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I’ve worked my entire TV career in Seattle area. Before joining Q13 full-time as a Political Analyst, I spent nine years as the Public Affairs Host for the Seattle Channel. Prior to that, I hosted a show on PBS-affiliate KBTC/TV. I’ve been honored to have won four Emmy Awards (NW Region).

Recent Articles
  • spd1

    Seattle Police Dept. misses key federal reform deadline

    SEATTLE — There’s been a big setback for reform at the Seattle Police Department and the effort to root out the use of excessive force. The SPD now admits it won’t meet a key deadline set by the U.S. Department of Justice.  The mayor and police chief say they need at least nine more months to overhaul the department’s computer system, something that should have been started earlier this year. The new system will closely monitor officer behavior, and has […]

  • Two competing preschool plans head to ballot

    Pre-K education plans for Seattle fight it out in court

    SEATTLE — A bitter fight is being waged in Seattle over how to create a new system of pre-kindergarten  education for disadvantaged kids. Both sides agree that early learning is a key to later success, but they disagree on strategy.  And supporters of a union-backed measure are fighting the City Council for putting another plan on the ballot that forces voters to choose between the two. Here’s a quick review of the two proposals: City Council Pre-K Plan 4-year levy; […]

  • bike lane

    Seattle’s new transportation chief will focus on alternatives to cars

    SEATTLE — Seattle’s new Department of Transportation director has been on the job for just a few weeks, and he’s already making news for focusing on alternatives to driving. “We have a growing city and a finite amount of right-of-way,” said SDOT Director-nominee Scott Kubly.  “We actually need to get more folks carpooling, more folks taking transit, more folks biking and walking.” Kubly said that’s the mandate he has been given by Mayor Ed Murray, who chose him, in part, […]

  • Two competing preschool plans head to ballot

    Failing schools? Letters going out to parents in Washington state this week

    SEATTLE — In just a few weeks classes will begin for school kids across Washington state.  And for the first time, most parents will receive letters informing them that their schools are failing. The assessment letters are a key requirement of the federal No Child Left Behind law.  But many teachers and administrators resent the ‘failing’ label and are fighting back. On Wednesday, 28 school district superintendents across the Puget Sound region stood firm to argue that their schools are […]

  • Veterans Wait and Die on Hospital’s Secret List

    House approves $16 billion bill to overhaul VA

    (CNN) — The House on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a $16 billion bill to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is a bipartisan response to the scandal over delayed care at medical facilities and allegations of alarming management shortcomings at the sprawling federal agency that serves millions of veterans. The Senate is expected to vote on the plan as early as Thursday. The legislation would provide money for new medical facilities, more doctors and nurses, and a new program that […]

  • Sen. Murray defends VA Secretary Shinseki … for now

    SEATTLE —  Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., continues to have harsh words for the VA. “I am completely frustrated,” she said during an interview in Seattle Tuesday.  “This is something I’ve been yelling about, demanding accountability, asking for the right answers.” Murray wants to get to the bottom of the recent problems with VA facilities, where some veterans have died waiting weeks and months for treatment.  Murray pushed to add $5 million for the VA Inspector General to do a full […]

  • I-405 express toll lanes? Yep, find out when they’re coming

    OLYMPIA — Get ready for big changes to Interstate 405.  Next year, the state will open express toll lanes to the corridor, where carpools will require three people in a vehicle, not just two. It’s a big difference from what drivers are used to, and it will come at a price. “It’s going to affect quite a few carpools,” said Kim Henry, the Washington State Department of Transportation 405 project director.  “But at the same time, though, we are going […]

  • Murray on State of the City: Fighting income inequality is my top priority

    SEATTLE — Seattle Mayor Ed Murray gave his first State of the City Address on Tuesday.  He’s been on the job for just six weeks, but he’s already set an ambitious agenda, including police reform and transportation upgrades and new funding for parks. At the outset, the new mayor made it clear that combating income inequality will be his biggest priority. “As Americans and as residents of Seattle we face the largest income disparity in our history,” Murray said.  “What […]

  • Super Bowl victory could mean millions for region

    SEATTLE — The spectacular Seahawks season has not only energized sports fans in the region, but it has also given a big boost to the local economy.  Leaders expect millions of dollars in economic activity when it’s all added up, and that may just be the beginning. “This is a game changer for the city,” said Tom Norwalk of Visit Seattle. Winning the Super Bowl for the very first time means that millions and millions of people in the U.S. […]