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  • Million dollars a minute? Traffic light syncing comes to the ‘Mercer Mess’

    SEATTLE — Thanks to some sensors, algorithms, and a little helping touch of the human hand, the Seattle Department of Transportation hopes to make the mania on Mercer Street in South Lake Union a little easier to handle. But it comes at a price. “Still takes longer than anyone would like, I suspect,” said SDOT Director Scott Kubly. While construction is long finished, the backups have stayed around. SDOT is now into week three of an adaptive lighting system with sensors […]

  • Key Arena

    Council: Cautious optimism about KeyArena renovation

    Another meeting and more process for Seattle, but this time more signals a deal could be done for an arena.

  • County execs: Trump immigration shaming is a ‘bully tactic’

    EVERETT, Wa. — The Trump administration is publicly calling out Snohomish and King counties, among others, for resisting calls to hand over undocumented immigrants. The president recently ordered the Department of Homeland Security to release the names of cities and counties that don’t play ball. This airing of grievances is part of a presidential executive order meant to put pressure on local agencies to pass arrested immigrants onto Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE. Snohomish County is being called one of the […]

  • Surveillance state: Foreign spying law can target Americans

    SEATTLE — If the acronyms around surveillance make your head spin, you aren’t alone. FBI, CIA, NSA. “What we already know is alarming enough,” said the ACLU’s Shankar Narayan. One of those acronyms is “FISA:” the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Narayan says that broad law allows agencies to monitor non-U.S. citizens with judicial approval, but if intelligence agencies find the potential foreign target interacts with an American – it’s game on. “The government doesn’t have to try very hard to isolate out […]

  • State gambling commission: Your NCAA bracket could be illegal

    SEATTLE — As the state of Washington waits to see just how far the Gonzaga men will go in the NCAA tournament, the state’s gambling arm says keep your money in your pocket. “We understand the excitement that builds during this time of year as people fill out their brackets, and we’re frequently asked questions about betting in an office pool. The Washington State Constitution prohibits any form of gambling unless it is specifically authorized by the legislature – sports […]

  • Pot crime claims prove to be overblown, even as tax revenue soars

    OLYMPIA, Wash. — A federal crackdown on the legal marijuana business in Washington could cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars and put a large hole in the state’s budget. Earlier this month, President Donald Trump’s administration signaled it might reverse Obama-era policies of allowing voters to make their own decisions about marijuana. “I do believe you’ll see great enforcement of it,” said White House spokesperson Sean Spicer. Attorney General Jeff Sessions turned heads earlier this month when he […]