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    Multicare Health’s staff training nurses how to mobilize for Ebola while staying safe

    AUBURN — The MultiCare Health System in the South Sound is scrambling to make sure it’s nurses and medical staff are fully prepared for the Ebola virus. The company’s training staff has dropped what they were doing this week, and are going to clinics and ERs all over the area to teach nurses how to protect themselves. There are more then 11,000 workers in MultiCare system. In a cramped break room at the Auburn Medical Center, ER nurse Shawna Harding […]

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    Buyer beware: King County going after men who buy sex

    SEATTLE — Buyer beware. In the war on prostitution, King County is now going after the men looking to buy sex, while getting help for those in the sex trade. “These girls are exploited over and over and over again,” said Noel Gomez, a former prostitute who now helps other women and girls get out of the lifestyle. “Now, finally there’s some protection and some hope for these women.” Gomez says that’s because police and prosecutors are no longer targeting […]

  • The black SUV from the Tacoma crash at 11th and J Street. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

    1 critical, 3 seriously injured in Tacoma crash after bank robbery

    TACOMA — A suspected bank robber in a black SUV sped out into J Street near 11th and got broadsided by a white van in a violent crash Tuesday that left the suspect in critical condition and three others less seriously injured, police said. The driver of the black SUV, police said, had just robbed a nearby bank and, when he spotted a police cruiser on patrol, took off at a high rate of speed through a few alleyways. Police […]

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    Young Seahawks fan’s wish comes true

    RENTON, Wash. — When 11-year-old James Tardif stepped out of the limo at Seahawks headquarters, he was blasted with snapshots and cheers. It felt like the arrival of a first-round draft pick. But on this day, he was just as special, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Alaska and Washington. Like any great football player, James has battled adversity. The past few years, he’s been fighting for his life against leukemia. “He did it with a smile on his face […]

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    Biden hails Renton Technical College for providing ‘pathways back into the middle class’

    RENTON — In just his third week as a student at Renton Technical College, James Cantway had the honor of introducing the vice president of the United States, Joe Biden. “James, I’m proud of you, pal,” said Biden as he stepped up to the podium Thursday. The vice president told the crowd he appreciates what Cantway is doing with his life, as a single dad, back at school, and training for a better job. Biden was also a single dad […]

  • West Seattle parents rally, raise about $90,000 to keep beloved first-grade teacher

    SEATTLE — Some parents in West Seattle have pulled off nothing short of a miracle to keep a popular first-grade teacher from being transferred. Wednesday was the deadline to raise around $90,000 to pay for a new teacher at a nearby school and keep their first-grade teacher at Gatewood Elementary. The Seattle School District wanted to move the teacher to Fairmount Park Elementary to ease classroom overcrowding. The district conducted a student count and found Gatewood had fewer students this […]

  • Bottles of water being handed out to Mercer Island residents Friday in wake of E. coli contamination in water supply. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

    No E. coli found in new tests in Mercer Island, but boil-water advisory remains in effect

    MERCER ISLAND — The latest test results on Mercer Island water turned up negative for bacteria, city officials said Friday, but an expansive boil water advisory remains in effect. “We’re going through and inspecting all parts of the system to see if we can identify any potential source of contamination,” said City Manager Noel Treat. “So far, we haven’t found any.” All 15 samples of water tested revealed no presence of E. coli or Total Coliform Friday, city officials said.  However, further […]

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    E. Coli in water closes Mercer Island restaurants again: ‘It’s a hit … a really bad hit’

    MERCER ISLAND — Mercer Island issued its second boil-water advisory Thursday, ordering all restaurants to close as the city’s drinking water was found to be contaminated with E. Coli, health officials said. “Having to throw everything out, going through the this again, it’s just more added work, and lost money,” said Jesse Robillard, who runs Roberto’s Pizza and Pasta. “It’s embarrassing to have to tell the customers they have to leave now because we’re under a water alert.” Test results indicate […]

  • Seattle hospitals, staff prepare for possibility of Ebola

    SEATTLE — The head of Harborview Medical Center’s Infection Control confirms that, for the past few months, doctors and staff have been creating a plan to handle Ebola patients should there be any cases in the Northwest. “We wanted to be prepared if the patient shows up at our front desk, emergency room, or if they’re on our floors in the hospital,” Dr. John Lynch said Wednesday. “With the right protocols, I think we can be prepared for this.” The […]