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Born and raised here in the Northwest, I'm also a proud Husky! My first job in broadcasting came as a UW sophomore when I was 19, reporting traffic for the afternoon show on KISS-FM. From there, I worked pretty much every radio shift imaginable, and was lucky enough to join The Bob Rivers Show, the morning radio show on KZOK at the time, working with some of the best in the biz.

I officially joined the Q13 FOX news team in August 2009, and my favorite thing about working here is being able to be a storyteller in the community I grew up in. I LOVE talking to people and doing interactive stories where I get to be myself and represent viewers by taking them inside the story itself.

Outside of work, you'll find me pretending I’m a calm person in a hot yoga class; pretending I am an award-winning singer and rapper in a karaoke bar; or pretending I'm the courtesy police and demanding the 'thank-you wave' in traffic (let's be kind during rush hour, people)!

My husband and I love traveling together, exploring new places here in the Northwest and all over. We also have a brown-and-white cat, Saffron, who seems to think my pillow is a special place for him to sleep at night. (Note to Saffy: It's NOT. #pushover).

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    LYNNWOOD — Congratulations to Becky Hulbert, kindergarten teacher at Meadowdale Elementary School in Lynnwood! She was nominated by one of the parents of her students to be recognized live on our morning show for Teacher Appreciation Week! Here is what the nomination said: “Mrs. Hulbert is an amazing teacher; she was given a very challenging class this year. Her attitude and demeanor says it all! She comes to school every day with a smile and enthusiasm that is amazing. Kindergarten […]

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    REDMOND — National Teacher Appreciation Week continues, as we honor a local teacher live in their classroom each morning this week (based on YOUR nominations)! Today, we want to congratulate Elyse Reynolds. Ms. Reynolds is a special education preschool teacher at Emily Dickenson Elementary in Redmond. She was nominated by parent Sunny, who says: “My boy is special needs with autism, speech delays, and sensory processing disorder. He started school a couple of days after he turned 3 years old. […]

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    KENT — Today’s surprise turned into quite an emotional one, when we told special education teacher Jolene Thomas what one of the parents of her students said about her: “My son is special needs; he has a bunch of behavioral disorders… and is a fourth grader at Panther Lake Elementary in Kent. We have struggled for years with his needs, and being able to fit in. Jolene Thomas has been his special education teacher for two years now. She is […]

  • WATCH: We surprise another local teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week

    Above: Watch the moment we shocked Mr. Dana by barging into his classroom! Watch the video below to hear from even more of his students! TACOMA — This is the best part of the job; honoring people in our community for the positive work they do! This morning, we honored Mr. Dana for Teacher Appreciation Week! Mr. Dana teaches 4th grade at Tacoma’s McCarver Elementary School. One of his parents/students nominated him: “I would like to nominate Mr. Dana because […]