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    Couple live on edge as cliff nears home: ‘It’s horrific … it eats everything’

    SNOHOMISH, Wash. — A high-tech landslide warning system is part of Gov. Jay Inslee’s $12 billion transportation plan unveiled this week. It involves aerial mapping that could tell people if their property is prone to landslides. A Snohomish couple could have benefited from that technology three years ago when they bought their home with the scenic view. Now, they are living on the edge — and asking the public for help. “The first year and a half, there was nothing […]

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    Activists lobbying to get protective zones for endangered killer whales in area

    SEATTLE — They are icons of the Pacific Northwest, but the Southern Resident killer whales are still struggling. Their number is down to 77, the lowest in 30 years. Now, Washington state activists are putting pressure on the federal government to create a protection zone around an area where the orcas gather to feed. “They are simply not recovering,” said Bruce Stedman with Orca Relief Citizen’s Alliance. “They’re in serious trouble.” Stedman’s group believes the orcas would do a lot […]

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    ‘Despicable’ robber steals diamond rings worth $14,000 from store going out of business

    LACEY, Wash. — A struggling jewelry store in Lacey takes a huge hit just as it gets ready to close its doors for good. Tony’s Master Jewelers has been in business for more than 60 years, but a robber recently ripped the store off of two of its most expensive rings. It’s already been a sad holiday season for the owner and employees of the store. “I`ve owned the store for 20 years and have been working in it for […]

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    Inslee proposes ‘carbon pollution charge’ on businesses to help finance $12 billion transportation plan

    BELLEVUE — Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday unveiled a $12 billion transportation plan, saying crumbling roads and bridges in Washington state need immediate attention. “If we don’t invest in transportation, our state is going to erode,” Inslee said. “Our economy is going to decline.” The governor’s plan will fix deteriorating bridges, pay to complete the new SR 520 Bridge, and work to make commutes smoother on Interstate 405 and on I-5 around Joint Base Lewis-McChord, a driver sore spot for […]

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    Close call: Tree takes out kids’ bedroom and family kitchen

    OLYMPIA — Thursday night, just after fixing dinner in the kitchen of her Olympia home, Susan Hood heard a huge crash. “We walked into the kitchen and it was just amazing,” Hood said Friday. “There was insulation all over the place, and there was a tree down in our kitchen.” In the midst of the storm, strong winds snapped a large tree behind her home. It did double damage, first tearing through the neighbors’ house, and landing in a spot […]

  • Luke Somers appeared in a video released by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, on Dec. 4, 2014. Somers is a photojournalist who was captured in September, 2013. (Image from Al-Malahem Media/CNN)

    Actor James Franco asks White House to do more to free local man being held by al Qaeda

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Actor James Franco is asking fans to help petition the White House to do more to free a man with ties to Washington State being held in Yemen by al Qaeda. Franco tweeted out a link to a White House petition asking that the the U.S. ‘use its resources to secure the immediate release of Luke Somers, an American photojournalist, from his al-Qaeda hosts.’ A friend of a friend: He's a really good guy… Could you sign this […]

  • bowman

    ‘I was going to die,’ Murder suspect claims self-defense during road rage incident

    SEATTLE — More than two years after he allegedly shot and killed another driver, Dinh Bowman offers an explanation. Bowman took the stand in his murder trial on Thursday. He told jurors he raised his gun and shot and killed fellow driver Yancy Noll in self defense. “I felt if I didn’t do something I was going to die,” said Bowman. According to Bowman, he cut Noll off in traffic, angering Noll, a popular local wine steward, who began chasing him, […]

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    Ferguson protesters demand action at Seattle City Council meeting

    SEATTLE — Protesters are back at it in downtown Seattle, this time at City Hall where they were met with heavy police presence. They’re upset with the decision in Ferguson, and are now targeting city council meetings. But this turned out to be more debate then demonstration. During public comment, demonstrators, many of them the same people who disrupted Black Friday and the annual Christmas Tree lighting at Westlake, spoke out about police violence and the need for local officers […]

  • Neighbors say Everett pot shop too close to kids’ hangouts, but city disagrees

    EVERETT — The city of Everett is allowed five retail pot shops. The first two opened quietly, but the third is being met with a lot of resistance from neighbors. Neighbors say the newest shop, Purple Haze, is too close to a Camp Fire office and the Interurban Trail. They say they don’t want it at that location, as it appears to break the law that says pot shops can’t be within 1,000 feet of places were children gather. Now, […]