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I’ve worked my entire TV career in Seattle area. Before joining Q13 full-time as a Political Analyst, I spent nine years as the Public Affairs Host for the Seattle Channel. Prior to that, I hosted a show on PBS-affiliate KBTC/TV. I’ve been honored to have won four Emmy Awards (NW Region).

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  • preschool

    ‘Tracking the Truth’:  Seattle Pre-K Initiatives

    SEATTLE — There is a huge election battle in Seattle over helping kids before they get to kindergarten.  Proposition 1A and 1B are competing against each other in an attempt to win voters who want to bolster early learning and pre-school. Much of the fight between Prop. 1A and 1B is over just how many children would be helped by each measure. Prop. 1A Ad Here’s an excerpt from the most recent TV ad from supporters of Prop. 1A, which […]

  • guns3

    ‘Tracking the Truth’:  TV ads for and against Initiative 594

    SEATTLE — The gloves are off over Initiative 594.  This is the measure that would require background checks on all gun sales in Washington.  Millions are being spent to sway voters.  And many claims are being made in the advertisements. Yes on I-594 Here’s an excerpt from the latest ad supporting I-594: “In states that have closed this loophole, dramatically fewer women are killed at the hands of their abusive partners,” said Kelly B., a retired police officer.  “594 will […]

  • snohomiosh split scrren

    A look at the Snohomish County Executive race:  Lovick vs. Eslick

    EVERETT — Voters in Snohomish County have a major choice on their hands, with incumbent County Executive John Lovick is being challenged by Republican Carolyn Eslick. It’s the only county executive race on the ballot this year in our region and therefore is getting a fair amount of attention. Lovick was appointed to the executive’s position last year.  This race is to fill out the final year on that term. John Lovick Stats: Democrat County Executive since 2013 Two terms […]

  • Mayor Murray on buses, kids and cops

    SEATTLE — Mayor Ed Murray is in the middle of several election battles this season.  The most notable is his push for a big tax increase, $40 million per year, to save and even expand Metro bus service throughout the city. C.R. Douglas sat down with the mayor Wednesday afternoon to discuss a number of topics, including why the bus system needs more tax dollars, especially after King County Metro recently found money in its budget to avoid many of […]

  • Flipped classrooms a new wave in teaching

    ‘Tracking the Truth’:  TV ads for Initiative 1351, to reduce class sizes in public schools

    SEATTLE — Voters in Washington are being asked on the Nov. 4 ballots whether to reduce class sizes throughout the state’s public schools. Initiative 1351 mandates not more than 17 kids per class in kindergarten through third grade, and not more than 25 in upper years. I-1351 doesn’t come with money attached; instead, it directs the Legislature to find the funds.  The state’s teacher’s union is spending millions on the effort, including commercials that are blanketing the airwaves. In the most recent TV […]

  • preschool

    ON THE BALLOT: Seattle pre-K initiatives fighting for votes

    SEATTLE — Voters in Seattle face a big choice in the next couple of weeks, deciding between two competing initiatives to bolster preschool and early learning. There were strong words Thursday from leaders of each effort, including Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who argued that his measure represents the most important thing he can do in office. “No other prop proposal on this ballot deals with the way to pay our way towards creating that city of equality that we want,” […]

  • KCPQ photo

    Investigation: Did school leaders erase students’ wrong answers, fill in correct ones?

    SEATTLE — Officials at Seattle Public Schools are investigating test scores at Beacon Hill International Elementary after a huge spike in the number of students passing the state assessments this year compared with last year. At issue is why so many wrong answers to multiple choice questions were erased and the right answers filled in.  This dramatically improved results and led to 100% of the student meeting standards, better than most schools throughout Washington. The State Superintendent’s Office finds the […]

  • preschool

    ‘Tracking the Truth’ of TV Ads:  Seattle Pre-K Initiatives

    SEATTLE — On the Seattle ballots this fall, there are two competing initiatives to bolster preschool and early learning. Supporters of each are fighting it out over the airwaves about what is the best approach.  Voters will have to choose one or the other in November. Proposition 1A Prop. 1A calls for child care subsidies for families, creates a training institute for workers, and sets an immediate $15 minimum wage for the industry. The main TV ad features a preschool […]

  • spd1

    Seattle police officers challenge new use-of-force policies in court

    SEATTLE — There was a courtroom battle Thursday between Seattle cops and their own police department over new use-of-force polices. Lawyers for more than 100 cops argued in front of a judge that their lives are in jeopardy because the policies restrict what they can do out on the street.   They claim the interests of suspects are being put above that of officers and the public. “It restricts their ability to defend themselves,” said attorney Athan Tramountanas, after the hearing.  […]