What you need to know about the 2-week Alaskan Way Viaduct closure

I am thrilled to be working at Q13 FOX News. Moving back to the amazing people and unrivaled beauty of the Pacific Northwest is a dream come true.

I grew up in Longview, Wash., and lived in the south Puget Sound for several years before beginning my broadcasting career in Reno, Nev., as a photojournalist. I then moved more than 2,000 miles away to Greensboro, N.C., where my nearly 10-year long stint in the deep south began.

After almost 7 years working as a photojournalist and reporter in Atlanta, I packed up my life and returned to my home state of Washington.

I live in Seattle with my partner and our awesome dog.

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    Helping ducklings cross busy Seattle street: ‘We all need a little help sometimes’

    Some Q13 FOX coworkers helped these ducklings and their mother cross Westlake Avenue to make it to Lake Union early Wednesday. “We all need a little help sometimes, she just needed a little people help.”

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    100-year-old data making hunt for old, lead water pipes difficult in Tacoma

    TACOMA, Wash. – Utility crews continue digging up the earth, searching for the source that revealed high levels of lead in the water of some Tacoma’s homes. Locating the old pipes that could be leaching lead isn’t an easy task thanks to more than 100-year-old records that lack detail. Some of the old records don’t specify what materials were used; sometimes the only way to find out is to dig into the ground. The old pipes are called goosenecks, which […]

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    Water at 3 Tacoma schools deemed safe after new tests; 10 still using bottled water

    TACOMA, Wash. — Tacoma school officials believe the drinking water at three elementary schools could be turned back on by Tuesday. Officials said new water quality tests now show much lower levels of lead than before. The superintendent of Tacoma Public Schools said Monday that new water quality tests done at Manitou Park, Larchmont and Reed elementary schools show big improvement. The district believes the water at those schools is now safe for drinking because they are testing well below the […]

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    ‘She emptied the gun’: Home intruder shot, killed by 80-year-old woman in Sultan identified

    SULTAN, Wash. — An 80-year-old woman took drastic action to save her husband during a home invasion. Police said she shot the intruder but not before he managed to stab her elderly husband. The elderly woman told Q13 News that her 75-year-old husband is in a lot of pain; he’s listed in serious condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. “It could have been a very bad situation,” said neighbor Richard Cross. “It could have been three homicides over there […]

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    Tacoma utility hunting for old pipes that could be elevating lead levels in water

    TACOMA, Wash. — City leaders continue to search for whatever is tainting some of its water with lead. Crews tore into two streets Thursday looking for old, lead gooseneck pipes, which could be a source of the contamination. Water quality samples led crews to a pair of homes where it is though gooseneck lines may still exist. Instead crews came up empty-handed – in both locations they looked. “Sometimes you just have to dig stuff up to see what’s in […]

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    Everett checking lead levels in its water after Tacoma’s problems

    EVERETT, Wash. — Concerns about lead in drinking water is growing. First the city of Tacoma, then Seattle and now Everett is worried about what may be coming out of the tap. Everett Public Works said it hasn’t found high lead levels in its system in the past 15 years. But after high lead levels found in some residential water pipes in Tacoma and Seattle’s decision to check its water for safety, the new tests happening in Everett are being […]

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    Four more Tacoma schools show elevated levels of lead in water

    TACOMA, Wash. — Higher than expected levels of lead have been found inside four more Tacoma elementary schools. The district’s safety and environmental health manager is now on paid leave while officials figure out why nobody shared lead level test results for nearly a year. Tacoma Public Schools has ordered new rounds of water quality tests, and in some schools it is shipping in bottled water for drinking and cooking. Officials said they would also replace certain water pipes and […]

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    Lead in water at 2 Tacoma schools as high as 150 times over EPA limit; year-old test results weren’t reviewed

    TACOMA, Wash. — Sinks and drinking fountains are now off-limits after high levels of lead were discovered in the water at two Tacoma elementary schools. The water quality tests were done voluntarily in May 2015 but nobody at the district reviewed the results until last Friday. Both Reed Elementary and Mann Elementary buildings were tested at numerous locations. The Environmental Protection Agency requires any water quality test that surpasses 15 parts lead per billion be addressed. At Reed Elementary, 59 […]

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    New tests: Lead level in Tacoma home’s tap water a whopping 25 times higher than EPA threshold

    TACOMA, Wash. – Tacoma Water utility crews took another round of water samples Friday after learning that up to 1,700 of their customers could have high levels of lead in the drinking water. A few days ago the utility found high lead levels in gooseneck pipes leading to four homes; on Friday, they also tested fixtures inside two of those homes. One of those home’s tests showed lead levels at more than 25 times greater than the Environmental Protection Agency’s […]

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    After high lead levels found, Tacoma Water says up to 1,700 lead gooseneck pipes may still exist in city

    TACOMA, Wash. — Concern is growing about lead in the Tacoma city water system. At first tests showed only a handful of customers had high lead levels. But now the city now worries hundreds more could also have the same problem. “My granddaughter drinks this water,” said homeowner Keri Pulley. Pulley worries that her 17-month-old granddaughter Kora could have been unknowingly drinking lead-contaminated water since birth. “How lovely would that be if her grandmother has been feeding her lead?” she […]