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Born and raised here in the Northwest, I’m also a proud Husky! My first job in broadcasting came as a UW sophomore when I was 19, reporting traffic for the afternoon show on KISS-FM. From there, I worked pretty much every radio shift imaginable, and was lucky enough to join The Bob Rivers Show, the morning radio show on KZOK at the time, working with some of the best in the biz.

I officially joined the Q13 FOX news team in August 2009, and my favorite thing about working here is being able to be a storyteller in the community I grew up in. I LOVE talking to people and doing interactive stories where I get to be myself and represent viewers by taking them inside the story itself.

Outside of work, you’ll find me pretending I’m a calm person in a hot yoga class; pretending I am an award-winning singer and rapper in a karaoke bar; or pretending I’m the courtesy police and demanding the ‘thank-you wave’ in traffic (let’s be kind during rush hour, people)!

My husband and I love traveling together, exploring new places here in the Northwest and all over. We also have a brown-and-white cat, Saffron, who seems to think my pillow is a special place for him to sleep at night. (Note to Saffy: It’s NOT. #pushover).

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    Kaci tries her first job again… how does she do?

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    Wounded veterans join 200+ mile Seattle to Portland classic

    SEATTLE — The annual Seattle to Portland classic is happening this weekend, and nearly 20 wounded veterans are joining the 200+ mile bike ride. They’ve been training through the Outdoors for All Foundation, which helps nearly 2500 people with disabilities each year get outdoors. This morning we were joined by Brittney Linville, an army combat veteran; and Ed Bronsdon, the executive director for the Outdoors for All Foundation. Brittney told us how the foundation had really helped her get healthy, […]

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    The Wisest Generation: This loving couple dated long distance for ten years!

    MERCER ISLAND –  We continue our series highlighting “The Wisest Generation”: our elderly parents and grandparents who have so many stories and life lessons to share. This week, we introduce you to Anne Corley and Bob Lewis, living at Aljoya Mercer Island.  Together for 15 years and married for 5, their story reveals two big life lessons: Experiencing other cultures and learning about the world we live in is extremely important. Oh, and- long distance relationships really DO work! This […]

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    Memories abound for 98 year-old former flight attendant who worked on Boeing’s first modern airliner!

    SEATTLE – This weekend, Boeing is celebrating at Seattle’s Museum of Flight to mark 100 years in business! One of the centerpieces is the Boeing 247;  a plane the museum has spent months restoring, and just brought to the grounds in the spring. “It’s regarded as… the first modern airliner,” Ted Huetter says. The PR rep with the Museum says it truly changed travel when it first emerged in the 1930’s. “You could fly across the country in something like 19 […]

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    What do the terms ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘All Lives Matter,’ and ‘White Privilege’ really mean?

    SEATTLE — It’s a conversation that can be tough to have, but it’s one our news partner, The Seattle Times, is tackling head-on. In their project “Under Our Skin” they interview 18 people from all different backgrounds, with this question in mind: What do we mean when we talk about race? Journalists Tyrone Beason and Lauren Frohne joined us this morning with their insight on how their ongoing project addresses this issue particularly in light of recent events. With police shootings that left […]

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    It’s been a rough week… here are some positive news stories

    It has been a rough couple of day, so we wanted to share some positive news stories with you.

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    Race: How can we truly have a conversation about it?

    SEATTLE — Last week brought a series of horrific events: Police shootings in both Louisiana and Minnesota that left two black men dead; a peaceful protest in Dallas over these shootings, that were overtaken by a gunman who killed five police officers. It’s left a nation reeling, with many people wondering just where we really stand when it comes to race relations. Dr. Caprice Hollins and Ilsa Govan are the co-founders of Cultures Connecting, a company that provides workshops and […]

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    Meet Rosemary and Boots! Seattle Humane’s Pet of the Week

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    Up close with the Cascadia Subduction Zone

    SEATTLE — An ocean exploration right off the Washington coast  last month was the first of its kind! A team of experts on board an exploration vessel used Remote Operated Vehicles to search along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, mapping methane seeps, marine life, and the overall ecology of the area. Lindsay Holladay of the Seattle Aquarium joined the expedition last month as a science communication fellow. She mediated a conversation with the public as they watched everything unfold in the live stream online,  […]

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    Fourth of July Fashion ideas

    For more great ideas, check out Tiffany or Darcy’s websites.