After following TV jobs across the country, I am thrilled to call Seattle home. I’ve also worked at news stations in Minnesota, Utah, Indiana and Ohio.

I joined the Q13 Fox News team in 2011. You can catch me on the air co-anchoring Q13 Fox News at 4 and 5pm with Matt Lorch. I also co-anchor Q13 Fox News at 9 and 10pm with David Rose.

People ask me what I like about covering local news. My answer is simple. I enjoy being part of the community, and helping our viewers navigate through the days news. I take that responsibility very seriously.

I am also passionate about health issues. I recently joined the American Heart Association Board of the Puget Sound, and enjoy spreading the word about living a heart healthy life.

As a busy wife and mother of three, keeping my family healthy and safe is my number one priority. When I learn new ways to do that, I enjoy sharing that knowledge with our loyal viewers.

In my free time, I like to run. I’m also re-learning how to play the piano. Most of my off time, is spent with my family and friends, taking in all the the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer.

If you have a story idea you’d like to share, or a health topic you want me to investigate, send a note my way.

Recent Articles
  • Healthy Living: Five staples to pack a healthy kitchen pantry

    If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got a lot of white food in your pantry. Bread, pasta, crackers, etc. Although filling, easy to prepare and often tasty, these “white” foods carry little to no nutritional value. With that in mind, nutritionist and wellness coach Deborah Herlax Enos walks us through the aisles at Costco and shares her five favorite healthy pantry staples.  Plus, she gives us some ideas on how to prepare and include them into meals for you and your family. Enos […]

  • Healthy Living: Washington sees spike in flu cases statewide

    There’s a spike in flu cases right now in Washington State and doctors are telling people it’s not too late to get the flu vaccine. At the end of December, the Washington State Department of Health reported 20 deaths have been attributed to the flu in the 2017-2018 flu season.  That means 20 deaths since October. The U.S. Centers for Disease control also reported this week, 36 states, including Washington are now seeing widespread flu activity. In Seattle, patient visits […]

  • Healthy Living: Most of us are consuming way too much sugar

    Lots of people are talking about Seattle’s new sugary drink tax.  The tax went into effect January 1st and means most sweetened beverages like sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks will cost more, for distributors and for consumers.  Some of the money from the tax will go toward health education to sway people from drinking the sweet beverages.  While some say this was a political move and just another new tax, others argue it’s an important step to help people […]

  • Healthy Living: Three freezer finds that are tasty & healthy

    Lots of us resolve to eat healthier in the New Year, but when you’re short on time, that can be hard.  That’s where the freezer comes in.  Recently, Q13’s Marni Hughes teamed up with nutritionist and wellness coach, Deborah Enos at Costco for some simple ways to make mealtime healthy, easy and relatively inexpensive. First up, salmon burgers.  Enos says throw them in the toaster, toss it into a frying pan.  The burger patties have 20 grams of protein.  Enos […]

  • Healthy Living: 4 kitchen essentials to make healthy meals at home

    Planning healthy meals for your family can be tough, especially during the holidays.  In this week’s Healthy Living, Marni Hughes spent some time with a nutritionist and has four kitchen essentials that will help take the stress out of meal prep. On a trip through Costco, wellness coach and nutritionist, Deborah Enos is on a mission to show us how to make meal prep easy.  Enos says staying organized is key to meal prep and a healthy diet. Enos says, […]

  • Healthy Living: Research shows heart attacks peak on Christmas Day

    Ever heard of “holiday heart attacks”?  It’s a real thing!  According to the American Heart Association, more people die from heart attacks during the holidays than any other time of the year. In fact, research from a 2004 report shows more cardiac deaths occurred on December 25th than any other day of the year, followed by December 26th and January 1st. Dr. Francisco Yuvienco with CHI Franciscan Health says part of the reason is changes in lifestyle around the holidays.  […]

  • Healthy Living: CDC says flu cases this year are double; get vaccinated

    New numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show flu cases this year have doubled the number this time, last year.  In the last week, cases in Washington State are also on the rise.  Four states are reporting widespread flu activity including Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Georgia. The CDC says more than 148 million doses of the flu vaccine have been distributed this season and it’s not too late to get the shot.  Typically it takes 2 […]

  • Healthy Living: Three ways to stay healthy through the holidays

    For many of us, healthy habits go out the window during the holidays season.  The endless parties, rich foods and busy schedules can make it challenging to stay on track. Christine Stirparo, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with Pacific Medical Centers stopped by the Q13 studio with three ways to stay healthy through the holidays. Maintain a normal eating routine. What are the biggest holiday pitfalls when it comes to our health over the holidays? The biggest pitfall is disrupting our […]

  • It’s flu season, and we bust the biggest ‘flu myths’

    SEATTLE — Flu season is here, and so are the latest numbers from the Washington State Health Department. At last check there has been only one lab confirmed flu death in Washington this season.  There have been four flu-like outbreaks in long-term health care facilities.  Right now, state health leaders say influenza A and B are both strands going around this season. The good news, we’re seeing fewer cases now, than we typically do. That could change, since flu season […]

  • Healthy Living: Dealing with holiday stress & depression

    While the holiday season can be a joyful time for many, it can also trigger stress and even depression for others.  Think about it.  There are end of the year deadlines, family gatherings, seasonal spending concerns, overeating, drinking… not to mention the long, dark days of winter. Dr. Gregory Jantz stopped by the Q13 studio to offer insight into holiday depression.  His advice, face it head on, plan ahead of time ways you’re going to cope, and reach out if […]