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As a former police officer, it is an honor to work with law enforcement again. I have the rare privilege of also working with families and friends who are victims of homicide and other violent crimes – being able to be an extension of their voice is what propels my desire to cover cold cases and murder mysteries.
I also believe that educating the community on the day-to-day operations of a police force is important and while I am no longer an undercover officer, I still get to chase bad guys – it’s something that never gets old to me and when we catch one, I get a rush of excitement.
To know that we are working to make our community safer is what gives my job meaning. I see the positive effects of our show every single day, and that is why I do what I do.

Recent Articles
  • Snow in Buckley, Sunday Nov 17th 2015  (photo by David Bond)

    With El Nino in effect, how much snow and other craziness should we expect this winter?

    SEATTLE – Skiers and snowboarders are beside themselves with the recent snow in the mountains and talk of area ski resorts opening this week. But that excitement is also met with hesitation thanks to the looking arrival of “El Nino,” the warmer than average weather pattern that we are locked into until spring. So, will the heavy snow in the mountains continue all winter? The short answer: probably not. Logan Johnson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle, […]

  • Ronald McKellar

    Ronald McKeller killing: Help Tacoma detectives solve bizarre, deadly hit and run

    TACOMA — “This was on a really dark, rainy blustery October evening,” recalls Tacoma Det. Vicki Chittick. The death of Ronald Mckellar is one of the more bizarre cases she’s worked. It was just after midnight on October 4, 2008. Ron and his friend left Peewee’s Tavern on 72nd street in Tacoma after an evening of drinking. Det. Chittick says, “About 15 or 20 minutes after midnight Ronald’s friend decided he needed to leave and catch the last bus before […]

  • purse-thief

    If you saw a crime happen, would you be a good witness? Put your skills to the test

    SEATTLE — All this week Q13 FOX is going to help you “beat the bad guys” with practical information and advice on how you can protect your home and property. If you saw a crime happen, would you be a good witness? Parella Lewis has a story that will put your skills to the test.

  • Velma Tirado, 45, was shot dead in Tacoma on Aug. 27, 2006. A man was charged with her murder Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of family)

    Man extradited from West Virginia pleads not guilty in cold-case murder of Tacoma woman

    TACOMA — Brandon Lee Farmer pleaded not guilty Thursday to murder for the 2006 shooting death of Velma Tirado, 45, a mother of six. Last November, Pierce County prosecutor Mark Lindquist charged Farmer, 29, who was in custody in West Virginia on unrelated charges. Farmer was transported to Washington state this week. He is being held in lieu of $3 million bail. TEXT BELOW IS FROM EARLIER (NOV. 2014) Q13 FOX NEWS STORY ON THIS CASE: “This was my one […]

  • linda-tran

    Murder Mystery: Pregnant mother, 2 children brutally beaten before home set ablaze

    TACOMA — It’s been almost two decades since a mother and her three children were brutally murdered inside their Tacoma home. The details surrounding their death are horrific and their killer is still free. Now, detectives hope someone is ready to break their silence. “It was December 18, 1998, shortly before 8:30pm,” explains Tacoma police Det. Lindsey Wade. On the morning of December 18, 1998, 26 year old Linda Tran was home with her 9 year old daughter Patricia and […]

  • CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Couple steals camera from store while news crew is there

    LAKEWOOD, Wash. — Last week, Q13 FOX News reported on a camera store that was ripped off for thousands of dollars in merchandise. It turns out Robi’s Camera Center in Lakewood was hit by thieves again while the news crew was there. “We actually noticed the camera missing during a one on one just like this, when I looked down to demonstrate what kind of cameras we had in the cabinet, and one was gone,” said Tod Wolf, who  is the operation manager […]

  • burr

    Little girl’s disappearance in 1961 may have been at hands of infamous serial killer

    TACOMA — It was August 31, 1961, when 8-year-old Ann Marie Burr and her family hunkered down for the night. “It was kind of the last hurrah for the children in the family. Ann was the oldest of four. She was eight and a half and a couple of the kids slept in the basement in their fort, but Ann and her little sister stayed in their bedrooms upstairs,” wrote author Rebecca Morris in her book, “Ted and Ann.” Ann’s […]

  • cops

    Thinking of buying a car from a seller off Craigslist? Read this first…

    SEATTLE — Dennis Kenny is accused of not only stealing a car, but selling it online. The King County Regional Auto Theft Unit tracked him down in Kent. An undercover trooper identified only as ‘Matt’ says, “This case stems from a vehicle that was stolen from a dealership up in Kirkland. The car ended up being listed on Craigslist and purchased by an unwitting victim.” When that victim tried to register the car, they discovered the paperwork was fake. So […]

  • gomez

    Former FBI profiler on South Kitsap murder, posting of photos online

    SEATTLE — “I think that the idea of an offender posting pictures online is a modern-day version of the old serial killer wanting to send messages to police, taunting the police. In other words, social media, the Internet, is a new format for them to use.” That’s from David Gomez, a former profiler for the FBI. David Kalac is accused of killing his girlfriend, Amber Lynn Coplin, in their Port Orchard apartment. Before he made his getaway, investigators say, he […]

  • credit

    Your credit, debit cards at risk? Protect yourself from fraud

    SEATTLE — “If you are someone who uses a credit card or a debit card to conduct transactions, at some point and time that information is going to be compromised.” Those are sobering words from Robert Kierstead, a Seattle agent with the U.S. Secret Service, charged with investigating financial crimes. “Historically, we have been an agency that specializes in financial types of crimes, most notably or historically, counterfeit currency. In 1984, we added credit card fraud.” So far this year, […]