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  • Should all Seattle street cops be required to carry Tasers?

    SEATTLE — Family members of Charleena Lyles, the woman killed by Seattle police, say they still have a lot of unanswered questions after meeting with the police chief and the mayor. Family members believe police used unnecessary deadly force against Lyles, who police say came after officers with a knife. On Friday, the sentiment outside Lyles’ apartment is one of distrust and anger toward Seattle police. Lyles called 911 to report a burglary but police say in the middle of […]

  • With lawmakers in limbo over budget, 32,000 state employees to get temporary layoff notices

    OLYMPIA, Wash. — The gavel came down Wednesday to mark the beginning of the Legislature’s third special session, and nervous state workers expressed concerns to Gov. Jay Inslee soon after. If lawmakers cannot agree on a state budget in the next nine days, the government will partially shut down starting July 1, a Saturday. The impact would be vast. All state parks will close. More than 50,000 older Washingtonians won’t get meal services and 52,000 kids in low-income families will […]

  • Friends and family question use of deadly force against Seattle woman

    SEATTLE — Many leaving behind flowers, candles and messages for Charleena Lyles on Monday believe police used unnecessary deadly force on the 30-year-old woman. Sunday was not the first time police have encountered Charleena, and some say people should reserve judgment until all the facts are out. “I am still trying to wrap my head around it, it’s very very sad,” Charleena’s friend Alaina Williams said. Friends say if you knew Charleena you would know she was a struggling mother […]

  • Amazon’s bombshell buyout of Whole Foods could change the grocery industry

    SEATTLE — Amazon’s announcement of buying Whole Foods on Friday could eventually change the grocery industry. The nearly $14 billion deal is the largest purchase in Amazon’s history. The bombshell news caused grocery store stocks to dip. Experts tell Q13 News that Amazon’s acquisition of Whole foods will make the high-end organic grocery store more affordable, lowering prices for groceries and prepared meals. The new relationship could force traditional grocery chains to evolve. Grocery shopping — you either love it […]

  • Education funding in limbo with two weeks left in 2nd special legislative session

    SEATTLE — As the infighting continues among state lawmakers, parents are losing faith in the state to fully fund public education with just two weeks left in the second special legislative session. A fully funded public education means different things to different parents. The goal is as complicated as the budget that aims to fund it. But the two common issues that keep coming up for parents is equity and teacher pay. There is a timely message on the back […]

  • Local teenager invents new app to connect people with common interests

    KIRKLAND, Wash. — In the world of social media, many people obsess with how many ‘likes’ they get or how cool they look to others. Now, one local high school student is challenging that with a new app. The app is called Unite and it aims to do just that — unite the community and help people connect easier and to feel a sense of belonging. Whether it’s basketball or a book club, Unite aims to connect people nearby through […]

  • Lifesaving drug available for K-9s fighting the opioid epidemic

    The opioid epidemic is changing the way law enforcement is battling illegal drugs on our streets. Officers are now protecting themselves from accidental overdoses and that includes their K-9 partners.

  • Teachers could vote to strike this fall if state lawmakers fail to comply with McCleary decision

    EVERETT, Wash. —  As the Legislature gets close to the end of the second special session, teachers in some districts are already talking about possible strikes. Lawmakers had until this legislative session to come up with a plan to comply with the state Supreme Court’s decision in McCleary v. Washington that found the state was failing to adequately fund public education. The court is fining the state Legislature $100,000 for every day that public education is not fully funded. As of […]

  • Tacoma’s new approach in fighting homelessness

    TACOMA — The city of Tacoma is making a homeless encampment ground zero in its fight against homelessness. The encampment on Portland Avenue has been around for about a year ,according to businesses nearby. But in the past several weeks the city has brought in portable toilets, clean water and security guards as they reach out to every single homeless person. At last count, the city estimates there are about 500 homeless people in Tacoma. There are about 70 living […]

  • Police: Rubbernecking, rude drivers affecting their crash investigations

    TUKWILA, Wash. — Many of us are guilty of it. You see a crash and you can’t look away. “I think it’s innate that people want to see what’s happening,” driver Taylor Chaffee said Wednesday. That curiosity causing some dangerous situations for first responders. “One we had yesterday, some guy had his knee up on the steering wheel, driving his car (while) he was leaning out with his cellphone,” Tukwila police spokesperson Victor Masters said. That driver trying to take […]