I’ve worked my entire TV career in Seattle area. Before joining Q13 full-time as a Political Analyst, I spent nine years as the Public Affairs Host for the Seattle Channel. Prior to that, I hosted a show on PBS-affiliate KBTC/TV. I’ve been honored to have won four Emmy Awards (NW Region).

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  • jungle6

    Mayor admits cleaning up homeless ‘Jungle’ will take time

    SEATTLE — Despite aggressive attempts to clean up the dangerous ‘Jungle’ encampment under I-5, at least 100 homeless people remain and are refusing to leave. On Wednesday, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray admitted that it’s going to take longer and require more money to finish the job, leaving open the possibility that many will continue to call it home. “It is going to take time, and it will take more than the resources of the City of Seattle to do it,” […]

  • bertha

    Bertha tunneling update: One-third complete, ready to dig under downtown buildlings

    SEATTLE — The Bertha boring machine has reached a big milestone.  It has successfully made it under the Alaskan Way Viaduct without a hitch, and will soon start digging under downtown buildings. Given all the problems that have beset Bertha, there’s a big sigh of relief that no sinkholes or other problems emerged. “We’ve completed the 4 percent downgrade from the south portal,” said Chris Dixon, who works for the contractor, Seattle Tunnel Partners.  “Now we’re climbing at 1.6 percent […]

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    Oil train protesters disrupt Obama speech: ‘I gotcha, I heard ya,’ prez replies

    SEATTLE (AP) —Protesters objecting to crude oil shipments on Northwest railways briefly interrupted President Barack Obama’s remarks in Seattle Friday night. Speaking at a fundraiser Friday evening for Gov. Jay Inslee, the president paused when hecklers shouted, urging him to use his authority to stop the oil trains. The president responded, saying he heard them: “I gotcha. I heard ya. You made your point, but can I go on now?” He then added, “I’ve still got six months. Give me […]

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    In Seattle, Obama previews campaign stump speech: No time for ‘charlatans’

    SEATTLE — Delayed from hitting the presidential campaign trail, President Barack Obama previewed his 2016 stump speech Friday for an incumbent governor instead, using a fundraiser here to hit Republicans for dividing the country and lambasting “charlatans” who seek personal gain from exploiting fears. Declaring GOP rhetoric a detriment to progress, Obama even borrowed Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan of “stronger together” to argue for unity in the country. Without specifically naming Donald Trump, Obama said, “We don’t have time for […]

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    Will Britain’s decision to leave the European Union affect Washington state business?

    SEATTLE — Thursday’s historic vote in Britain to leave the European Union has many in our region worried about the potential downside it could have locally. Consider the Washington companies that have a sizable presence in the UK, including Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft, Costco and Starbucks.  And, of course, all these companies do a big business in mainland Europe.  So, if Britain’s economy tanks and other EU countries slump, the effects could be felt here. For those who woke up and […]

  • Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    Voters trust Trump over Clinton on economy, new poll shows

    When it comes to the economy, Donald Trump is the preferred choice of American voters. Voters overwhelmingly think Democrat Hillary Clinton will be the next president (whether they want that or not), but when they are asked specifically who would be the better candidate to “handle the economy,” 51% say Trump and only 43% say Clinton, according to the latest CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday morning. Clinton is fighting back to change that impression. In a fiery speech Tuesday, she lashed […]

  • Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Seattle workers demand ‘predictable schedules’

    SEATTLE — Employees in Seattle are pushing hard for better work conditions. They argue that companies abuse them with unpredictable hours and changing schedules. This effort follows the city’s pro-worker policies in recent years, including a $15 minimum wage and paid sick leave. Some workers, who showed up Tuesday at City Hall, complain that they aren’t given schedules in advance and that their hours can fluctuate wildly from one week to another.  Those conditions make it hard for them to […]

  • 160606062028-bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-composite-exlarge-tease

    Clinton and Sanders begin the process of unification

    SEATTLE — With the last presidential contest yesterday in Washington, D.C., the Democratic presidential primaries now over, and all signs are that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are ready to put aside their differences and come together. The two met Tuesday night and talked about what Sanders wants in order for him to fully endorse Clinton in the general election against Donald Trump. Sanders wants firm commitments on issues such as the minimum wage and college tuition costs before offering his […]

  • The famous Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles have been made in frigid Moscow since their inception 69 years ago. Soon, they'll be made in sunny Florida, too.

    Gun control debate heats up after Orlando rampage

    SEATTLE — A renewed call came Tuesday from President Obama for stricter gun laws in the aftermath of the Orlando rampage over the weekend. As he has after other tragedies, the president is urging Congress to act. “Enough talking about being tough on terrorism,” Obama said  after meeting with his national security team.  “Reinstate the assault weapons ban, making it harder for terrorists to use these weapons to kill us.” An assault weapons ban existed from 1994 until it expired […]

  • 160216063500-hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders-composite-exlarge-tease

    A tall order: Sanders’ only hope is to convince nearly 400 Clinton ‘superdelegates’ to switch to him

    SEATTLE — Bernie Sanders shows no signs of dropping out of the Democratic presidential race – even after rival Hillary Clinton declared victory with enough pledged and superdelegates to secure the nomination. “We will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate we can get,” he said to cheering supporters in Santa Monica, Calif., Tuesday night. Sanders’ only hope now is to have superdelegates — elected officials and party leaders — to switch in huge numbers from supporting Clinton […]