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  • Teen wears Black Lives Matter-inspired dress to prom

    NEW YORK — A Florida teenager wore a dress featuring pictures of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, and others to her high school prom. “When someone loses a mother, father or child in unnecessary circumstances, it should not be overlooked but addressed,” 17-year-old Milan Bolden-Morris told CNN after she wore the dress to the Pahokee High School prom on Friday. The dress was designed by Florida-based designer Terrence Torrence. The dress features pictures of 15 African-Americans who were killed […]

  • Kenny G. makes a smooth move with mid-air concert

    Scene: You are on a plane from Tampa to Los Angeles. You have successfully tamped down your air travel-induced anxiety with a Diet Coke and a two-pack of Biscoffs. Things are okay. Then, a wild Kenny G. appears. He has his saxophone! Passengers have chipped in to meet his requirements for a little concert. He obliges! Kenny G. is playing the saxophone on your flight! What are the odds? Some passengers on a Saturday Delta flight had time to contemplate […]

  • Verizon launches Google Fiber-like speeds for its entire Fios network

    By Kaya Yurieff NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Verizon’s internet service just got faster. The wireless carrier on Monday launched Fios Gigabit Connection, which provides downloads as fast as 940 megabits per second (Mbps) and uploads as fast as 880 Mbps. For comparison, Google Fiber offers a connection up to 1,000 megabits per second. The new service is an upgrade from Verizon’s Fios Instant Internet, which offered upload and download speeds of 750 Mbps, and launched in January. Existing customers with […]

  • Teen admits to killing her grandparents and sealing up their room – then inviting friends over for a party

    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia teen who allegedly confessed to killing her grandparents with her boyfriend, sealing up their room and then hosting a party for unsuspecting friends, also planned to kill several other people WSB-TV reports. According to WSB-TV, Cassie Bjorge, 17, and her boyfriend, Johnny Rider, 18, planned the murders of her grandparents for days and thought out details such as caulking the doors shut in the house to keep the odor of death from being detected outside. […]

  • 4-year-old falls out of moving bus: ‘Where is my mommy?’

    HARRISON, Ark. – It’s a scene that would make any parent shudder — a 4-year-old girl tumbles out of the back of a moving bus in the middle of a busy highway. Video of the incident shows the back door of the bus springing open and the young girl plummeting to the road. “I couldn’t believe it, it was so shocking,” said Ryan Ciampoli, who was driving behind the bus in Harrison, Arkansas. Ciampoli, who is a trained emergency medical […]

  • Campbell’s recalls ‘Homestyle’ chicken soup

    A crazy switcheroo led to the voluntary recall Saturday of nearly 4,185 pounds of chicken soup products by the Campbell Soup Company.

  • Accused kidnapper, Tad Cummins, due in court Monday

    Tad Cummins, the Tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old student and disappearing with her for five weeks, is due in court Monday.

  • Four-year-old falls out of moving bus (VIDEO)

    It's a scene that would make any parent shudder -- a 4-year-old girl tumbles out of the back of a moving bus in the middle of a busy highway.

  • Jeff Sessions: We’ll fund the wall ‘one way or the other’

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Sunday he does not expect the Mexican government to outright pay for President Donald Trump's border wall, but there are a number of ways to extract the billions of dollars needed to build it.

  • Diet sodas may be tied to stroke, dementia risk

    Gulping down an artificially sweetened beverage not only may be associated with health risks for your body but also possibly your brain, a new study suggests.