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  • Supporters of an income tax in Seattle say the measure has ‘huge momentum’

    SEATTLE — Washington is one of nine states in the country that do not have an income tax, but if some Seattle leaders get their way, the city could be the first to defy the state constitution. Seattle City Council member Lisa Herbold is hoping to pass an income tax on Seattle residents by this summer. She is expected to submit an income tax proposal by May 31 and hopes to have a vote on the measure by July 10. […]

  • State lawmakers’ failure to meet deadline costs taxpayers more than $1.5 million since 2012

    SEATTLE — State lawmakers have failed once again to meet their regular legislative deadline, forcing a special session. In fact, since 2012 it has cost more than $1.5 million for these special sessions. But the stakes are higher than ever because the Washington Supreme Court gave the Legislature until this year to comply with the court’s Mcleary decision. The court ruled the state was failing to fully fund public education and that local school districts were left to fend for themselves, […]

  • 2017 legislative session set to end with no deal on education yet again

    OLYMPIA, Wash. — The 2017’s legislative session will end with no decision on education. After years of debate on the issue, some say the tension between Democrats and Republicans is only getting worse. “I am doing everything I can humanely imagine to do short of water boarding to get these folks to negotiate but the Republicans have refused,” Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee said. “The only reason why we are going into a special session, I think, is because the Democrats […]

  • Police arrest teenage suspect in Seattle bus stop shooting that wounded 5

    SEATTLE — Seconds after the terrifying shooting, police officers running to the scene had no idea the suspect was inches away and running off. What was clear was the chaos. Witnesses heard two men speaking loudly right before a hail of bullets wounded five people near the bus stop on 3rd and Pine. Police say when Alrick Hollingsworth opened fire as dozens of people desperately tried to find cover, including children. “Fourteen witnesses and five people wounded,” Capt. Steven Paulsen […]

  • Many state lawmakers want to lower car tabs, but no agreement yet on how to do it

    OLYMPIA, Wash. — The countdown is on to lower high car tabs. Lawmakers have been working a lot on the issue after backlash from people angry over dramatic increases to their car tab bills. The car tab fees went up for drivers in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties after passage of ST3 — the ballot measure voters approved last November to expand light rail in the Puget Sound region. Inside the walls of the Capitol building, the buzz words are […]

  • Elder abuse cases at ‘epidemic’ levels in state; bill aims to fight problem

    SEATTLE — Weeks after Mariana Cooper lost her daughter to cancer, a woman who befriended Cooper started exploiting her grief. “She convinced my grandmother to get a reverse mortgage on her house,” Amy Lecoq said. From there, the financial predator convinced the 87-year-old widow to loan her money. “This is a crime based on a relationship so, in a lot of ways, there are grooming behaviors that go into it,” Lecoq said. Cooper’s granddaughter wishes now she had spotted the […]

  • City of Everett could vote this spring whether to require bikini baristas to cover up

    EVERETT, Wash. — When we pulled up to Hillbilly Hotties bikini barista stand, the woman making the coffee was mostly naked — just some pasties and a thong. “When I first did it, it was kind of weird … I said, I don’t know how I feel about it,” Kat said. Now six years later, the woman known as Kat says she enjoys the industry. “Ninety percent of the people who come through don’t talk to you as if you […]

  • Local researchers say NIH funding cuts would ‘devastate’ battle against cancer

    SEATTLE — About 600,000 people die every year from cancer. In fact, it’s the leading cause of death in Washington state. Seattle is emerging as an epicenter for a cancer cure but that could be in jeopardy with the Trump administration’s proposal to slash funding for the National Institutes of Health by 20%. When cancer gripped Trisha Ready, “I didn`t know I was sick,” Ready said. Not only did she have breast cancer, it was stage 4, the most advanced. […]

  • Developers eye Tacoma’s Hilltop area, as housing market skyrockets in Pierce County

    TACOMA, Wash. — Pierce County is leading the nation when it comes to rising rent. It’s all fueled by the hot housing market. Realtors say there are 50% less homes for sale on the market compared to two years ago. That means people are staying in rentals longer and rising home prices also mean renters are paying more. Major developers are also investing in areas of Pierce County you may least expect. For example, the heart of the Hilltop neighborhood […]

  • City begins sweep of the homeless from another encampment in Seattle

    SEATTLE — The loud traffic under the West Seattle Bridge drowned out the noise of desperation. On Tuesday, the city of Seattle started sweeping the area along South Spokane Street and Marginal Way, telling more than 40 homeless people they can no longer camp out there. The sweep follows a recent RV fire under the bridge. The city says the encampment is not safe for the public and Tuesday’s sweep is one of many the city has conducted. Cindy Pierce […]