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  • Volunteers help spruce up scene of tragedy

    It has been a tough year for the kids at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. They are still recovering from a school shooting last October that claimed five lives. On Saturday, there was a chance to brighten up a building those students still come to every day to learn. Volunteers from Comcast spent the day sprucing up 12 different sites around the northwest this weekend, and hundreds of them hit the hallways and sidewalks of Marysville-Pilchuk, painting, power-washing, and sprucing up the […]

  • Local man’s bank account gets cleaned out; victim angry bank didn’t catch check fraud

    SEATTLE — There have been plenty of cyber attacks over the last few years to show how thieves are getting creative in getting your money. But old-fashioned check fraud is still going on. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Matt Bell. “I actually couldn’t believe that many checks were written in such a short amount of time, and no one discovered it until my bank account was empty.” The thieves either snatched  checks from Bell’s mailbox, or stole his account number […]

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    Stalemate: Lawmakers must hold special session to try to pass state budget

    OLYMPIA — “The Legislature is going to have to come back to do a lot of work to get the job done,” Gov. Jay Inslee said Thursday as he announced the regular session must now go into overtime. It’s a disappointing end to the first 105 days. “People expect us to do our job and get it done in time,” said Rep. J. T. Wilcox, R-Roy. “It’s what they do at their job, and it’s profoundly disappointing to me that […]

  • Customers lined up at The Gallery pot shop in Parkland, Wash. (Photo: KCPQ)

    Pierce County Council member proposing bill to overturn ban on pot businesses

    PARKLAND, Wash. — Pierce County ordered a retail pot shop in Parkland to shut down, but the business may have a new lease on life. The owners of The Gallery did everything right in getting permits and licenses from the state, and decided last month to open, despite a ban on retail marijuana businesses in unincorporated Pierce County. “Business has been fantastic,” said Tedd Wetherbee, owner of The Gallery. “We’re up 100% over month one and we’re growing every day.” […]


    Two house invasions in Everett, Shoreline put homeowners on edge

    EVERETT — Alisha Smith was getting ready to go to work when she got the fright of her life inside her Everett home. “I hear some very loud, aggressive knocking at the door,” Smith said Friday. “They`re ringing the door and trying to jiggle the door handle open, which totally freaked me out.” Smith hid in the bedroom, and soon heard movement inside her house. The person or persons breaking in didn’t snap any locks or smash any windows, but […]

  • Seattle takes hard look at semi accident that closed part of SR 99 for 9 hours (VIDEO)

  • Friend accidentally shot, killed Bellingham city councilman’s son while ‘engaging in horeseplay’

    BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) — Police say the 23-year-old son of Bellingham City Councilman Terry Bornemann was shot and killed in an accidental shooting Thursday. His friend has been jailed on investigation of first-degree manslaughter. Lt. Bob Vander Yacht says Aaron Bornemann and his friend, Masen Potter, were hanging out and handling a handgun together at a home Thursday night. He says the two were “engaging in horseplay” when Potter grabbed the handgun, pointed it at Bornemann’s head and pulled the […]

  • Thieves steal safety equipment, do $15,000 in damage to Maple Valley youth football program

    MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. — A junior football program in Maple Valley has been the target of vandals and thieves. The storage unit and concession stand for the Tahoma Junior Football has been hit four times in the past few months, the latest break-in on Thursday morning. So far, $15,000 in damage has been done. “When we found out this happened, we felt like we got punched in the throat,” said Ed Linge, the equipment manager for the  program. Thieves busted […]

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    Local musician helps detectives nab thieves, recover stolen equipment

    SEATTLE — Kass Phillips has spent decades as a musician and audio technician. In that time, he’s amassed quite a guitar collection — until recently when every one of them was stolen from a storage locker he kept in Seattle. “I was shocked to open my storage unit and find so much of my equipment gone,” Phillips said Wednesday. “Especially the guitars.” Among them, his very first guitar given to him by his grandmother, along with two he built himself, […]

  • Wild spring storm hits Puget Sound area: Hail, thunderstorms, lightning (VIDEO)

    Lightning just decimated this giant tree in the Arboretum. #Q13FOX pic.twitter.com/61fDrJOCEi — Travis Mayfield (@TravisMayfield) March 31, 2015 Lightning did this to a giant tree in the Arboretum https://t.co/CmyrO00dHI — Travis Mayfield (@TravisMayfield) April 1, 2015 More photos of the tree struck by lightning this afternoon in the Arboretum. #Q13FOX #Seattle #wawx pic.twitter.com/jE8NvjmpOL — Travis Mayfield (@TravisMayfield) April 1, 2015