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I’ve worked my entire TV career in Seattle area. Before joining Q13 full-time as a Political Analyst, I spent nine years as the Public Affairs Host for the Seattle Channel. Prior to that, I hosted a show on PBS-affiliate KBTC/TV. I’ve been honored to have won four Emmy Awards (NW Region).

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  • apodments4

    Micro-housing debate in Seattle is no small fight

    SEATTLE — There’s a big fight brewing in Seattle over micro-housing.  These are extremely small apartments — some as small as 100 square feet — and more and more are being built around the city. Opponents argue that micro-housing is ruining neighborhoods by putting too many people into one building and adversely affecting parking and quality of life. “They haven’t been monitoring it,” said Bill Bradburd of the Seattle Neighborhood Coalition. “They’ve allowed over 50 of these projects to get […]

  • State asks Supreme Court for more time to fully fund public schools

    OLYMPIA — The state Supreme Court heard from an attorney for legislators Wednesday about their failure to meet the court’s deadline to adequately finance public schools. The justices have threatened to hold the Legislature in contempt for not coming up with a plan for an additional $5 billion for public schools. The lawyer representing legislators said lawmakers are genuinely working on this issue and simply needed more time.  He pleaded with the court not to impose drastic penalties. “Finding contempt […]

  • Jenny Durkan resigns as U.S. attorney here: Watch the interview

    SEATTLE —  U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan has resigned from her position for the Western District of Washington, Attorney General Eric Holder announced in Washington, D.C., Wednesday. “As United States Attorney for Western Washington, Jenny has served as a tireless advocate for the American people, for the citizens of Washington state, and for the cause of justice,” Holder said. Durkan has served as U.S. Attorney for the last five years.  She was one of a first round of appointments made by […]

  • wasupremecourt

    State Supreme Court to lawmakers: Explain why you shouldn’t be held in contempt

    OLYMPIA — The state Supreme Court is poised to decide whether to hold the Legislature in contempt for not fully funding basic education. The court will hold an unprecedented session Wednesday to hear from state lawmakers about their failure to craft a plan by last April, the court’s deadline. To see an earlier, related story, click here. In 2012, the Justices issued their historic McCleary v. State of Washington decision, ruling that the Legislature had been woefully underfunding basic education.  […]

  • Murray to create new Seattle Department of Education

    SEATTLE — Mayor Ed Murray called the city’s public schools “unacceptable” Tuesday and pledged to create a new Department of Education to help the district change course. Murray is frustrated that the achievement gap persists between white and minority students, especially during the early years. “Ninety percent of white fourth-graders read at grade level, compared with 56% of African American students,” Murray said.  “When you open those numbers up by gender, they actually get worse.” Murray vowed to be the […]

  • Tim Eyman seeks to overturn $15 minimum wage laws

    SEATTLE — There’s a new challenge to Seattle’s historic $15 minimum wage law.  Initiative guru Tim Eyman now has his sights set on overturning the city’s recently adopted law. Eyman is collecting signatures for a measure to prohibit cities from raising the minimum wage above the state’s level, which is currently $9.32 an hour.  That would effectively gut both Seattle and SeaTac’s recent hikes. Seattlepi.com reports that Eyman has met with key business leaders and groups to solicit at least […]

  • State Report Card: Student test scores ‘holding steady’

    OLYMPIA — The report card is in for Washington state students: While most students are now meeting standards for proficiency, scores are little changed from last year, despite added pressure on teachers and students to perform. Given rigorous federal standards, state Schools Superintendent Randy Dorn says more work needs to be done to raise scores “They are pretty level, they are pretty flat,” Dorn said.  “We’ve kind of topped out.” Dorn was proud to note that nearly 91% of high […]

  • Coming to a screen near you: TV ads already starting for gun initiative on fall ballot

    SEATTLE — The November election is more than two months away, but political ads are already hitting the airwaves.  Supporters of Initiative 594, to provide universal background checks for gun purchases, have raised millions of dollars to convince voters to strengthen Washington’s gun laws. This week, I-594 received another $2 million. The latest money comes from Bill and Melinda Gates and local entrepreneur Nick Hanauer, each of whom gave $1 million.  That’s in addition to hundreds of thousands from both […]

  • RAW: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray discusses recent violence (PART 1)

    Murray plans to put Seattle public safety levy on ballot

    SEATTLE — Mayor Ed Murray says Seattle needs more money to keep the streets safe and to implement costly reforms mandated by the Justice Department. And he’s ready to go to voters to seek yet another tax increase to pay for it all. The mayor argues that without extra money, Seattle will continue to fall behind other cities when it comes to fighting crime and ensuring officer accountability. “The cost to do the sort of technology we need, to do real […]