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I’ve worked my entire TV career in Seattle area. Before joining Q13 full-time as a Political Analyst, I spent nine years as the Public Affairs Host for the Seattle Channel. Prior to that, I hosted a show on PBS-affiliate KBTC/TV. I’ve been honored to have won four Emmy Awards (NW Region).

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  • preschool

    The roadmap for Seattle’s preschool plan

    SEATTLE — Seattle’s first publicly subsidized preschools will open next fall.  Voters approved the historic program earlier this month by a wide margin. On Wednesday, Mayor Ed Murray savored the victory and laid out just how the program is going to work.  The ambitious goal is the end the achievement gap between white and minority students. “Quality preschool is going to make a very real difference for the kids who are here at this Boy’s and Girl’s Club,” said Murray, […]

  • newborn-baby-boy-sleeping

    Seattle to offer city employees paid parental leave

    SEATTLE — Working for the city of Seattle is about to get sweeter. Starting next year, employees expecting children will be eligible for paid parental leave. Longtime City Councilwoman Jean Godden argues it’s a crucial step toward making Seattle more family-friendly.  “If you have a baby, you’re expected back at work the next day,” said Godden.  “The only way that you can stay home is if you take unpaid leave.” Godden decided to take on this issue after hearing from […]

  • Flipped classrooms a new wave in teaching

    Seattle Public Schools considers later start times for students

    SEATTLE — Later start times for students in Seattle Public Schools is a big step closer to reality. After pressure from parents, the district will finally consider the issue.  Thursday night will be the first meeting of a task force of parents, teachers, administrators and sleep experts to make recommendations to the School Board. Parents and others who have been pushing this argue that science is on their side.  They point to research that demonstrates that later start times improve […]

  • murray

    Mayor Murray announces new rules for SPD oversight

    SEATTLE — A major step for police reform in Seattle was announced Wednesday. Mayor Ed Murray outlined new rules to strengthen oversight of officer misconduct, with assurances that they will be effectively investigated.  He said the current system was “mired in a fog of byzantine procedures.” The changes are a key requirement of the city’s consent decree with the Department of Justice.  The feds are demanding the SPD to change its ways after finding a pattern of excessive force by […]

  • Now comes the hard part on I-1351: How is state going to pay to reduce class sizes, hire more teachers?

    SEATTLE — Supporters of Washington state Initiative 1351 to lower class sizes are now declaring victory after more votes were counted in King County. Despite the win, however, there are new questions about whether the measure will even be implemented.  Some lawmakers doubt that there’s enough money to do the job. “We’re not going to be able to do it without having the revenue to do it,” said Rep. Ross Hunter, D-Medina, chairman of the state House Budget Committee. Legislators are […]

  • Funding proposals for Metro Transit and Pre-K win big in Seattle

  • I-594 opponents plan to file lawsuit to stop background check measure (VIDEO)

  • Rep. Suzan Delbene talks about the President’s visit

    Democratic Rep. Suzan Delbene leading Republican rival 55-45% in early returns

    SEATTLE — In Washington, there is no U.S. Senate race, but there’s at least one competitive U.S. House contest in Western Washington that we’ll be watching as returns come in. In the 1st Congressional District, that stretches all the way from Redmond to the Canadian border, Democratic incumbent Suzan DelBene is vying for re-election.  This comes in a year when the leader of her party, President Obama, is extremely unpopular. DelBene spent the morning waving signs at an intersection in […]

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    Latest election poll: Which statewide measures appear to have strongest support?

    SEATTLE — With voters already sending in ballots for Tuesday’s general election, Washingtonians are starting to pay a lot more attention to the major issues before them. Three big statewide initiatives are generating millions of dollars in campaign spending to try to sway votes.  And new poll numbers show just how effective those efforts have been. The survey, conducted by KCTS-9/Washington Poll, has for several years proved quite accurate predicting elections. Initiative 594:  Gun Background Checks Initiative 594 would expand […]

  • preschool

    ‘Tracking the Truth':  Seattle Pre-K Initiatives

    SEATTLE — There is a huge election battle in Seattle over helping kids before they get to kindergarten.  Proposition 1A and 1B are competing against each other in an attempt to win voters who want to bolster early learning and pre-school. Much of the fight between Prop. 1A and 1B is over just how many children would be helped by each measure. Prop. 1A Ad Here’s an excerpt from the most recent TV ad from supporters of Prop. 1A, which […]