AMBER Alert: Seattle police searching for 1-year-old Seattle boy
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  • Homeless advocates march in Burien to protest new trespass ordinance

    BURIEN, Wash. — Homeless advocates staged a march in Burien Friday. Their chants were first fired at a chiropractic office owned by Burien’s mayor. “There’s human rights abuses happening here in Burien  and we’re here to demonstrate,” said Joshua Farris, with SAFE, a homeless advocacy group. The protesters are angry over the city’s recent trespass ordinance. They say it puts a target on the homeless. But Burien’s city manager, Kamuron Gurol, believes the ordinance is not aimed at those living […]

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    Bicyclist, driver confrontation on Seattle street goes viral

    SEATTLE — A confrontation in Seattle between a driver and bicyclist is going viral on the Internet. The cyclist was wearing a camera on his helmet and recorded the confrontation with a woman who parked in a bike lane along Dexter Avenue. “This is a through lane, you’re blocking traffic,” said the cyclist. “Oh, my God, kill me,” replied the driver, to which the cyclist responds, “You do this again, I’m calling the cops.” The video shows the frustrations drivers […]

  • Algona’s former interim police chief arrested in theft of youth program money

    ALGONA, Wash.  — The recent police chief in Algona has been arrested in the theft of money from a youth program. David Hill, the mayor in the city of 3,000 people near Auburn, says Lt. Lee Gaskill was arrested by King County sheriff’s deputies Wednesday. “There’s been a lot of revelations that just stunned me,” said Hill. “I had no idea and no suspicion that they (allegations) were as bad as what came out.” Gaskill had served nine months as […]

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    Charity Care: State health program many don’t know about

    Not long after Tony Potter’s husband, Charlie, was diagnosed with cancer, they received a letter from the hospital. “It said that we owe too much money, and they we can`t treat you as a patient anymore,” said Potter. “And his pain is just getting worse and worse and worse.” Potter never knew Charlie qualified for Charity Care. Hospitals in Washington State are required to provide Charity Care to patients who fall below a certain income level. But it remains a […]

  • NCAA fans pack Oskar's Kitchen before heading to KeyArena for the games. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

    Business booming thanks to March Madness games here: ‘We need more of this’

    SEATTLE — Thousands of college basketball fans from all over the country are in Seattle right now for the NCAA tournament, and local businesses will take every one of them. “Yeah, we need more of this,” said Kristin Schramm, a bartender at Oskar’s Kitchen. She opened two hours earlier than normal Friday morning, and the place filled up immediately. “Within 10 minutes, every seat in here was packed,” said Schramm. “I was all by myself, there was only one cook, […]

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    Near site of U.S. Open, no money in this green

    UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash. — Some people in University Place are upset about restrictions being placed on them during the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay. The City Council voted to ban any paid event parking on the property of homeowners during the weeklong event in June. “This is going to be a big inconvenience for all of us around here,” said one neighbor who didn’t want to give his name for fear of backlash. He’s frustrated that during a money-making event […]

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    Self-defense classes: Gay community on Capitol Hill reacts to violent attacks

    SEATTLE — People in the local gay community on Seattle’s Capitol Hill are working to take safety back into their own hands. “We have to keep looking out for each other,” said Mac McGregor, who wants to use his 40 years of martial arts experience to help people defend themselves. “Put safety in our own hands, and learn some things to protect ourselves.” The martial arts class was organized by a social outreach group in response to a series of […]

  • ‘Multiple students’ in Issaquah School District diagnosed with whooping cough

    ISSAQUAH, Wash. — “Multiple students” at Issaquah High and Pacific Cascade Middle Schools, along with one student at Grandrige Elementary, have been diagnosed with whooping cough, the Issaquah School District said. The statement issued Friday on the district’s website did not say how many students were infected with the highly contagious bacterial disease. “The District is working closely with King County Public Health and we encourage the community to access their website for information on Pertussis,” or whooping cough, the […]


    ‘Reopening the wound': Family of victim attends retrial of man once convicted of Craigslist killing

    SEATTLE — Another courtroom, another murder trial. And it’s the last place the Sanders family thought they’d find themselves again. “It’s incredibly difficult,” said Derek Sanders, brother of slain Jim Sanders. “Just like picking a scab and reopening the wound all over again.” The Sanders family already watched a jury convict Clabon Berniard of murder and sent away to prison for 124 years for the killing of Jim Sanders in 2010. Police say Berniard and three others responded to Jim’s […]

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    Psychologist: McEnroe was pushed, bullied by girlfriend into helping kill her family in Carnation

    SEATTLE — An expert witness in the Carnation murder trial testified Wednesday that defendant Joseph McEnroe was a victim of domestic violence and pushed into killing a family on Christmas Eve 2007. “It’s got all the hallmarks of an abusive relationship,” psychologist Donald Dutton said. Dutton is  considered an expert in the area of domestic violence and testified in the O.J. Simpson trial. Dutton said he believes McEnroe was pushed and bullied by his girlfriend, Michele Anderson, into killing six […]