Latest on killing of Tacoma police officer Reginald “Jake” Gutierrez

I am thrilled to be working at Q13 FOX News. Moving back to the amazing people and unrivaled beauty of the Pacific Northwest is a dream come true.

I grew up in Longview, Wash., and lived in the south Puget Sound for several years before beginning my broadcasting career in Reno, Nev., as a photojournalist. I then moved more than 2,000 miles away to Greensboro, N.C., where my nearly 10-year long stint in the deep south began.

After almost 7 years working as a photojournalist and reporter in Atlanta, I packed up my life and returned to my home state of Washington.

I live in Seattle with my partner and our awesome dog.

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  • jake

    Tacoma Police killer had violent criminal history

    Nearly 24-hours after Tacoma Police Officer Reginald “Jake” Guitierrez was gunned down, the neighborhood where it all happened was still swarming with detectives trying to piece together exactly what happened.

  • promo304819951

    Police ask for help identifying purse snatcher

    Detectives with the Snohomish County Property Crimes Unit has asked the public for help identifying a woman they believe is snatching purses from unsuspecting shoppers.

  • hall

    Low-barrier homeless shelter to re-open in downtown Bremerton

    BREMERTON, Wash. – A low-barrier homeless shelter is ready to open in downtown Bremerton. Last year, the Salvation Army shelter location at 832 6th Street was plagued by dozens of calls to 911, including one of their staff members suffering from a vicious assault. This year, shelter officials said they plan to expand services while working with Bremerton Police to keep the peace. Social Services Director Sheryl Piercy said she and her staff are gearing up for what could be […]

  • reha

    Man accused of shooting, killing alleged car prowler in Tacoma after his cellphone stolen

    TACOMA, Wash. — Pierce County prosecutors said Wednesday that 28-year-old James Reha murdered a woman after her accomplice allegedly stole his cellphone. Investigators believe he fired his gun into Morgan Deines’ car in retaliation over a car prowl gone wrong. Prosecutors said Reha tried to take the law into his own hands. Reha pleaded not guilty to two charges:  second degree-murder and unlawful possession of a firearm. It all started early in the morning November 11 on North Seventh Street […]

  • suspect

    Police: Ignition interlock camera blows cover on suspected car thief

    RENTON, Wash. — A Renton man said he caught a car thief red-handed on his ignition interlock camera. Renton Police said the crook’s cover was blown by an ignition interlock camera, a device the victim was required to have installed in his car. But when police recovered the victim’s car they found images of a man investigators call a prolific car thief. “We’ve arrested this suspect a number of times for auto theft,” said Renton Police Cmdr. Dave Liebman. “In […]

  • apt

    15 apartment complexes, condo buildings found violating fire alarm requirements

    MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, Wash. — Fire officials in Snohomish County said more than a dozen condo buildings and apartment complexes aren’t updated with legally required fire alarms. The compliance crackdown comes nearly a year after a fire killed a person in their Everett apartment on New Year’s Eve. Snohomish County Fire District 1 Assistant Chief Tod Gates said his office has inspected dozens of properties since the deadly Everett fire. He said the goal of the new regulations is to make […]

  • cellphone-video

    Bystander jumps in to help Bremerton police officer being attacked

    BREMERTON, Wash. – The incident was caught on cellphone video; investigators say it shows a violent felon attacking a Bremerton police officer. Police Chief Steve Strachan said it could have turned into a deadly altercation had an innocent bystander not stepped in to help officer Spencer Berntsen. Multiple cellphone cameras captured the moment when the physical altercation broke out. “I didn’t realize what had fully happened until I watched the videos,” said Berntsen. “That explains why I’m so dang stiff […]

  • kiss

    Missing family with toddler, infant survive 48 hours in wilderness

    MATLOCK, Wash. — The McAlister family spent Tuesday night out in the cold, wind and rain and Wednesday night in their van. They kept warm using the car’s heater, the only food they had was Halloween candy. Jason McAlister said he knew if they didn’t make it out of the woods on Wednesday, his family could have been in deep trouble. “Everybody’s good, God’s great, happy to be alive,” he said. Jason said his family’s minivan got stuck on a […]

  • family

    Missing Grays Harbor family found alive in Mason County

    Breaking update: The family has been found in Mason County walking near the Matlock Store, according to sheriff’s deputies. Their exact condition is not yet known, but officials say they are alive. Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate says deputies are heading to the scene and will provide more information as it becomes available. Previous story: MONTESANO, Wash. — Police are frantically searching for a Grays Harbor County family who has been missing since Tuesday morning. Family members tell Q13 News […]

  • stutzman

    State Supreme Court hears case of flower shop owner denying service to gay couple

    BELLEVUE, Wash. – There were huge crowds Tuesday at Bellevue College as the Washington State Supreme Court heard arguments in a case against a Richland, Wash., flower shop owner who denied service to a gay couple. The Washington State Attorney General’s Office and the American Civil Liberties Union believe Barronelle Stutzman violated discrimination laws when she denied service to the couple in her Eastern Washington flower shop, Arlene’s Flowers. But Stutzman’s supporters believe she had no choice but to follow […]