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    Rebounding from Greenwood explosion 6 months later

    (CREDIT: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times)   In Greenwood, several businesses are still trying to rebound six months after a gas explosion leveled a building there. They are hoping a report by the state Utilities and Transportation Commission blaming Puget Sound Energy for not sealing off an abandoned gas line may help them recover. Just dealing with insurance companies has felt like a full time job for some. “Financially, this has been a meteor striking our business,” said Davey Oil, the […]

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    Dire threat to bats could impact state’s economy, our health

    OLYMPIA — Wildlife biologists in our state made a disturbing discovery recently when they found a disease that could decimate the bat population in Washington. It’s called White-nose syndrome, a disease caused by a fungus that invades the skin of hibernating bats. It causes white markings around the face and wings of bats, and the mortality rate is near 100 percent. The disease was first discovered on the East Coast 10 years ago and has been catastrophic to bat populations […]

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    Woman jumps out of 3rd story window after four armed men break into her Seattle home

    SEATTLE — Police say a woman jumped out of a 3rd story window after four armed men forced their way into her Seattle home. According to Seattle police, the men forced their way inside a residence near 9th Ave & Alder St just after 3 a.m. Officers responded after receiving several 911 calls but did not locate the suspects. Few details were released, but investigators said the woman jumped out of her window and was taken with unknown injuries to Harborview […]

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    Everett set to ban high alcohol beer downtown

      The Barber Shop is an Everett institution, open along Colby Avenue since 1936. Marcie Shack has owned the salon for the last nine years, but says in that time she has seen the homeless problem get worse, along with public drunkenness and break-ins around her business. “Panhandlers on the sidewalk, in the back parking lot, and using the parking lot as a bathroom facility,” said Shack who says she was also recently confronted with a man on drugs or […]

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    DEA keeps pot on dangerous drug list, could hurt legal retailers in Washington

    SEATTLE — The Drug Enforcement Administration now says it will not re-schedule marijuana federally, meaning it remains on the list of most dangerous drugs, including heroin. That decision most likely means getting banking laws changed will continue to be an uphill battle. And legal pot supporters say without access to banks, pot shops and the neighborhood around them will be less safe. Alison Holcomb helped create the law that legalized marijuana in Washington. But despite the win with the state’s […]

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    Police searching for suspects after 3 men shot in north Seattle

    SEATTLE — Police are searching for suspects after three men were injured in a drive-by shooting overnight in north Seattle. Officers were called around 11 p.m. Wednesday to Aurora Ave N & N 96th St. When they arrived, they found three adult men who had been shot. A 30-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries and was rushed to Harborview Medical Center. Two others, a 60-year-old man and a man in his 20s, are expected to be okay. Witnesses told police the three […]

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    Delta cancels nearly 250 flights Tuesday morning

    SEATTLE — Delta’s travails, and those of its customers, move into day two with the airline canceling nearly 250 flights. The cancellations Tuesday follow about 1,000 cancelled flights Monday and almost 3,000 delayed flights after an outage at its Atlanta headquarters initiated a global meltdown of its booking and communications systems. The airline was back online after a number of hours Monday, but the outages were so widespread that it is still dealing with the ripple effects a day later. The […]

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    Watchful worker helps police catch suspects in armed robbery of Seattle pot shop

    SEATTLE — Two people are in custody after a worker watching a security video feed saw armed robbers walk into a Seattle marijuana store Sunday night. Around 11 p.m.  two masked and armed men stormed into the “Have a Heart” store in the Greenwood neighborhood. A store employee said the gunman approached him as he performed a security sweep around the building.  As he returned to the store, he tried to warn another woman working inside.  She tried to hold the door shut […]

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    Review: ‘Suicide Squad’ serviceable, but not a home run

    A lot of DC Comics fans are rooting hard for the success of Suicide Squad in the wake of the negative reception (despite pretty sweet box office) of Batman v. Superman. The good news: This new film featuring super villains is a better flick then the one touting the two biggest superhero heavyweights in the universe. But it’s not the slam dunk, crowd pleasing, epic film everyone was hoping for. The story is slight, the villain weak, and the stakes […]

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    More new homes, more encounters with wildlife

    They are out there, and sometime they are right outside our front door. The unexpected neighbors around the northwest known as deer, bears, coyotes, and even cougars. In the last few years, we’ve seen many of these animals ruffling through garbage cans and walking through backyards. “People need to recognize that these animals are around, and they’re not going away,” said Chris Anderson, a wildlife biologist for the state. He adds that human-animal interaction will likely increase as new homes and […]