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I am thrilled to be working at Q13 FOX News. Moving back to the amazing people and unrivaled beauty of the Pacific Northwest is a dream come true.

I grew up in Longview, Wash., and lived in the south Puget Sound for several years before beginning my broadcasting career in Reno, Nev., as a photojournalist. I then moved more than 2,000 miles away to Greensboro, N.C., where my nearly 10-year long stint in the deep south began.

After almost 7 years working as a photojournalist and reporter in Atlanta, I packed up my life and returned to my home state of Washington.

I live in Seattle with my partner and our awesome dog.

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Recent Articles
  • apt

    Neighbors: Renter’s own gun turned against him during burglary

    SNOHOMISH, Wash. — Police said a Snohomish man ended up in a fight for his life when he came home and caught a burglar in the act Sunday night. Neighbors believe the crook used the victim’s own gun to shoot and wound the man. Neighbors are frightened because the violent burglar is still on the loose. “I probably won’t sleep too well tonight,” said neighbor Aleshia Hillier. Neighbors at the apartment building on Lincoln Avenue have more questions than answers […]

  • hall

    After 5 years, unused $48 million Thurston County jail to finally open

    TUMWATER, Wash. — After years of delays, Thurston County commissioners and the county sheriff said they are ready to open the new jail on Ferguson Street. The recession, safety concerns and budget issues are all reasons why the building sat empty since 2010, according to commissioners. “It’s really been a dance, it’s been a difficult dance but we’re here,” said Thurston County Commission Chairwoman Cathy Wolfe. “Money has been a huge part of this problem.” “We were one time promised […]

  • WATCH: Seattle teacher on phone pepper-sprayed by officer as he walked by police line

    SEATTLE — A Seattle school teacher is suing the city after being pepper-sprayed by a police officer as he walked by a police line during protests on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Jan. 19. RELATED:  Seattle police chief yanks ‘golf club’ patrol officer off the street after troubling Facebook comments ALSO:  Seattle man arrested over golf club speaks out: Officer ‘knows she was out of control’ The incident in the South Lake Union area was caught on camera. Police were […]

  • Seattle man arrested over golf club speaks out: Officer ‘knows she was out of control’

    SEATTLE — The 70-year-old man who was arrested for holding a golf club on a street corner spoke out Thursday about the officer who stopped him and threw him in jail. William Wingate is threatening to sue the police department. Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O`Toole on Thursday put the officer, Cynthia Whitlatch, on desk duty and ordered a review of her cases. >>> click here to read and watch video on the main story of the officer’s conduct. “She knows […]

  • bertha

    State Senate committee chairman says bill to kill Bertha tunneling project is DOA

    OLYMPIA — Two Republican state senators proposed new legislation that would scrap the tunnel-boring project in Seattle and retrofit the Alaskan Way Viaduct instead. Sens. Michael Baumgartner, R-Spokane, and Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, introduced Senate Bill 5646, which aims to end the spending on the tunnel project. But Sen. Curtis King, R-Yakima, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, said the plan is dead on arrival and he won’t allow the bill a hearing. The bill’s architects vow they won’t stop their […]

  • crook

    Property crime task force focuses on north Snohomish County crooks

    MONROE, Wash. — Several law enforcement agencies in north Snohomish County are coming together to crack down on crime. Their focus: burglars and package thieves who repeatedly victimize homeowners. This pilot program is designed to lock up some of Snohomish County’s most prolific offenders. Investigators said an epidemic of heroin addiction is what’s fueling burglaries across the county. They also said those same crooks don’t just stop at burglary – usually ID theft, car theft, and fraud are also connected […]

  • thief

    Neighbors stalk car prowler; police arrest suspect believed responsible for at least 7 crimes

    OLYMPIA – New statistics reveal that car thefts and car prowls are driving crimes rates up in Seattle, but those crimes are happening all over Western Washington. >>> See Seattle crime rates for 2014 here Police arrested one man in Olympia last weekend who they believe is responsible for at least seven prowls in one night. It happened early Saturday morning on Otis Street. The crook had no problem getting inside the cars because all of them were unlocked. Thanks […]

  • (KCPQ)

    Shooting rattles nerves, raises new questions about safety in downtown Seattle

    SEATTLE – Safety concerns in downtown Seattle were raised again after a hail of gunfire sent people scrambling for safety at about 8 p.m. Wednesday. A man and a 16-year-old boy were shot and were being treated at Harborview Medical Center. The gunman is still on the loose. Seattle Police said they have officers spread across downtown. Their mobile precinct was parked just around the corner Wednesday night and officers responded almost immediately after hearing the gunfire. One of the […]

  • suspect

    Police: Serial robber may be responsible for half-dozen crimes spanning 3 months, 2 counties

    BELLINGHAM — Cops believe a serial robber has struck again, this time hitting a hardware store in Whatcom County. The latest incident happened at the Fairhaven WFC True Value hardware store on Sunday night. This time the gunman didn’t bother hiding his face and cameras snapped an image that police said gives them their best view of the suspect. “In this situation, other than wearing a ball cap he didn’t have his face masked,” said Bob VanderYacht with Bellingham Police. […]

  • video1

    Vicious dog-on-dog attack caught on camera; owner of victim wants ‘bully’ controlled

    LAKE FOREST PARK, Wash. — A shocking dog attack caught on camera now has one pet owner in hot water. Neighbors want something to be done before more pets – and even people – get hurt. The attacked dog’s owner said his pooch has been attacked three times by his neighbor’s dog. Curt bush said 9-year-old Tucker was outdoors on Sunday when he heard him crying out in pain. “All of the sudden I heard my dog yelping,” he said, […]