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Brandi Kruse is a special projects correspondent for Q13 News, giving viewers an in-depth look at issues impacting our communities. On “Q13 News This Morning,” she provides analysis on issues ranging from politics and policing, to crisis and national security.

A nine-time Edward R. Murrow Award recipient for excellence in journalism, Kruse has been honored for her work covering some of the region’s biggest stories. In March 2014, she spent days on the scene of a deadly mudslide in Oso, Washington, detailing the harrowing search for 43 victims. In August 2011, Kruse became the only American reporter to travel to Central America to interview Jason Puracal, a U.S. Citizen and University of Washington graduate who claimed he was wrongly imprisoned in Nicaragua. Puracal credited the jailhouse interview with bringing attention to his case and helping to secure his release. In 2016, she was nominated for a regional Emmy Award for a story about the suicide of a U.S. Army veteran struggling to get care for PTSD, and again in 2017 for a series on aspiring Seattle police officers.

The Seattle Weekly has twice named Kruse the city’s “Best Reporter” – in 2013 and 2014 – crediting, in part, her coverage of the city’s May Day riots.

Kruse holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. She lives on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill.

Recent Articles
  • America’s Longest War: The toll of 16 years in Afghanistan

    Since the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, more than 200,0000 troops have deployed through Joint Base Lewis-McChord to fight in the Global War on Terror.

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    Four veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces weigh in on the controversy surrounding protests over racial inequality during the national anthem.

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    Major General Bret Daugherty, the adjutant general of the Washington National Guard, discusses the continued role his soldiers and airmen will play as President Donald Trump sends more troops into Afghanistan.

  • America’s Longest War: Rep. Adam Smith on United States’ future in Afghanistan

    Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA), the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, discusses the future of our country’s role in Afghanistan.

  • Before the sweep: Inside Seattle’s debate over homeless encampments

    SEATTLE — As the homeless crisis deepens across Western Washington, cities struggle to deal with a growing number of encampments that have taken over parks, sidewalks, and other public spaces. At the center of the debate is a controversy around so-called “sweeps” – the act of clearing out a camp and forcing its occupants to move elsewhere. While some see the “sweeps” as ineffective, others view it as necessary and empathetic, arguing that conditions can become so dire at the […]

  • Seattle Police reportedly open criminal probe after officers fired on fleeing car (VIDEO)

    SEATTLE — The Seattle Police Department has opened a criminal investigation into two officers who fired on a fleeing car in the Eastlake neighborhood Sunday night, The Seattle Times reported Tuesday. The news came as the SPD released dashcam and bodycam video Tuesday of the two officers firing a ferocious volley of shots at a car after the driver allegedly tried to run over one of the cops. The Seattle Times, citing law enforcement sources, said the investigation by homicide […]

  • Legacy in limbo: Ed Murray reflects on end of political career

    SEATTLE — In mid-July, as calls for his resignation began in earnest, Seattle’s embattled mayor tried desperately to shift attention elsewhere. The Seattle Times had just published a blockbuster article, revealing the existence of a 1984 file detailing an Oregon child-welfare investigation. Previously thought destroyed, the contents of the file bolstered claims of abuse from Ed Murray’s former foster son, Jeff Simpson. At the time of publication, the number of men accusing Murray of sexual abuse stood at four. On […]

  • Mother Nature’s fury: Washington state urges you to prepare for disaster

    From hurricanes Harvey and Irma, to a deadly earthquake in Mexico, and wildfires burning across the northwest, Mother Nature has shown her destructive power in recent weeks. In Washington state, officials continue to urge citizens to prepare for a massive earthquake and tsunami that many experts believe could hit at any moment and cause widespread devastation. Robert Ezelle, the director of Washington’s Emergency Management Division, joined Q13 News to give preparedness tips. He said residents could be left waiting days […]

  • Washington-based rescuers call Harvey devastation ‘mind boggling’

    When Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast, 17 members of Washington’s Task Force 1, experts in urban search and rescue, were dispatched to Houston to look for survivors. Members of the task force serve as local police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel by day, but are often called on by FEMA to assist in disaster response and recovery. Paul Copsey, a task force member who works for the Tacoma Fire Department, said Friday in an interview from Katy, […]

  • ‘Increase the Peace’: Combating the toll of gang violence

    SEATTLE — According to police, rising tensions among feuding gangs has led to increased gun-related violence in Seattle and across King County. The Q13 News series “Increase the Peace” looks at the robust approach required to combat the problem: from early parental intervention, to proactive police work, and innovative investigative measures. Part 1: In April 2015, 1-year-old Majijha Grant was shot in the back of the head and killed while riding in a car with her mother and father in […]