    Commentary: An untrustworthy Port makes Seattle City Council’s SODO Arena stance look foolish

    We start with a former Super Bowl champion, Russell Wilson, who penned an editorial in the Seattle Times this week in favor of a fully-privately funded arena in the SODO District. He accurately noted the plan was just one street vacation vote away from being “shovel ready.” One vote. Just one, out of the five city councilmembers who voted against a street vacation last May – in essence, siding with the Port of Seattle. Well, let’s take a closer look […]

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    Commentary: SODO’s the right choice, but the focus needs to be on the ultimate prize

    I had a chance to tour KeyArena this week with potential developers and city representatives. And this is what the whole thing felt like to me: “Save the Clock Tower! Save The Clock Tower!” from “Back To The Future” Save KeyArena! Save KeyArena! One city employee even called it the “Crown Jewel” of Seattle. Seriously! But that’s what this whole RFP (Request For Proposals) process is all about: A chance for the city to save its own asset, ultimately save […]

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    Commentary: The obvious arena choice that local leaders don’t think is obvious

    We start with a hypothetical: Imagine having the choice of taking Chrissy Teigen or Kate Upton to prom. Both are fantastic choices – on the surface, you can’t go wrong! But Chrissy’s manager says she won’t know if Chrissy can actually go with you until the day of the event. And despite being the beloved favorite with Pacific Northwest roots, her manager sets a number of contingencies: You’d have to wear a baby blue tux, buy her a dozen roses, […]

  • Edgar Martinez #11 of the Seattle Mariners doubles home the game winning runs in Game five of the 1995 American League Divisional Series against the New York Yankees at the Kingdome on October 8, 1995 in Seattle, Washington. The Mariners defeated the Yankees 6-5 in 11 innings to win the series three games to two. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

    Edgar Martinez falls short in Baseball Hall of Fame vote, but he remains hopeful

    COOPERSTOWN, NY — Former Seattle Mariners designated hitter Edgar Martinez fell short of getting the votes necessary to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame Wednesday. Martinez will not join Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez as the class of 2017 entering the Hall. Bagwell drew 86.2 percent and Raines got 86 percent. Rodriguez had 76 percent — he received four more votes than the necessary 332 of 442 (75 percent). Martinez received 58.6 percent of the vote. Welcome to Cooperstown! #HOF2017 […]

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    Commentary: The frustrations and fears are very real, but big picture still points up for Seahawks

    Let’s be honest, the day after always hurts. For all but one team in the NFL, it comes to a crashing end, leaving everyone asking “What If?” “and “What Next?” The Seahawks – and the 12s – are hardly immune. But I think what yesterday reminded those of us with short-term memory is how incredibly difficult it is to win another Super Bowl title. And while we appreciate the unprecedented run of success the Hawks have had under Pete Carroll, […]

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    Commentary: Selective hearing worked once, it can work again for Seahawks

    Do you hear that? All the opinion columns, the talking heads, the critics – everyone with their latest take the Seahawks, including myself and the guys on this show? It’s all just noise. Meaningless drivel. Click bait, meant to stir emotions one way or the other. And in this case, I’m hoping the Seahawks have selective hearing – as in, selecting the worst stuff out there. Because if memory serves me correctly, during the Seahawks championship season in 2013, it […]