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  • The working poor turn to private RV lots as cost of living soars in Puget Sound

    TACOMA – Over the noise of a busy street the faint sound of guitar strings. Patrick Parker is a musician but works construction to get by. “I’ve worked in nice Seattle apartments I’ve asked how much they were and they are like $4000. With the cost of living skyrocketing in Puget Sound, Patrick and his girlfriend Tracy decided to give RV living a try. “I grew up in West Seattle it`s changed so much as far as people being squeezed […]

  • Sound Transit says $30 car tab measure would jeopardize light rail expansion

    TACOMA, Wash. — Efforts to lower car tabs may have stalled in the Legislature but now an aggressive ballot initiative is underway to cut tab fees. In Pierce County, the number of signatures  kept growing on Wednesday. Tim Eyman is back at it — his push for $30 car tabs isn’t new. What is new is people like Paul Davis, who now support it because of buyer’s remorse. “I didn’t expect my car tabs to double,” Davis said. Davis voted […]

  • WSDOT seeks new ferry employees as shortages loom; 88% of captains eligible to retire within 10 years

    BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. — The population spike in Puget Sound is spilling onto Washington’s ferries. “There are way too many people here,” ferry rider Charles Koog said. By riding the ferry, Koog shaves off two hours from his commute every day from Seattle to Kitsap County. “There are no houses on this side for people. They have to move to places like Kitsap County and areas like that,” Koog said. But what if there weren’t enough ferry workers to get […]

  • Fatal police shooting of Charleena Lyles turns into legal battle for city of Seattle

    SEATTLE – The death of Charleena Lyles is turning into a legal battle for the city of Seattle. “Even until this day it seems like a dream but she’s gone,” Charleena’s father, Charles Lyles Jr., said Friday. Charleena’s father filed a claim on Friday, the first step toward a lawsuit over what he considers the wrongful death of his daughter shot by Seattle police. “We have to look at the kids and how it’s going to affect them for the […]

  • McCleary family fighting state for education funding says latest legislative plan falls short

    CHIMACUM, Wash. — In rural Jefferson County sits the small town of Chimacum, and within the agricultural community is a longtime resident whose name has become well-known in the state in the fight for full education funding. “At times I feel really proud, overwhelmed,” Stephanie McCleary said Thursday. In January 2012, the state Supreme Court ruled on what they coined the McCleary decision, siding with Stephanie McCleary and other plaintiffs who sued the state for not fully funding public education. Justice […]

  • Million-dollar homes becoming the norm in Seattle, on Eastside

    SEATTLE — Million-dollar homes are no longer just in the luxury housing market. If you want to buy a nice house in Seattle, get ready to shell out up to seven figures. More than 30% of all homes sold in July in Seattle went for more than $1,000,000. “Some of the homes that are selling for a million dollars, they were listed right around 800 to $850,000; they are getting bid up to a million to a $1.2 million,” said […]

  • Seattle Public Schools says it will be worse off under state’s new education plan

    SEATTLE — After struggling for years to pass a comprehensive education budget, state lawmakers finally pushed through a last-minute deal this session. But on Monday, the largest school district in the state — Seattle Public Schools (SPS) — said lawmakers are still failing to fully fund public education. In the McCleary v. Washington decision in 2012, the state Supreme Court told lawmakers to find a way to fully fund public education. They found that students were not getting an equal education […]

  • Seafair air shows take off as planned despite haze; spectators ‘love the Blue Angels’

    SEATTLE —  Hydroplane races at 200 mph and the Blue Angels flying even faster. Seafair says all the air shows this weekend are going off as scheduled despite the haze. On Friday, families staked out spots waiting for the air show spectacle. “We love the Blue Angels — such a huge treat,” Amanda McCumber said. But this year Seafair is noticeably different. “The haze is kind of insane — you can’t even see the city,” said one visitor. The wildfires […]

  • Workers with hottest jobs sizzling in the heat

    SEATTLE — The sweltering heat is keeping some pedicabs off the streets in Seattle — but not Morgan Floyd with Tride Pedicab. “I am the only one in my company working today, I want to maximize my summer,” Floyd said. So he’s pedaling — and talking to many tourists flagging him down. “I try to do (work off) an inhuman amount of calories,” Floyd said. That means he has to pay close attention to how he’s feeling. “I am covered […]

  • Building up — that’s the answer for Puget Sound dealing with population growth

    TACOMA, Wash. — Chinatown International District is the latest Seattle neighborhood to be approved for taller apartment and condo buildings. But Seattle is not the only area in Puget Sound building up. Tacoma Mall and the area surrounding it is a place designated as a growth region because it’s close to I-5 and a transit hub. Right now the city of Tacoma is trying to modify how tall they can build in some parts of Tacoma Mall. Tacoma officials say […]