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  • Landslide damages Edmonds home, forces evacuations

    EDMONDS, Wash. — A landslide from a near-vertical cliff came down in Edmonds early Thursday morning, damaging one home and forcing the evacuation of dozens of neighbors. The evacuation was lifted after more than four hours and most people were allowed to go back home. The once-steep slope gave way near 73rd Place West and North Meadowdale Road. An avalanche of trees and mud slammed into an elderly couple’s home in the Lorian Woods neighborhood of Edmonds. The couple wasn’t […]

  • Judge rules in favor of safe injection sites; blocks I-27 from getting on the ballot

    SEATTLE — A King County judge on Monday ruled an initiative calling for the banning of safe injection sites would not be allowed on the ballot in February. The ruling is a win for Seattle and King County leaders who have been fighting to create two safe injection sites. Opponents of safe injection sites gathered tens of thousands of signatures qualifying I-27 to get on the February ballot. But supporters of safe injection sites then petitioned the court to block […]

  • Police: Homeless woman repeatedly stabs West Seattle mom walking infant in stroller

    SEATTLE — Police say a homeless woman randomly stabbed a mother walking her infant son in a stroller in West Seattle. The attack happened during the day Monday along 41st Avenue SW. During the terrifying attack, the mom pushed the stroller away from her in an attempt to save her infant. Court documents say that Kierra Ward came up from behind and began slashing and stabbing at the victim with a large butcher knife. The victim suffered cuts to her […]

  • Cops: Woman uses butcher knife in random attack on West Seattle mother, baby

    SEATTLE — A West Seattle woman is recovering after she was randomly attacked with a large butcher knife while pushing her baby in a stroller Monday, Seattle police say. Kierra Monet Ward, 26, is being held in King County Jail on charges of first and second degree assault, court records show. The King County Prosecutor’s Office requested her bail be set at $400,000 because of the “extreme danger” she poses to community. According to charging documents: The victim was walking […]

  • Judge seals a 15-year-old case of man who killed his sister as a teen in Mount Vernon

    MOUNT VERNON, Wash. — It was a murder so atrocious that Mount Vernon residents still remember it 15 years later. Steven Anthony Rickards admitted to killing his younger sister, Samantha, in November 2001. Now that convicted murderer is fighting for a clean slate, asking a judge to not only seal his case but to vacate it. “He was barely 14 and he had a psychotic break,” Diane Fox said, the other of Rickards. The 13-year-old boy called 911 saying he […]

  • 14-year-old bicyclist critically injured after being dragged by semi, but expected to recover

    SHORELINE, Wash. —  A 14-year old bicyclist was in critical condition at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center Wednesday afternoon after colliding with a semi truck in Shoreline. On Wednesday night, Shoreline Public Schools said, “We have been in communication with his family and they have shared that he is expected to recover from his injuries.” The boy was on his way to Shorewood High School Wednesday morning when the accident happened. Emotions grip you the moment you see the mangled bicycle […]

  • Local Green Beret killed in Africa remembered as great father, husband

    PUYALLUP, Wash. — Army Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, 35, of Puyallup, was one of the four Green Berets killed in an ambush in the African nation of Niger this week. On Friday, his sister-in-law tearfully recalled him as a great father and husband. The profound pain of Black’s death could be felt in the Stonegate neighborhood of Puyallup. “Somebody in our neighborhood, to be affected like that,” one neighbor said Friday. From the neighbors who talked, it’s evident, the Black family […]

  • Supporters of marijuana home grows say it should be as natural as brewing beer

    SEATTLE — They are trading green for green and reaching new heights when it comes to pot sales in Washington. By 2020, the state could see $2.4 billion in marijuana sales annually. But depending on what happens in the Legislature, you may no longer have to go to retail shops for pot. The state is studying the possibility of allowing recreational pot sales at home. Sales are up across Washington with Seattle stores at number one followed by Tacoma. But […]

  • Rocky first two months for fast ferry as passengers deal with cancellations

    SEATTLE – The fast ferry from Bremerton to Seattle is back in business Friday after a malfunction. The ferry stopped operations Thursday afternoon after safety system was triggered. It’s not the first time Kitsap Transit’s fast ferry has had to cancel routes in the past two months. Monday to Friday, Brittinny Bliss stands in line for the fast ferry. “It really makes you appreciate the quick commute to Seattle that it gives you,” Bliss said. Her commute home to Bremerton […]

  • Why does the fast-ferry between Bremerton-Seattle keep breaking down?

    SEATTLE — Since the fast-ferry service launched in July, the boat taking riders from Bremerton to Seattle had had numerous cancellations and breakdowns. So what’s going on? “I heard it breaks down a lot so I had to call Kitsap Transit just to make sure it’s running today,” passenger Brittiny Bliss said Friday, who added that when it is running, her commute home is cut in half. For the past two months since the July launch, Kitsap Transit had had […]