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  • Tunnell

    Hot housing market delays Link light-rail extension, adds to price tag

    SHORELINE, Wash. – The wait for light rail north of Northgate is going to be a little longer. And Dorthy McReynolds is losing her house because of construction. “We don’t really have a choice,” she said. McReynolds has lived in the home for 54 years and there will not be a 55th. She is one of dozens of owners and families who are being displaced to make way for SoundTransit’s Link Lynnnwood northern line. “It’s traumatic,” McReynolds said. Relocation is […]

  • School supply showdown: Who has the best prices?

    TACOMA, Wash — It’s a math problem no parent likes to solve. The school supply shopping list. “They get bigger. They get longer,” said Tacoma’s Ashley Moses. Like many this year, she’s trying different stores for better deals. “All of our paper products, notepads, and pens and pencils. I think it`s just calculators (that are left),” she said. So let’s do our homework and show our work. We compared things like binders, dry erase markers, notebooks and more -common items from […]

  • ‘I still can’t stop crying’: Passenger saw texts about child rape on flight from Sea-Tac

    SEATTLE — As she wipes a tear from her right eye, a woman named Christina shares her emotion and relief. “I still just can`t stop crying, getting choked up every time I think about it. Just really thankful that the kids are safe,” she said. Christina didn’t want to reveal her full name or show her face during her interview with Q13 Tuesday, only because of what she exposed last week. “I’m really sensitive to it. I’ve been working with […]

  • Diversity shapes City Council and mayoral race in Seattle

    SEATTLE — A changing of the guard at City Hall—older, whiter faces getting out of politics, and a council starting to look more like the town it represents. “This is a change that we have been laying the groundwork for for many, many years,” said Sudha Nandagopal with OneAmerica Votes. That group supports the role of immigrants and minorities in politics. Identity and policy can work together, she says. “We need those who are most affected by the issues to be […]

  • “It’s not if, but when”: Viaduct fire worries Sodo businesses

    SEATTLE — Red spray-painted letters encircle a gray tent along Spokane Street under the West Seattle Bridge. The words “Don’t judge me” are written so large they can’t be missed. It’s a message from the person who is zipped inside. A message Seattle can see, but perhaps not understand. “We are as a city dealing with a humanitarian crisis. A public health and public safety crisis,” said Erin Goodman, who works with the Sodo Business Improvement Area. Goodman said Sunday afternoon’s fire […]

  • Where does the green go? Marijuana taxes save lives, boost health programs

    Washington's approach to marijuana sales and the dedicated tax money directed to the poor, the sick and those in need provided a lifeline for Lydia Stanley.

  • Overseas cyberattack hits Western Washington

    SEATTLE – A European cyberattack had ripples all the way to Western Washington on Tuesday as systems at two prominent international companies crashed and failed. APM Terminals in the Port of Tacoma had limited operations because its parent company, shipping titan Maersk, was corrupted. The attack came from ransomware with varying names, such as Petya, Notpetya and GoldenEye. No matter the name, the goal was the same: To get a target to open a file or click a link and then […]

  • Family files $2 million claim after trolley track bike death

    SEATTLE — The same accident on the same corner on the same day—a year apart. For Suzanne Greenberg, a trip down the hill to a job as sign language interpreter day shouldn’t have ended in pain. “Sprained, hurt it, somehow, scraped my arm. I can`t move my arm,” she said shortly after being launched off her bike after her tire slipped into the First Hill streetcar trolley track at Yesler and 13th Avenue on Wednesday. She went to an urgent care […]

  • Trump budget cuts could hurt thousands at downtown center

    SEATTLE — The Trump administration budget is getting blowback from public schools, colleges and both sides of the aisle. But there’s also serious consequences and concern in Post Alley. “All of that is happening here at Pike Place Market,” said Patricia Gray with the Pike Place Market Foundation. Tens of thousands of people a year come to the tucked-away market foundation for help — everything from senior housing, a food bank, and low-cost health care put Gray’s work in the cross-hairs […]

  • Million dollars a minute? Traffic light syncing comes to the ‘Mercer Mess’

    SEATTLE — Thanks to some sensors, algorithms, and a little helping touch of the human hand, the Seattle Department of Transportation hopes to make the mania on Mercer Street in South Lake Union a little easier to handle. But it comes at a price. “Still takes longer than anyone would like, I suspect,” said SDOT Director Scott Kubly. While construction is long finished, the backups have stayed around. SDOT is now into week three of an adaptive lighting system with sensors […]