Child ejected from car on I-5 near Arlington

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  • Popular youth football coach shot to death in Ballard is the brother of Budda Baker

    SEATTLE — A man shot to death in Ballard over the weekend has been identified as 29-year-old Robert Baker, the older brother of Budda Baker, a well-known former UW football player. Seattle police detectives were back on the scene on Monday going in and out of businesses near where the victim was found shot. Detectives asked questions and also analyzed what appeared to be bullet holes that pierced a brewery. The victim was shot in the chest on 17th Avenue […]

  • As some protest new detention center, others say it’s unrealistic to get rid of all youth jails

    KING COUNTY — They’ve blocked streets, derailed planned government speeches and on Friday protesters locked themselves around steel beams to get their message across. “It’s time to move past the jail system more to restorative system to see the humanity in people,” the Rev. Neal Sharpe said. Protesters are passionately opposed to the construction of a new youth detention center in King County. The center will cost $230 million and expected to open in 2020. Opponents say the funds should be used […]

  • King County bans chewing tobacco for Mariners players and fans at Safeco Field

    SEATTLE — Droves of Mariners fans converged on Safeco Field on Thursday, drawn to everything they love about baseball. For some, that love also comes with an ingrained habit. “I would say 50% of the guys who go to a Mariners games over 18 probably have a chew in their back pocket,” Mariners fan Trey Siegel said. And when it comes to MLB players, chewing tobacco is synonymous to baseball. “It’s part of the culture,” Siegel said. That little bit […]

  • Babysitter who used charged with sexually molesting 9-year-old boy

    SEATTLE — A University of Washington student is charged with sexual molestation of a 9-year-old boy. Police say there could be more victims. The accused predator used to find families to work for as a babysitter. The accused child molester is identified as 24-year-old Colin Cutler. The boy told his parents that Cutler told him to keep “cuddle time” a “secret.” Dr. Elizabeth Meade with Swedish Medical Center says anyone who tells a child to keep a secret should […]

  • Sound Transit seeks public input on where to put new light rail from Federal Way to Tacoma

    FIFE, Wash. — Often, a haircut can be a therapy session. At The Barber Lounge in Fife, barbers and clients on Tuesday were bonding over the misery of traffic. “It’s insane,” customer Trevor McQueen said. “There’s been traffic on I-5 for 10 years straight,” barber Albert Carrillo said. Despite the growing gridlock, some in Pierce County still don’t know how they feel about the light rail expansion coming their way. Carrillo and McQueen are both on the fence in wondering if the […]

  • Motorcyclist says he will sue after King County detective gets just 5-day suspension for pulling gun on him

    SEATTLE — The video of  King County Sheriff’s Detective Rich Rowe drawing a gun on a motorcyclist for speeding last year got the officer in trouble. An internal investigation was launched with recommendations of punishment for Rowe. Ultimately, King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht had the final say — and on Monday she announced her decision. “I acknowledge that the behavior, the swearing and yelling was excessive and inappropriate — that won’t happen in the future,” Johanknecht said. Investigators recommended a […]

  • Judge disagrees with 30-day sentence recommendation for teen who killed classmate in fight

    EVERETT, Wash. — Anger, tears and disbelief  played out in a Snohomish County courtroom Friday as family members of a teenager killed during a fight expressed their pain. Robbie Myrick Jr. died after a fight over a girl. The teenager charged in Robbie’s murder was sentenced on Friday. For Robbie’s dad, every minute is an emotional struggle. “To watch my son slowly die, it’s killed me, I go to bed crying, hoping I don’t wake up just so I can […]

  • Teachers hoping for significant pay hikes after historic funding increase

    EVERETT, Wash. — Teacher salaries are about to get a complete overhaul in Washington state. In 2012, the state Supreme Court ruled that Washington was failing to fully fund public education. That led the Legislature in 2017 to approve $2 billion in additional funding over two years for K-12. It’s a historic change and one that will affect the way educators are paid. Unions are bargaining teacher salaries with district administrators to determine the exact pay increases. But the goal […]

  • Renton woman suffering from chronic depression hails her new medical treatment as a success

    SEATTLE —  It’s the No. 1 cause for disability, according to the World Health Organization. About 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression and Judie Main of Renton is one of them. Judie says life feels like a fog. “With my depression it got so bad like I said I slept most of December,” Main said. No motivation, no happiness and no laughter. “I have had suicidal thoughts, I thought about that every morning I can get out of my truck […]

  • Green Lake residents surprised by ‘coordinated’ effort as homeless village pops up

    SEATTLE — A small homeless village smack dab in the middle of a Seattle neighborhood has homeowners upset. About 13 tents are sharing two blocks in Green Lake at the corner of NE 5th Street and 58th Avenue NE. It’s just one of 400 unsanctioned homeless encampments in Seattle but it stands out because of how close the tents are to homes. Homeowners say they never thought tents would pop up just 20 feet from their homes. “We’ve seen a lot of […]