Details on local fireworks shows & list of where they’re banned
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  • heat wave

    Finding ways to beat the heat across Western Washington

    AUBURN, Wash. — When you can’t escape the sweltering heat, you look for relief. “It feels really good,” Kristin McCord said said Friday as she took a dip at Five Mile Lake Park in Auburn. Meagan Both is relying on a window AC unit in her kitchen to make it through because it’s 95 degrees upstairs in the kid’s playroom. “It’s horrible,” Both said. But she has more to worry about than just the heat. Both says the Lakeland Hills […]

  • Q13 FOX photo

    Demonstration shows how hard it is to see a small child on the road

    REDMOND, Wash. — It’s a parent’s worst nightmare — a young child bolting into oncoming traffic. A 2-year old girl died Wednesday when she got away from her nanny and ran in front of a car at the Redmond Town Center. A 25-year-old Kenmore man was coming to a stop at the intersection of Northeast 74th Street and 164th Avenue Northeast when the toddler ran in front of his car. Redmond police say they don’t expect to charge the driver […]

  • fire

    How quickly can fireworks start fires in dry conditions? Watch…

    BELLEVUE — The Bellevue Fire Department on Wednesday intentionally set a fire to show how quickly a fire can take off in the current tinder dry conditions. Crews set brush next to a wooden structure and ignited a firework called “Purple Rain” near the brush. It took only seconds for the brush fire to spread to the wooden structure. “Less than 30 seconds,” Fire Lt. Richard Burke said. Next up, one sparkler. “We want people to understand how little it […]

  • This is a photo of the missing bulldog Whitney.

    Owner offering reward after thieves steal English bulldog puppies from Parkland home

    PARKLAND, Wash.  — A Parkland man is devastated after thieves broke into his home and stole two of his puppies. The owner recovered one of the puppies but the second one is still missing. On Tuesday, owner Douglas Gracia took the recovered puppy to Tahoma Veterinary Hospital in Spanaway to make sure it was micro-chipped. “We implant the microchip and it usually goes right between their shoulder blades,” technician Ashley Schrader said. Last week, someone stole Alexis and her sister […]

  • benito

    Father of 2 beaten to death in International District; victim’s mom asks witnesses to come forward

    SEATTLE — Investigators say it started with a fistfight in the International District. When police got there, they found a man who wasn’t breathing on the sidewalk. Benito Enriquez, 31, was pronounced dead at Harborview Medical Center. Now police need your help identifying the suspect caught on camera. The victim’s mother, Christina Enriquez, says she lived for her son. “He was definitely a teddy bear, a gentle giant, so compassionate and loved children,” Enriquez said. Benito had two daughters of […]

  • From Getty images

    Seattle erupts with pride after Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage

    SEATTLE — It’s a day many gay couples thought they’d never see in their lifetime. In a landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court  ruled that same-sex marriage is legal in every state.   In his majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote: “They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.” With the Supreme Court’s decision, you can expect Seattle’s pride celebration this weekend to be even bigger and louder. Tone Stowers and […]

  • SR-520-toll-sign

    Kirkland man shocked at $14,000 bill for crossing SR 520 toll bridge, plans to fight it

    SEATTLE — Rik Deskin showed up to court on Thursday to fight a hefty toll bill. In 2012, Deskin says he and his wife crossed the 520 bridge 179 times. “I don’t deny I owe $895 that I am willing to pay,” Deskin said. But he owes way more than that because a $895 toll fee ballooned to more than $14,000 through late fees and interest. “That’s ridiculous, I think it’s predatory,” Deskin said. Deskin thought all the crossings were […]

  • confederate flag

    Local retailers pulling Confederate flags off the shelves

    TACOMA — With the Fourth of July approaching, flag stores will be selling a lot of American flags. But local retailers say the demand for Confederate flags is up, too. “All flags have some type of meaning, what it means to one isn`t what it means to another,” Kourtney Bailey, co-owner of Flags A’ Flying, said. Right now, she said, many of her customers want the controversial Confederate flag since many retail outlets have stopped selling them after the racially […]

  • walmart mold

    Rampant mold uncovered inside refrigerators at Walmart in Tacoma

    TACOMA — A news tip led Q13 FOX investigators to moldy shelves at the Walmart store in Tacoma. An employee sounded the alarm weeks ago, but he says store management wouldn’t clean up the mold. On Tuesday shoppers reacted to what our undercover cameras captured inside. “It’s disgusting,” shopper Craig Richardson said. Filthy shelves and grime and even human hair in the refrigerators where customers grab milk, juice and eggs. “Oh my gosh that’s terrible,” shopper Mary Mastro said. But it’s […]

  • Nava Baker, 3, of Auburn, died from severe injuries. Her mother and her mother's boyfriend have been accused of beating her to death.

    Day care worker says she reported Auburn mom to CPS before 3-year-old was killed

    AUBURN — New details are emerging in a case involving an Auburn mom who is accused of beating her 3-year-old daughter to death. Q13 FOX News talked to a day care worker who suspected abuse before the toddler child was killed. Our investigation has turned up records that prove several people, including a day care worker, reported injuries on the girl to the state Child Protective Services before she died. The day care worker says she saw bruises on the […]