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  • Crews get ready to deal with possible power outages as storm heads into area

    SEATTLE — With more than an inch of rain expected this weekend in some spots, it’s always a good idea to check out storm drains. But more importantly, get ready for possible power outages on Saturday from strong winds. It’s the calm before the storm. Friday’s gentle breeze is forecasted to escalate into high winds by late Saturday morning. “I didn’t know there was a going to be a windstorm,” West Seattle resident Lisa Triesch said. But Seattle City Light […]

  • Police looking for owner of dog that bit 6-year-old boy on face, arm

    EDMONDS — Police are searching for the owner of a dog that bit a 6-year-old boy on the face at a public beach. After the terrifying bites, detectives say, the owner ran off with his pit bull before help could even arrive. The attack happened on Aug. 19 at Brackett’s Landing, a popular beach park for families in Edmonds. “We like to see the trains, the ferry; sand is soft,” Edmonds resident Heather Jacobo said. Detectives say the dog was […]

  • mariner HS

    High school bans students from wearing non-Seattle sports apparel because of gang issues

    EVERETT, Wash. — Mariner High School administrators have banned jerseys and sports apparel not related to a Seattle team. “I think it’s very ridiculous,” former student Marc Escalera. The new policy has nothing to do with sports but everything to do with gangs. “I see a lot of reds, the bloods, are whatever,” student Jenny Rosales said. But Rosales added that she feels there is no danger because students who say they are in a gang are joking around. The […]

  • State wants to hire more 911 dispatchers: Operator shortage causes longer waits on calls for help

    MARYSVILLE, Wash. — They are the first voices you hear when you call for help, but these days not enough 911 operators are on the job. The state is now struggling to recruit more 911 dispatchers who deal with emergency services for citizens in need. A shortage means longer waits when someone calls 911, with dispatchers taking calls in order of urgency. “They are exhausted, absolutely exhausted,” WSP Communication Center Manager Andrea Marlow said of the current 911 dispatchers. The […]

  • pot

    New numbers reveal marijuana increasing as a factor in deadly crashes in Washington

    SEATTLE — It’s an alarming trend — more people involved in deadly crashes are testing positive for marijuana. “We have seen marijuana involvement in fatal crashes remain steady over the years, and then it just spiked in 2014,” said Dr. Staci Hoff, director of the Washington Transportation Safety Commission’s Data and Research department. “It’s unfortunate that marijuana is playing a bigger role in deadly crashes in Washington,” said Wilma Comenat of MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving. That’s why the […]

  • chelan

    Firefighters from all over area putting their lives on the line as wildfires rage

    DUVALL, Wash. — Firefighters in Western Washington are vowing not to let up until the danger from the devastating wildfires is over. “I drove all night, stayed the night in the parking lot here, and I am ready to go,” volunteer firefighter Wyatt Keiken said. The South Bend firefighter spent the night in the parking lot after driving seven hours to battle the Twisp fires that claimed the lives of three Washington firefighters. “I saw they were short-handed; I had […]

  • Severely burned firefighter from Puyallup was in first season with U.S. Forest Service

    SEATTLE — The injured firefighter in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center is a 25-year-old who grew up in Puyallup and was working his first season as a firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service, his parents said Thursday. “He’s been a great, great, wonderful child,” Levi Lyon, the father of injured firefighter Daniel Lyon, said at a news conference at Harborview. Daniel’s mother, Barbara Lyon, said her son would call her every day and tell her not to worry about […]

  • motel

    Motel clerk credited for saving dozens of lives from massive Motel 6 explosion

    BREMERTON, Wash. — Police release new surveillance video of the huge gas explosion at a Bremerton motel that shows rooms turning into rubble in seconds. The blast took off a huge section of the motel. A gas company worker injured in the blast was still in critical condition on Wednesday. Two firefighter received minor injuries. But investigators are focusing on what happened before the blast. Bremerton police are looking for a woman involved in a domestic violence incident at the […]

  • valley cities

    Some in Des Moines upset over plan to build recovery center near elementary school

    DES MOINES, Wash. — Some residents are speaking out against a plan to build a recovery center for treating drug addicts and the mentally ill near an elementary school in Des Moines. Although the recovery center is already approved by the city of Des Moines, opponents say the fight is not over. “Everyone is raising holy hell now,” resident John Castronover said. Emotions are high over fears of what is to come. A methadone clinic could open later on the […]

  • WSDOT says it will stop collections proceedings for drivers who agree to pay 520 Bridge toll bills

    SEATTLE — The Washington State Department of Transportation agreed to forgive more than $3 million in penalty fees to drivers who offered to pay their late SR 520 Bridge tolls. But drivers whose cases were already in collections cannot take advantage of that deal. That could change very soon. WSDOT says they handed over nearly $2 million worth of unpaid tolls and penalties to collections — but now the department is taking another look at all of those cases, hoping […]