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    Have you had jewelry stolen on Vashon Island? Sheriff’s office may have it

    VASHON ISLAND, Wash. — The King County Sheriff’s Office is holding a special viewing of jewelry recovered from thefts during the past couple of years. Detectives laid out the jewelry on several tables Tuesday. The estimated value was in the thousands.  The jewelry was recovered from several investigations spanning a two-year period.  Some was taken from thieves while others were recovered from pawn shops from Seattle to Tacoma. All of the jewelry on display was taken from residents on Vashon […]

  • VIDEO: Seattle police try something new to deter crime on Capitol Hill

  • Tacoma Black Bear

    Black bear spotted around Tacoma finally caught near the Dome

    TACOMA — The state Department of Fish and Wildlife captured a 220-pound black bear near the Tacoma Dome at about midnight Wednesday, officials said. Fish and Wildlife had been tracking the female black bear since the department began receiving reports of sightings Friday.  With the help of several 911 calls, officials were able to get a good idea where the bear was and moved in. “Released the dog; the bear tried to run away and ran into a fence that […]

  • First 747 to take flight

    First Boeing 747 ever built being restored to former glory

    SEATTLE — Parked outside the Museum of Flight is the very first 747 jumbo jet to take flight in 1969. The jet changed the face of civil aviation forever.  At one point, it was the largest commercial jet flying. “The airplane had a lot of publicity and there was a great deal of conversation about it.  There were skeptics that said nothing that big can fly,” said Brien  Wygle, the co-pilot on the first test flight for the jet. The […]

  • Seattle police beefing up Capitol Hill patrols

    SEATTLE — Capitol Hill is becoming a hot bed for crime and police are beginning to beef up patrols in response. The response comes after a major uproar from businesses in the area who say the streets are not safe. With a popular area comes a downside, criminals are preying on people — assaulting them and robbing them of money or cell phones. John Markle said he was robbed along 11th between Pike and Pine just three months ago. “Basically […]

  • A customer buys some marijuana at Cannabis City in Seattle's Sodo district. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

    Marijuana businesses: Not enough supply to meet demand

    SEATTLE — From the minute Cannabis City opens its doors until the time the store closes, the staff is busy  — really busy. “We have a line if not around the building, at least to the end of our building,” said Amber McGowan, manager of the store. She says that while it’s good to see so much business, it is actually creating a problem. “Supply barely lasts us the day because our suppliers can only bring us one to two […]

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    Family of four hit by truck while crossing Kent street; teen killed

    KENT — A 13-year-old girl was killed and three others injured, including an infant, while trying to cross a busy road in Kent. The family was attempting to cross Pacific Highway South near Kent Des Moines Road. Police said the family crossed the northbound lanes and onto the median.  Two lanes of southbound traffic stopped to let the family cross but the far right lane didn’t see them. A full size ford pickup truck struck the family. The 13-year-old girl died […]

  • pepper spray sketch

    SURPRISE ATTACK: Robber in Seattle pepper sprays faces of his victims

    SEATTLE — Police are searching for a man who pepper sprayed and mugged three people in a 45-minute span in one night.  One victim was only 14. The attacks began shortly after midnight on July 27. The first attack was near 24th Avenue NW and NW 65th Street. The victim was riding his bike when the suspect grabbed the handlebars and pushed him to the ground. Before he could get a good look at his attacker, the victim was hit […]

  • North Tacoma home

    Clean-up of arsenic, lead from homeowners’ yards under way near old Tacoma Smelter

    Tacoma — The state Department of Ecology launched a clean-up program to remove arsenic and lead from lawns at more than a thousand homes in Tacoma. Crews are removing as much as 18 inches of soil from lawns that are contaminated from the plume created by the old Asarco copper smelter while it was still operational. The smelter had operated for about 100 years in Tacoma and its plume deposited arsenic and lead over 1,000 square miles, the Department of […]