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I’ve worked my entire TV career in Seattle area. Before joining Q13 full-time as a Political Analyst, I spent nine years as the Public Affairs Host for the Seattle Channel. Prior to that, I hosted a show on PBS-affiliate KBTC/TV. I’ve been honored to have won four Emmy Awards (NW Region).

Recent Articles
  • ANALYSIS: How did Obama do in the State of Union Address?

  • Former Carnation murder prosecutor provides insight on case

    SEATTLE — It’s been over seven years and the trial finally began Tuesday for the horrendous murders of six family members in Carnation. Joseph McEnroe and Michelle Anderson are facing the death penalty for allegedly killing Anderson’s family on Christmas Eve 2007.  McEnroe’s trial started Tuesday, with opening arguments from both sides. Already, this case has cost the public $8 million to defend the two. The lead prosecutor for the first four years was James Konat.  Until his retirement a […]

  • Inslee lays out 2015 agenda, calls for new capital gains tax on wealthiest 1% to help pay for education

    OLYMPIA, Wash. — An ambitious plan of new taxes and new spending — that was the message of Gov. Jay Inslee  in his 2015 State of the State Address on Tuesday. “It is now time for reinvestment,” Inslee said to lawmakers assembled in the House chamber of the state Capitol. The governor called for billions more for public schools and transportation.  To help pay for his program, the governor wants a new tax on capital gains that would target the […]

  • Inslee proposes ambitious budget, along with tax increases

    OLYMPIA — Gov. Jay Inslee on Thursday proposed an ambitious budget for 2015-17.  He is pushing billions in new spending for public schools and mental health. “We should work together toward a future in which every child has access to a high-quality education and every child has a shot at a good-paying job,” Inslee said. To pay for it all, Inslee also proplosed several new taxes, including on capital gains. Those taxes are already creating a firestorm. “Tax increases should […]

  • Inslee seeks more than $1 billion in new taxes

    OLYMPIA — Governor Jay Inslee says that the state needs at least $1 – $2 billion in new revenue to adequately fund schools and other crucial services. The plan is already getting heavy pushback from those who say the state should live within its existing resources. “The state is thinking more about their own financial situation instead of the finances of working people,” said Paul Guppy of the Washington Policy Center. The Governor and his staff are keeping quiet about […]

  • Fast food workers rally in Olympia for higher minimum wage (VIDEO)

    OLYMPIA — The minimum wage debate is growing across the country as thousands of fast food workers walk off the job. Rallies were also held across Puget Sound. Dozens lined up in Olympia where dozens showed up demanding a living wage. Supporters say increased wages can be good for the economy. But others including some restaurant owners expressed concern. They say raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour right away would hurt their bottom line. They say any increase […]

  • Seattle mayor Ed Murray says SPD is ready for Friday protests (VIDEO)

    SEATTLE — This week the streets of Seattle have seen both peaceful demonstrations and violent protests following the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri.  Mayor Ed Murray has said that the SPD is readier than ever to deal with the crowds.  And more of them are expected before the week is through. Ed Murray sat down with Q13 FOX for an interview about the current situation. C.R. Douglas:  You have said that “Seattle is not Ferguson”.  And yet we did […]

  • Ferguson and Seattle:  Similarities and lessons

    SEATTLE — For some here in our region, the events in Ferguson, Mo., strike very close to home. Four years ago, a white Seattle police officer shot and killed a minority suspect — an incident that led to mass protests and calls for major reform. Despite these similarities, Mayor Ed Murray has been stressing the differences between the two cities. “Seattle is not Ferguson” Murray said.   “Ferguson is predominately an African American town that has only three African American police […]

  • State attorney general clears the way for police officers to wear body cameras

    SEATTLE — In the aftermath of the deadly shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., many are calling for body cameras on officers.  They argue that video recordings of these controversial encounters will give a truer picture of what happens. But not everyone agrees that cop cameras are a good idea.  Some privacy advocates say the rights of citizens will be violated if officers are allowed to record all their interactions with the public. On Monday, state ttorney General Bob […]

  • handgun

    Seattle City Council OKs plan to study ‘gunshot locator’ system in city

    SEATTLE — Seattle took a big step Monday to tackle the rise in gun violence.  The City Council voted on a plan to study gunshot locators around Seattle. Supporters say the new technology involving microphones and other sensors will help police better track and locate gunshots. “It gives the city an accurate depiction of where gun fire occurs,” said City Councilman Bruce Harrell.   “It allows out troops to get there, our patrol officers to get there, much quicker.” The system involves installing special […]