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  • Senate bill could rein in WIAA after Bellevue High football investigations

    BELLEVUE, Wash. — Rumors and whispers brought the investigations — and eventually punishment for Bellevue High School’s football team. Two years removed from the beginning of the recruiting scandal, and now one year into a four-year postseason ban, emotions are still raw. “Who’s going to represent the kids? This is what this is about. And if anybody thinks this is not about race, they`re mistaken. And it’s on you to take control of the situation,” former coach James Hasty told […]

  • As KeyArena moves forward, UW study boosting Sodo gains traction

    SEATTLE — Before Sonics faithful and Sodo arena lovers rejoice over professor Justin Marlowe’s findings, you might want to talk to him. His study found the city of Seattle could rake in three times the amount of tax revenue from Sodo compared to KeyArena. “It’s people with really, really strong feelings that are difficult to quantify,” he said. Marlowe is with the University of Washington’s Public Policy School, and Sodo arena investor Chris Hansen’s group paid his department to compare […]

  • Washington state Supreme Court upholds Seattle’s $25 gun tax

    SEATTLE — The Washington Supreme Court upheld Seattle’s so-called gun violence tax against a challenge from gun-rights groups Thursday. In an 8-1 decision , the justices affirmed a lower court ruling that the levy was valid because it fell within the city’s taxing authority and because its primary purpose was to raise revenue for “the public benefit.” The tax, which took effect last year, adds $25 to the price of each firearm sold in the city plus 2 or 5 cents per […]

  • Cops call woman a hero after 2 kids saved from ‘extremely disturbing’ sex assault

    SAN FRANCISCO — A sharp-eyed airline passenger spotted another passenger texting about sexually assaulting children, leading officers in California and Washington state to arrest two people and find two young victims, authorities said Thursday. San Jose police said they arrested Michael Kellar, 56, in the city’s airport Monday night after a flight from Seattle. Kellar’s texts led officers to arrest Gail Burnworth, 50, in her Tacoma home. Kellar also lives in Tacoma. During a news conference on Thursday in San […]

  • Air Conditioning: From amenity to necessity in Western Washington?

    SEATTLE — If the housing boom is hot, well, how about inside? Consider it the heat squeeze. Apartments and condos are sprouting up at record pace, but the near 100-degree week of oppression has some accepting their fate, like Todd Lui. His air conditioner tries but fails. “It`s good for about 30 minutes. And then it just kinds of peters out,” he said. Lui lives in Issaquah and understands the desire to shell out for air conditioning. He wants others to […]

  • Seahawks tickets bring out fans, price gouging

    SEATTLE — A long wait, but Seahawks tickets are in hand for Art Graddy. An annual tradition ended in success compared to previous years in the ticket lottery outside of CenturyLink Field. “Last year, I was number 263. Year before that—161. Year before that, I was 563.” There’s passion no doubt for Seahawks fans who have camped out (against team orders) since the early weekend. “And it’s just devotion. These people are crazy. We just really love the Seahawks and they […]

  • Gap in rules for care-facility safety come to light after attack

    SEATTLE — A brutal crime, but could it be prevented? The King County Sheriff’s Office says Louis Arbee broke into an elderly woman’s room at the Falcon Ridge assisted living facility a week ago. Court documents accuse him of removing a screen from a window and entering her room to attack The woman is recovering. Falcon Ridge didn’t want to talk Thursday, but we wanted to see if Washington is doing enough to make care homes protect seniors. The Department […]

  • Military’s transgender challenges are reminder of race, gender struggles

    SEATTLE — For professor Nathan Roberts, past is prologue. He sits in Smith Hall at the University of Washington prepping for another summer session class, thinking of what he will tell students about the changing reality of the military. “It is a similar excuse that has been used time and again,” he says of the claim of military weakness connected to the acceptance of transgender members of the armed forces. The military has had a fraught relationship with race first, […]

  • King County: Unlicensed ‘pregnancy centers’ must admit lack of medical care

    SEATTLE — The King County Board of Health approved new requirements that unlicensed pregnancy centers post a notice on-site and in their advertising of their lack of medical credentials. The board was stuck between two positions — a pregnant woman’s right to choose and the First Amendment right to avoid talking about abortion. “They want to help save other women from having to go through such a terrible experience that she’ll regret for the rest of her life,” said Beth Daranciang, […]

  • Bellevue Police: ‘Organized crime’ ring of car prowlers under arrest

    BELLEVUE, Wash. — An Impala, a Buick and a Dodge Charger. An unusual collection in the Bellevue Police Department motor pool. But they’re cop cars now. Capt. Marcia Harnden lords over the spoils of a bust months in the making, nabbing nearly a dozen suspected thieves who pilfered cars across different cities and counties. “This group is organized, they plan, they do research. They watch their victims,” she said. And it’s not over-the-top to call this “organized crime.” Even though the […]