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    ‘Scary’ video shows burglars breaking into Bothell home; seemed to know location of cameras

    BOTHELL, Wash. — Three men broke into a home in Bothell just 30 minutes after the homeowners left for the night.  When the couple returned home, they couldn’t believe what they found. Michele didn’t want to give her last name but said Wednesday she has several security cameras set up around the house inside and out.  They recorded three men walking up to the house, casing the place, and breaking inside. “I felt scared and mad because we were here 30 minutes prior. […]

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    ‘We want him back,’ Marysville family hopes thieves will return stolen ashes

    MARYSVILLE, Wash. – On October 5th, thieves broke into a home and stole a 400 pound safe that contained the ashes of a loved one.  The family is devastated and pleading to have the ashes returned. Deirdre Thomason was out shopping with her daughter when they returned home and noticed a light was on in the garage and immediately realized something wasn’t right. “My eyes went where the safe was and then I was like you know..just devastated,” Deirdre said. Inside […]

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    UW team develops camera technology that can track a person from one camera to the next

    SEATTLE — After the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, investigators sifted through hours of video from nearby surveillance cameras trying to find their suspects. Now, imagine a technology that would cut the hunt down to a matter of hours or even minutes. University of Washington Electrical Engineering professor Jeng-Neng Hwang has developed a technology to make that happen. “We can quickly identify this person has been coming from here, put the backpack here, walking away to where,” Hwang said. “So this […]

  • Veterans museum in Everett in need of new facility, donations

    EVERETT, Wash. — The Veterans Heritage Museum in Everett is in dire need of funding and a new facility. Right now, the museum is set up inside VFW Post 2100 in a 1,000-square-foot space.  It’s just too small for the vast collection of items they have. The museum was originally set up in Seattle but, due to funding constraints, the museum was forced to move to its current location. The items on display include artifacts from the Civil War up […]

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    Tighter restrictions on pornography sold in convenience stores?

    PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. – The Pierce County Council approved a measure that could crack down on how pornography is displayed in convenience stores. Council member Jim McCune is leading the charge to change the regulations.  He wants to see pornography hidden away behind clerks or behind locked cases. McCune says it is too easy for children to see the material and he wants that changed. “It puts it behind the counter or in a locked section somewhere in the store where […]

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    Toxic cleanup: State works to remove contaminated soil left behind from old Everett Smelter

    EVERETT – The old Asarco Smelter in Everett shut down in the early 1900s, but its effects on the environment continue.  Some neighborhoods are filled with soil contaminated by arsenic. The Department of Ecology is leading the effort to try and get to every effected area and remove the soil from lawns. Meg Bommarito is project manager for the Everett smelter clean up and says the levels of arsenic in some areas isn’t an immediate health risk. “People have to ingest the […]

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    Burglars posing as aggressive vacuum salespeople? Don’t get cleaned out

    EVERETT, Wash. — Police say a group of three people might be breaking into homes after posing as vacuum salespeople. The group consists of possibly four people — one woman and three men. Police say they might be linked to at least three break-ins. Everett police say the group is traveling around in a 1993 maroon Ford van.  Its believed they are going door to door, acting as vacuum salespeople to gain access to a home to case the interior […]

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    Dozens of firearms stolen from Lakewood gun shop

    LAKEWOOD, Wash. — Dozens of handguns, AR-15 rifle parts and high-end scopes were stolen from a gun shop early Monday morning. Several thieves broke into a vacant store next door and broke through a wall that’s shared with Quantico Tactical. “We’re very concerned about where those guns are going to end up.  We certainly don’t want them being used in a shooting such as Marysville that just happened,” ATF Special Agent Brian Bennett said. The value of the stolen items […]

  • Three of 4 Marysville shooting survivors in critical condition; 1 in serious condition

    EVERETT, Wash. — Two teenage girls who were shot in the head in the shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School were in critical condition and fighting for their lives Friday night at Providence Regional Medical Center, authorities said. Following their surgeries, the girls were to be closely monitored throughout the night, with more than one neurological check every hour. That means nurses will check for any kind of movement or seizures. Two other shooting survivors were taken to Seattle’s Harborview […]