#Q13HeartChallenge: GO RED and fight heart disease

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Born and raised here in the Northwest, I’m also a proud Husky! My first job in broadcasting came as a UW sophomore when I was 19, reporting traffic for the afternoon show on KISS-FM. From there, I worked pretty much every radio shift imaginable, and was lucky enough to join The Bob Rivers Show, the morning radio show on KZOK at the time, working with some of the best in the biz.

I officially joined the Q13 FOX news team in August 2009, and my favorite thing about working here is being able to be a storyteller in the community I grew up in. I LOVE talking to people and doing interactive stories where I get to be myself and represent viewers by taking them inside the story itself.

Outside of work, you’ll find me pretending I’m a calm person in a hot yoga class; pretending I am an award-winning singer and rapper in a karaoke bar; or pretending I’m the courtesy police and demanding the ‘thank-you wave’ in traffic (let’s be kind during rush hour, people)!

My husband and I love traveling together, exploring new places here in the Northwest and all over. We also have a brown-and-white cat, Saffron, who seems to think my pillow is a special place for him to sleep at night. (Note to Saffy: It’s NOT. #pushover).

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    Teacher Appreciation Week: Q13 Salutes Mrs. Wittman at Sunrise Elementary School

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    Teacher Appreciation Week: Q13 Salutes Mrs. Farnworth at Stillwater Elementary!

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    Teacher Appreciation Week: Q13 salutes Ms. Kuchar at Purdy Elementary School

    Teachers just aren’t recognized like they should be are they???  We want that to change.  So all this week we are surprising some of the best local teachers live on Q13 News.  We want them to feel appreciated and special.  Won’t you join us as Q13 Salutes teachers 4:30-10am every day through Friday!

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    Q13 Salutes: Ms. Schukantz of Bonney Lake Elementary!

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    Making homes safe for seniors

    SEATTLE — As our parents and grandparents age, it can be tough to want to keep them safe in the home, while also giving them the space to maintain their independence. But Kristi Larson, owner of the local Home Instead Senior Care franchises, says it’s important to be proactive, considering the most common cause of hospital visits for seniors are trips and falls. These accidents, she points out, can in many cases be prevented. We had Kristi walk us through […]

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    How to prevent crime? Get to know your neighbors

    SEATTLE — All week long we’re talking about the small changes you can make to keep your family safe. When it comes to your neighborhood, you’ll hear this time and time again: know your neighbors! Think about it: if you actually know that George from across the street doesn’t come home until 5 every day, but you notice a lot of activity there at noon, you’ll know to give him a heads up, or even call police. But it can […]

  • Brooke and Kaci Go Red

    Go Red for Women: Here’s what it looks like when our husbands do our makeup

    Above: Who wore it best? (Hint: Neither of us did. But it’s for a good cause, so it’s AWESOME!) SEATTLE — Did you know that every year, one out of every three women dies of heart disease or stroke? Yet, education and a healthy lifestyle can prevent 80% of cardiovascular diseases. These alarming statistics are why we’re urging our viewers to Go Red for Women’s Heart Health on behalf of the American Heart Association! Friday, February 5th is National Wear […]

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    Family Fun at the Seattle Boat Show

    SEATTLE — The Seattle Boat Show is the biggest boat show on the West Coast! A free shuttle makes going in between the boats afloat on Lake Union, and the boats and activities inside Centurylink Field Event Center super easy. From exploring and daydreaming on board the mega yachts, to checking out stand up paddleboards and everything in between, there are more than 1,000 vessels to explore. There’s a Kids Aquazone, Women’s Day, events featuring beer and wine, and more. Something […]

  • (Photo credit: Steve McNicholas)

    VIDEO: Can the cast of STOMP improvise a show from the middle of the zoo?

    SEATTLE — It’s unique, creative, and LOUD: STOMP is here in Seattle for eight shows at The Moore Theatre. The cast is renowned for being able to create percussion show from almost any object they find around them, using everything BUT actual percussion instruments. We wanted to put the cast to the test, so we brought them to the Zoomazium at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, challenging them to put on a mini-show for our viewers based solely on things they found […]

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    Study exposes wackiest laws still on the books in all 50 states

    SEATTLE — Buried deep in the law books in states across the U.S. are some very interesting laws. Many of them have us wondering how or why they ever became laws in the first place? Although we are thinking that not all of these laws are actually enforced anymore. Olivet Nazarene University looked at all 50 states. Here are some of the wacky laws they found: In Alabama, it’s illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church. […]