President Obama: Ebola outbreak could lead to ‘potential threat to global security’
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  • Some fear marijuana use among kids may rise with opening of pot shops

    SEATTLE — With recreational pot stores opening Tuesday, health experts and school administrators say marijuana will become more accessible to young kids. Even before the shops open, Seattle schools have reported seeing more and more cases of pot use on school grounds. Recreational pot is only legal if you are 21 and over but that rule is lost on many kids. Seattle school officials say high school students are telling them that it is much easier to get marijuana than […]

  • Seattle man charged with cyber-stalking for allegedly posting naked pics of woman on revenge site

    SEATTLE — A Seattle man has been charged with cyber-stalking for allegedly uploading nude photos of a woman on a revenge porn website and allegedly threatening to show them to her friends and family if she didn’t “play along.” Prosecutors say his actions were exceedingly cruel and his only motivation was to hurt another person. Jeremy Scott “Silo” Walters, 31, a computer tech, advertised his services on Craigslist. The victim hired him in June 2011 to transfer data from one […]

  • Target Stores

    Target asking customers to leave their guns at home

      SEATTLE — Target is talking guns and taking a stance. The giant retailer is now asking customers not to bring guns into their stores, even in states where it is permitted. “They are standing up for our safety, especially since they are family-oriented,” Target customer Myle Yuen said. The controversy heated up last month when a pro-gun group started openly carrying rifles inside Target stores in the Dallas area. The show of guns angered the group Moms Demand Action […]

  • Seattle bar owner: I feel bullied by $15 minimum wage supporters

    SEATTLE — The $15 minimum wage for Seattle workers is a done deal, as far as Mayor Ed Murray and supporters are concerned. But opponents are not giving up. A lot of small business owners worried about the financial blow want the issue to go on the ballot. The fight is sparking yet another round of tensions. On Tuesday. it wasn’t just a protest supporting the $15 minimum wage. This time supporters targeted specific businesses who are against the hike. […]

  • Nervous riding an escalator? You may have reason to be

    SEA-TAC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT — We have all been on one, the escalator, and we know that serious injuries can happen Take, for example, the 2012 incident at Bellevue Square when seven people were hurt when the escalator malfunctioned. But state officials say mechanical problems are to blame for only a small number of cases. On weekdays, about 100,000 travelers will come and go from Sea-Tac Airport, and the gridlock often starts on escalators. “I get nervous that someone is going […]

  • 10 confirmed measles cases so far in King and Pierce counties

    TACOMA — It’s a serious health alert for thousands in our area. The first measles case was confirmed after a child from King County had just returned from a trip to the Pacific Islands on Memorial Day. Now, that one case has multiplied, spreading from one King County family to an unrelated family in Pierce County. Ten measles cases have been confirmed as of Friday. Nine of the 10 are from members of the same King County family.  Members of […]

  • Cost of car theft goes beyond the victim

    SEATTLE — The number of car thefts are dropping across the nation, but not in Washington state. Seattle alone is a hot bed for car thieves. Compared to last year, thefts are up a whopping 40%. According to the NW Insurance Council, the average value of a car reported stolen was about $6,000. But a car theft doesn’t just affect the victim. Detectives assigned to the cases say it’s tedious and time-consuming. It’s a crime of opportunity that can happen […]

  • Mayor: Seattle facing a ‘crisis of confidence in public safety’

    SEATTLE — With public concern over violent crime on the rise, Mayor Ed Murray called a City Council meeting Wednesday to declare that Seattle “faces a crisis of confidence in public safety” and he proposed specific ways to try to fix the problem. Much of the gun violence has occurred in the city’s Central District and in south Seattle. “Roughly 5% of our city blocks were responsible for roughly half of all crime,” Murray said. To address the hotspots, Murray […]

  • Healthy for kids or ruining fun? Edmonds schools ban tasty treats for birthdays

    , Wash. — The Edmonds School District has told students they can no longer bring tasty treats, such as cupcakes, to celebrate birthdays. “It ruins the fun,” parent Kristy Sweetwood said Tuesday. It’s a ban that has many parents talking. “The birthday treat, that’s something special. I don’t think you should mess with that,” Sweetwood said. Inspired by a federal wellness policy, the district says decreasing kids’ sugar intake is a healthy step. “In a week, say you have three […]