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  • jake

    Seahawks fans can help local boy fighting cancer

    SEATTLE — Chris Eastwood and his family are looking to Seahawks fans and Super Bowl bound travelers to help rally around his son Jake. The 12-year old, a young three-sport athlete was diagnosed at the end of December with bone cancer. “Jake is just a trooper, he is an absolute inspiration to me,” said Chris. “He`s in good spirits and we`re kind of taking it day by day, but he`s a fighter.” Jake is in for a serious fight, one […]


    Thousands show up to send Seahawks off to Super Bowl (PHOTOS)

    KING COUNTY — It felt like a game day, but that’s still a week away. What the thousands of Seahawks fans lining the street in SeaTac were doing Sunday morning was a giant thank-you for an incredible season, and to send the Hawks off in the loudest way possible, as the team buses drove to the airport on the way to the Super Bowl. “I want for them to see that a lot of people are here to support them,” […]

  • 1297411555937_ORIGINAL

    Patriots fan in Seattle deflated over controversy

    SEATTLE — He’s a Patriots fan, selling Seahawks gear in Seattle. “I like to say, go Pats, but I know here that’s wrong,” said Leon Jendrasko, as he sold Seahawks T-shirts, and ’12’ flags on the side of a busy road. Jendrasko is also finding himself defending his beloved Pats over their latest controversy. “All I keep hearing about is the deflated footballs.” Eleven deflated balls out of 12 the Patriots allegedly used last Sunday has the Pats offensive star […]

  • carnation

    ‘There’s been a murder:’ Witness describes finding victims in Carnation killings

    CARNATION, Wash. — Seven years ago, Linda Thiele drove into Carnation and walked into a nightmare. “I thought it was carbine monoxide poison,” said Thiele. “You don’t expect to see a bunch of people shot.” Thiele told that to prosecutors on the witness stand in the murder trial of Joe McEnroe, accused of shooting her friend Judy Anderson and five other members of her family. Thiele worked with Judy Anderson at the local post office and told the court she […]

  • Carnation

    Trial Opens: Prosecutor says defendant killed 6 members of Carnation family in cold blood

    SEATTLE — After seven years of delays, the man accused of killing three generations of one family in Carnation finally went on trial Tuesday. Joseph McEnroe and his former girlfriend, Michele Anderson,  face the death penalty if convicted of killing Anderson’s parents, brother, sister-in-law and the younger couple’s two children on Christmas Eve 2007. McEnroe’s trial is being held first; Anderson’s trial will begin later this year. “This trial is about six human beings and what Joe McEnroe and Michelle […]

  • KCPQ photo

    Pierce County gets pumped for NFC Champion Seahawks

    TACOMA — Around lunch time on Sunday, the streets of Tacoma were as quiet as a ghost town. But if you ventured inside anywhere with a TV, it was likely as loud as a poltergeist. “I never felt this great in my life about football,” said John Hayward, a lifelong Seahawks fan, watching the game in a packed bar, Office Space, in downtown Tacoma. Another Pierce County Seahawks fan, Joelle Austin, admitted watching the game,”is a little more nerve-wracking then […]

  • fox1

    WATCH: FOX Sports to televise Sunday’s game with 8 trucks, 200 people, 35 cameras

    SEATTLE — ‘It’s a huge operation,” says Michael Davies of FOX Sports, “and it’s going to be our biggest show of the year.” And for the biggest game of the year, FOX Sports crews are busting out all the toys, including new, higher def cameras and 3-D graphics. Watch the video report below:      

  • CAUGHT ON VIDEO: 2 bumbling crooks plow into store in Graham, try to drag off ATM

    GRAHAM, Wash. — The day before Christmas Eve, two men in a stolen car plowed through the front of a grocery store in Graham and tried to drag off the ATM. In the process, the driver nearly takes out his accomplice. It was all caught on surveillance video. The inept thieves didn’t realize the ATM was bolted to the floor and they left without the machine. And the store’s glass doors can be replaced, but an owner says the crooks […]

  • water

    Artesian well in Olympia seeing steady stream of problems

    OLYMPIA — The city of Olympia is considering closing down a park that just opened in May. The Artesian Commons  is home to a popular artesian well, that never stops flowing, with a steady stream of people armed with bottles ready to fill up. “It’s so pure,” said Kenny Brooks. At 92, Brooks says the well water is keeping him young. “I’ve been drinking it since 1959.” As popular as the well is, most people who come for the water […]

  • A wallaby named Bella is missing in Arlington, Wash. Have you seen her? (Photo: Outback Kangaroo Farm)

    Search is on for missing wallaby in Arlington: Have you seen Bella?

    ARLINGTON, Wash. — People travel from all over the state to see the collection of kangaroos and wallabies at the Outback Farm in Arlington. Boomer is one of the latest additions, just transported up from a petting zoo in Maple Valley. He’s there, along with two other wallabies, to be housed for a few months through the winter. But 6-year old Bella never made it into her holding pen. “When we were moving her, she got spooked and just jumped,” […]