Seahawks win, move into 1st place tie in NFC West
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I am thrilled to be working at Q13 FOX News. Moving back to the amazing people and unrivaled beauty of the Pacific Northwest is a dream come true.

I grew up in Longview, Wash., and lived in the south Puget Sound for several years before beginning my broadcasting career in Reno, Nev., as a photojournalist. I then moved more than 2,000 miles away to Greensboro, N.C., where my nearly 10-year long stint in the deep south began.

After almost 7 years working as a photojournalist and reporter in Atlanta, I packed up my life and returned to my home state of Washington.

I live in Seattle with my partner and our awesome dog.

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  • The suspect is seen entering an AM/PM store in Everett. (Photo: Everett Police Dept.)

    Suspected serial robber’s clothes could be key to sending him to jail

    EVERETT, Wash. — Detectives need help identifying an armed robber before his crimes turn violent. This thief has been busy — police said he’s already hit at least three stores in the Everett area. Investigators believe the robber’s fashion choices could lead to his arrest. Jo-Lee Brown said her co-worker at the AM/PM gas station on Rucker Avenue was the robber’s first victim. “She was pretty shaken up a little bit; she took a couple days off,” she said. “No […]

  • still

    Police ask for help in finding serial robber targeting convenience stores

    FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — A serial robber terrorizing 7-Eleven convenience store clerks in King and Pierce counties has police looking for help. Investigators believe the same suspect has held up at least 15 convenience stores from SeaTac to Spanaway, and they worry the gunman could turn violent. One store in Federal Way was hit twice in December. Police said the robber is getting physical with cashiers, and they worry about customers coming face to face with the gunman. “Each and […]

  • crook

    Brave clerk fights off armed robber with metal napkin dispenser

    BURLINGTON, Wash. — Cops are on the hunt for a serial armed robber and police say his last target was a clerk inside the Lafeen’s Donut shop on November 30. But thanks to a brave store clerk police now have a clear view of the suspect’s face. Investigators think the same man is responsible for robberies stretching from Burlington to Bellingham. “It just makes me mad,” said clerk Sara Mora, “It makes me angry.” Mora was working in the back […]

  • box2

    Mail, package thieves hitting Kitsap neighborhoods

    PORT ORCHARD, Wash. — They’re not only after your packages this holiday, thieves are also rifling through the mailboxes. Neighbors in central Kitsap County said it’s becoming a huge problem and at least one homeowner caught some of those crooks on camera. “It’s been happening around the area week after week, after week, after week,” said homeowner Tiffany Bartley, “It’s crazy.” One look at the scattered letters and advertisements littering the ground near Bartley’s house and you can understand why […]

  • Neighbors clean up after flooding damages homes, property in Brinnon

    BRINNON, Wash. — Another river near Hood Canal overflowed its banks Wednesday forcing firefighters to evacuate eight people. The waters subsided Thursday giving neighbors the chance to survey the damage, but they are not out of danger yet. Firefighters were able to save a couple of trucks, but the water flooded Station 42 in five feet of water. The building is a total loss and they are out nearly $200,000. Ephraim Barney’s place flooded — everything in the garage is […]

  • thief

    Not so fast: Neighborhood baits package thief, snaps pictures of crook

    MILL CREEK, Wash. – Neighbors claim that package thieves have targeted their Snohomish County neighborhood so many times that homeowners are now banding together to put a stop to it. Neighbors said the same car has been circling the streets for days snatching up deliveries. So one homeowner decided to bait the thieves by placing an empty box on her front door step. When the crooks came calling, she surprised them with her cell phone staring them in the face. […]

  • traffic

    State considering ‘road usage charge’ to tax drivers by the mile

    OLYMPIA — How much is a mile worth to you? The Washington State Transportation Commission is floating a new plan to chuck the gas tax and charge drivers by the mile. Commissioners are looking at several options including odometer readings all the way to smart phone apps that track how many miles you’ve traveled. On Tuesday, the commission voted to recommend a road usage charge demonstration to occur over the next 3-4 years in up to five regions across the state. […]

  • wmuac

    Scam or bad luck? Restaurant touring company goes out of business, customers claim losses

    SEATTLE — Customers of a popular Seattle restaurant touring company said they are out hundreds, even thousands of dollars. White Moustache Urban Adventure Company suddenly shut down without notice, and several of their customers asked Q13 Fox News to investigate what happened to their money? The company’s owner is now living in Hawaii while customers in Seattle believe they have been scammed. “We have emails from him saying we’re all set on November 11,” said Kathy Craft. “Then we’ve got […]

  • jeep

    Veteran’s family heirloom Jeep stolen from driveway

    MARYSVILLE, Wash. — Imagine having a precious family heirloom stolen from your home without a trace: That’s what the owner of an off-road Jeep called it, a prized family possession. The truck has been passed down through generations, from one military veteran to another. The family said the off-roader is worth more than anyone else could appreciate. Sometime in the early morning hours on Thursday crooks managed to steal both a Jeep and the trailer it was sitting on from […]