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  • Blood sample with mumps virus positive

    Mumps cases in King County jump to new high

    AUBURN, Wash. —  The number of mumps cases jumped again Wednesday from 36 confirmed and probable cases to 44. The rise in cases is alarming for parents like Kierstyn Fredericks, who has a 2-year-old son. “Their immune system is not strong,” Fredericks noted. More of a reason for Fredericks to be worried about the latest mumps outbreak spreading across King County. “It really worries me about him being around other kids. Just now in the WIC office, I wouldn’t let […]

  • Claire's backyard in between Shelton and Union. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!🎤

    If snow comes, driving on residential streets and hills could be dicey in Seattle

    SEATTLE — If a snowstorm occurs on Thursday, get ready for a slippery mess, especially on residential streets. Residential streets in Seattle are not treated before or after a snow event, so it could be dicey getting out of your neighborhood. As SDOT crews drove around on Tuesday, sensors on their trucks told them where the slick spots were. “We can identify that there is a potential for black ice and we can pre-treat,” SDOT’s Rodney Maxie said. A constant […]

  • procession

    Brother of fallen officer calls him a hero ‘We miss him dearly’

    Many saluted, others touched their hearts as a tribute to fallen officer Jake Gutierrez. The American flag flew high as a long procession transported the 45-year-old’s body from the medical examiner’s office to Tuell-McKee Funeral home.

  • Blood sample with mumps virus positive

    Mumps cases in King County could be spreading

    AUBURN, Wash. – The outbreak of the mumps virus in King County could be growing. On Wednesday afternoon, the Auburn school district added one more school to the list affected, bringing the total to 5 schools. The King County Health Department says there are nine confirmed or probable cases of the mumps. All of those cases are in Auburn, and all of those patients were vaccinated. “It’s very scary to know something like this is around,” parent Daniel Letoe said. Pioneer […]

  • sale-sign

    Seattle is the hottest housing market in the country

    SEATTLE – Seattle is the hottest housing market in the country according to new numbers released on Tuesday by the Case-Shiller Indices. Home prices across Snohomish, Pierce and King Counties are up and Seattle prices are rising twice as fast as the rest of the country. “It seems like Seattle’s great renaissance,” said Joe Paganelli, who recently moved to Seattle from L.A. But instead it’s sticker shock when it comes to home prices. “We thought we would come in here and […]

  • COMMERCE CITY, CO - NOVEMBER 27:  Stefan Frei #24 of Seattle Sounders celebrates a 1-0 victory over the Colorado Rapids to win the MLS Western Conference at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on November 27, 2016 in Commerce City, Colorado.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

    Businesses getting a boost from Seattle’s sports frenzy

    SEATTLE – From the Huskies to the Sounders, the sports frenzy is stirring excitement and boosting businesses. At the Husky Shop inside the University Book Store, the cash register is getting a workout. “It’s a proud moment – I get to gloat about how good my team is doing,” Josh Draper said. “We will celebrate another Husky victory,” Spencer Hayashi said. That pride is driving merchandise sales up by more than 20 percent. “Any money not needed to run the business […]

  • rainier-valley-shooting

    Several innocent bystanders hurt by gun violence in 2-week period in Seattle

    SEATTLE — Two shootings in Seattle in just a two-week period have left several innocent bystanders injured. Five people were injured when a man opened fire near a bus stop in downtown Seattle on Nov. 9. The suspect was later identified, but has yet to be arrested. In the latest incident, on Monday in South Seattle, police say a bullet grazed a man’s head. The victim, in his 30s, was in his car during the shooting. Police say people in […]

  • toy-fire

    Bellingham couple worried about other families after new toy truck bursts into flames

    BELLINGHAM, Wash. — The cause of a  pickup truck fire along I-5 that created a lot of commotion is surprising. A Bellingham couple say they had just spent more than $300 last Friday night to buy a popular toy for their grandson — and that toy caught fire, destroying their pickup truck. Roxsane Harden escaped just in time before the back of her pickup truck erupted into flames. “The back windows of the truck explode,” husband Delmond Harden said. The […]

  • arcan-cetin

    Police: Cascade Mall shooting suspect had interest in ISIS, may have planned theater attack

    BURLINGTON, Wash. —  On the day of the Cascade Mall shooting, Jacob Dodds did what he did every Friday — watch a movie. “In theater number 11,” Dodds said. As he walked out of the exit-only doors closest to Theatre Number 11 inside the mall’s Cineplex Odeon, he discovered something unusual. “The iPhone itself was propping it open, so a person could prop it open and walk in there,” Dodds said. Dodds, a former employee of the cinema, said the […]

  • tolls

    I-405 tolls generate millions more than expected; WSDOT promises congestion relief

    BELLEVUE, Wash. — The Interstate 405 toll lanes going from Bellevue to Everett are generating millions more than what the state predicted. The Washington State Department of Transportation thought the tolls would generate $5.5 million. But they’ve collected $17.5 million in a little over a year. When we asked drivers on Thursday how much they usually pay, driver Debby Bullard said she shelled out $10 on average one way from Everett to Kirkland in the mornings. But WSDOT says the […]