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  • 835 more people living unsheltered in Seattle this year compared to last year

    SEATTLE — A new homeless count for 2018 shows that there are more people living unsheltered in Seattle than ever before. All Home, the organization that did the survey, says there are 12,112 people this year who are homeless in Seattle, compared with 11,643 in 2017. All Home says these numbers are estimates at best and that the real number could be a lot higher. But as of right now their 2018 count shows that 5,792 were sheltered and 6,320 were […]

  • Durkan admits Seattle hasn’t been tracking homelessness as well as it should

    Mayor Jenny Durkan says it will take agility to house more than 500 homeless people over the next 90 days.

  • ‘Seattle doesn’t speak for entire state’: Lawmaker proposes employee tax credit in distressed counties

    SHELTON, Wash. —  Shelton in Mason County is less than 2 hours from Seattle. “It almost does feel like a different state,” Tom Beben said. Because the bedroom community covets the economic prosperity that never came. “It never really boomed, it’s pretty much stayed stagnant for the last 10 years,” Beben said. Beben is owner of Smoking Mo’s, and he and his wife has managed through that stagnation to make a name for their business in the community. But, he said, […]

  • A week after controversial head tax passes, Seattle City Council members propose property tax increase

    People who own a home in King County are paying about 17% more in property taxes this year than last year to help pay for the state’s funding of public education.

  • Case worker says better screening of homeless population is needed

    SEATTLE — The row of tiny homes nestled next to condos and businesses in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood is one of six city-sanctioned homeless camps and the last place rape suspect Christopher Teel called home. The Nickelsville camp moved from Ballard to Wallingford earlier this year. In a press release, the Nickelsville encampment said people there were shocked that Teel could be responsible for violently raping a woman inside a Ballard car dealership’s bathroom on Monday. Founder Scott Morrow also said […]

  • Seattle leaders can tell you how much they spent on homelessness, but hard data hard to come by

    SEATTLE — Seattle City Council members say they plan on pinpointing available publicly owned land to build affordable housing across Seattle. Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda unveiled a new interactive map on Thursday that will be available to the city to find the best pieces of land to build on. It’s a means to spend the $50 million a year that will be generated from the controversial head tax that passed on Monday. Nine members of the council unanimously approved the measure affecting […]

  • Seattle residents say laws aren’t enforced with homeless people, blame city council

    SEATTLE – Many Seattle residents say they no longer feel safe because homelessness has spilled over into lawlessness. Concerned citizens say there is a trend in the city where the laws are not being enforced when it comes to encampments and homeless people committing crimes. “It’s terrible and it’s frightening,” Ballard resident John Wisdom said. Wisdom says the homeless man now accused of raping a woman at Carter Volkswagen in Ballard was known to many. Court documents allege a homeless […]

  • Seattleites demand accountability on the millions already spent on homeless crisis

    There is a new movement in Seattle and it’s demanding accountability for all the money city leaders have spent on homelessness.

  • Seattle City Council unanimously approves scaled-down employee tax

    After weeks of tense and raucous meetings, a divided Seattle City Council unanimously approved (9-0) a controversial tax on the city's largest businesses in an effort to fight homelessness.

  • Holding veto power, Durkan says she can’t support $500 head tax OK’d by City Council committee

    SEATTLE — A Seattle City Council committee approved a $500 per year head tax for large companies on a 5-4 vote Friday. The final City Council vote is scheduled for Monday. After the committee vote, Mayor Jenny Durkan issued a statement in which she said, “Unfortunately, the bill that passed out of committee hurts workers by stopping these good jobs, so I cannot support it.” The $500 head tax would generate $75 million per year to build affordable units to house […]