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After following TV jobs across the country, I am thrilled to call Seattle home. I’ve also worked at news stations in Minnesota, Utah, Indiana and Ohio.

I joined the Q13 Fox News team in 2011. You can catch me on the air co-anchoring Q13 Fox News at 4 and 5pm with Matt Lorch. I also co-anchor Q13 Fox News at 9 and 10pm with David Rose.

People ask me what I like about covering local news. My answer is simple. I enjoy being part of the community, and helping our viewers navigate through the days news. I take that responsibility very seriously.

I am also passionate about health issues. I recently joined the American Heart Association Board of the Puget Sound, and enjoy spreading the word about living a heart healthy life.

As a busy wife and mother of three, keeping my family healthy and safe is my number one priority. When I learn new ways to do that, I enjoy sharing that knowledge with our loyal viewers.

In my free time, I like to run. I’m also re-learning how to play the piano. Most of my off time, is spent with my family and friends, taking in all the the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer.

If you have a story idea you’d like to share, or a health topic you want me to investigate, send a note my way.

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    Tash Haynes has been taking pictures for the American Heart Association for years, documenting other women’s stories of surviving heart disease and strokes. Little did she know, heart disease would be part of her story. Last year, after a bout with the flu, Tash says something just felt off.  Tash was having trouble catching her breath, so she went to see her chiropractor who told her to go to the emergency room. Doctors immediately checked her blood pressure and heart […]

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      We’re heard for years, chocolate has health benefits, and there are a few reasons why this is. A study from the German Institute of Human Nutrition found that a quarter of an ounce a day of dark chocolate may lower a person’s risk of heart attack or stroke.  Other studies have shown dark chocolate can improve a person’s mood.  Dark chocolate also has antioxidants and can help with inflammation. Tamara Melton and registered dietitian says chocolate is more that […]

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    All month, Q13 News is focusing on heart health in an effort to raise awareness about heart disease.  Did you know, 80% of heart disease may be prevented by taking control of your health, knowing your family history and knowing your numbers, according to the American Heart Association. There are five critical numbers everyone should know about their own health to help understand and potentially lower their risk for heart disease.  Those numbers include cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, blood pressure, blood […]