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Born and raised here in the Northwest, I’m also a proud Husky! My first job in broadcasting came as a UW sophomore when I was 19, reporting traffic for the afternoon show on KISS-FM. From there, I worked pretty much every radio shift imaginable, and was lucky enough to join The Bob Rivers Show, the morning radio show on KZOK at the time, working with some of the best in the biz.

I officially joined the Q13 FOX news team in August 2009, and my favorite thing about working here is being able to be a storyteller in the community I grew up in. I LOVE talking to people and doing interactive stories where I get to be myself and represent viewers by taking them inside the story itself.

Outside of work, you’ll find me pretending I’m a calm person in a hot yoga class; pretending I am an award-winning singer and rapper in a karaoke bar; or pretending I’m the courtesy police and demanding the ‘thank-you wave’ in traffic (let’s be kind during rush hour, people)!

My husband and I love traveling together, exploring new places here in the Northwest and all over. We also have a brown-and-white cat, Saffron, who seems to think my pillow is a special place for him to sleep at night. (Note to Saffy: It’s NOT. #pushover).

Recent Articles
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    Turkey for two, and other ideas for a stress-free Thanksgiving

    SEATTLE—It’s Thanksgiving week! There’s so much to do before the big meal on Thursday. Well, actually, there’s also a lot to do AFTER the big meal on Thursday! This is where Alexandra comes in. Alexandra Hedin is a lifestyle and entertaining expert, and this morning she shares her ideas and tricks for keeping things stress-free and delicious! First, the meal itself: what if you aren’t sharing Thanksgiving with a big group? Alexandra says just because it’s the two of you […]

  • Kaci awaits her test results

    Could you pass the driving tests now, as an adult? Are your teens ready?

    TACOMA –  How many years has it been since you had to pass a driver’s license test? More importantly… if you HAD to take it today, would you pass? We decided to try it out ourselves, but our mission is twofold: First, to show adults everywhere that perhaps we have lost a few of our skills over the years (just us? No?); and second, to help parents learn the best ways to help make their soon-to-be-driving teens become safe, licensed […]

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    All that glitters is gold! Check out Goodwill’s Glitter Sale

      Check out Goodwill’s Glitter sale Nov. 14 and 15 at the Seattle Goodwill store at 1400 S. Lane Street. You’ll find designer pieces at affordable prices.

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    Maple Valley, Seahawks rally to surprise bus driver of 30 years diagnosed with cancer (VIDEO)

    MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. — The community came together to surprise a Maple Valley woman battling stage 4 lung cancer. Evonne is a retired school bus driver of 29 years at the Tahoma School District. She had no idea that dozens of people were waiting Thursday morning in a Maple Valley parking lot to surprise her with a two-hour party. People handed her carnations, her favorite flower, one at a time as she arrived. The Tahoma High School Band, the Sea […]

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    SEE IT: Crews to spend 3 days cleaning off Seattle’s iconic ‘gum wall’

    SEATTLE — After 20 years of people sticking their gum to the walls of an alley by Seattle’s Pike Place Market, officials say it is time for a cleanup. On Tuesday, Pike Place Market started cleaning off the estimated 1 million pieces of gum off the walls of Post Alley. Known as the “gum wall,” the sticky landmark has become a popular attraction to visitors and locals. Besides gum, people leave pictures, business cards and other mementos. Some pieces of gum […]

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    How much screen time are kids getting? How much should they get?

    All this week Q13 FOX News This Morning is taking a closer look at social media and how it can affect you and your family. A new report shows just how much screen time kids are getting. Dr. Elizabeth Meade, a pediatrician at Swedish Medical Center, breaks down the report and has some advice for families.

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    1st grader pretends to shoot bow-and-arrow at recess, gets 3-day suspension

    CINCINNATI — A first-grade student was given a three-day suspension for pretending to shoot another student at recess with a pretend bow-and-arrow. According to WLWT, the boy’s parents Matthew and Martha Miele say their 6-year-old son was playing ‘Power Rangers’ at recess last Thursday. “He says, yes, I was shooting at them, ‘like I had my bow and arrow, just drawing it and making a sound effect, choo-choo-choo.'” The parents say the principal suspended their son for the next three […]

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    Police ‘steal’ valuables from unlocked cars to teach owners a lesson

    NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Police officers in Connecticut are trying to teach drivers a lesson the hard way — by turning into car thieves. Officers are stealing from people who are not locking their car doors. Police say they hope that sinking feeling you get when you realize your car has been broken into will remind people to lock their doors. Officers have been going through unlocked cars checking for visible valuables. If they see it, they’ll take it and […]

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    Teacher Appreciation Day: Kindergartners tell us why their teacher is special

    EVERETT — This year, we honored one local teacher every day for Teacher Appreciation Week back in May, all based on your nominations. We enjoyed it so much, we decided we don’t need to wait for a national holiday to do it ourselves! So, as part of Q13 Salutes, every so often we are doing our own Teacher Appreciation Day, taking your nominations of local teachers making a difference, and surprising them in their classrooms with a gift and the […]

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    Fun for the whole family at this year’s Seattle Auto Show!

    Above: Drive ON the field at Safeco in this year’s show! Details below! SEATTLE — Over 400 vehicles on display, plus 75 vehicles you can actually test drive! The Seattle International Auto Show is back, and it’s on now at CenturyLink Field Event Center. Did we mention you can drive the bases of Safeco Field? More on that in a moment. From cars and trucks, to crossovers and alternative fuel vehicles, there’s a little something for everyone. Want to check […]