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    ‘Simple, small gesture’ by legendary shoemaker changes life for family of child on autism spectrum

    PUYALLUP — Five-year-old Jaimes Jaurigue doesn’t like shoes. They’re too big. They’re too tight. They’re not colorful enough. And they’re never fun to wear. “It’s a battle getting him into pretty much any shoe,” Jaimes’ mother Melissa Rossi-Jaurigue says. “It takes me about 20 minutes at least to get him to put them on. At least.” But Jaimes’ distaste for shoes is something more than a case of a stubborn 5-year-old. Jaimes is on the autism spectrum, Rossi-Jaurigue says, and […]

  • Bachelor

    Seattle man gets invited to stranger’s East Coast bachelor party by mistake, but he’s still going

    SEATTLE — In a couple of weeks, Joey DiJulio is flying across the country for a bachelor party. Good times with old buds, right? Not exactly. Joey doesn’t really know who’s attending the booze-filled evening. In fact, he’s never even met the groom. No, it’s not the plot of a new Vince Vaughn movie, or even the remake of the old Tom Hanks movie. Joey is flying from Seattle to Philadelphia to attend the bachelor party of Jeff Minetti, a man […]

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    Why did a Roy man build this UNBELIEVABLE ghost town in his own back yard? ‘I was bored’

    ROY, Wash. — A few years ago Johnny Pierce — who goes almost exclusively by the name Reddog — decided he wanted a shed on his Roy property. But Reddog didn’t want any “ordinary shed,” he said. So he decided to build one in his field that was modeled after a run-down, old mining town storefront. Someplace unique, someplace unusual to store his tools and brighten up his field. He got to work. Some called him creative for the idea. […]

  • Giu

    Could viral fame keep the best cup holder you’ve ever seen from coming to your car?

    KIRKLAND — Maksim Ghyvoronosky is trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Again. But this time, he promises, he’ll be ready. Ghyvoronsky is the owner and creator of Maksimatic, a Kirkland based start-up that specializes in cup holders. Not just any old cup holders, though. Specifically, they’re spill proof, centripetal-force-utilizing cup holders with a half-spherical upper tilting that allows one’s beverage up to 25-degree angle on a 360-degree swiveling joint that prevents against spilling, regardless of how fast a vehicle accelerates […]

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    Not all sunsets, rainbows and unicorns: Seattle photographer moves from pretty to gritty in stunning series

    SEATTLE –Photographer Tim Durkan is best known for his iconic shots of the Space Needle in dense fog, ferry boats on Elliott Bay. But in his new series, tentatively titled “Emerald Stories,” Durkan turns his lens to a different Seattle. One filled with overdoses, infections, life literally lived in the gutter. A Seattle that most wish didn’t exist, and many pretend doesn’t. “All the pictures you like to see,” Durkan explains. “The ferryboats, the unicorns, the Space Needle. The fact […]

  • Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

    Live Blog: Seahawks lose 28-24 to Patriots in heartbreaker (archived)

    SEATTLE — The Seahawks were mere feet away from their second consecutive Super Bowl, but an interception in the final seconds crushed all hopes. The New England Patriots are champions over the Seattle Seahawks, winning 28-24 in a tight, hard fought game. This story willo be updated shortly. LIVE BLOG    

  • From Facebook User L. Coutts.

    Some University of Washington websites hacked; extremist group claims responsibility

    SEATTLE — A group of University of Washington websites was hacked Thursday morning, and pages were replaced by an extremist message that promised death to Americans in Iraq. Matt Saavedra, the associate director of technical services and enrollment management at the University of Washington, confirmed to Q13 FOX News that some websites on a UW server were “defaced.” Saavedra said the university was made aware of hack early Thursday, and by the afternoon, the sites were taken offline by the school. […]

  • Lynch to media: ‘You know why I’m here’ (RAW VIDEO)

    PHOENIX — Marshawn Lynch again stepped in front of the media Wednesday in Phoenix. Again, he answered every question posed with a single response. “You know why I’m here.” Lynch, who is notoriously media shy and has been fined $100,000 this year for not talking post-game, was told by the NFL he faces more fines if he does not attend media events in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. He attends, but declines to answer questions from reporters. […]

  • Tattoo artist Erika Jones is a Packers fan, but gives tats to Seahawks fans. However, the bandage afterward might contain the Pack logo. (Photos courtesy of Erika Jones)

    Packers in her blood but Seahawks ink in her life: One local tattoo artist’s story

    SEATTLE — Why did it have to be the Seahawks and Packers? tattoo artist Erika Jones asks herself. “I hate it when they play each other,” Jones says. “I want them both to do well. I feel guilty, no matter what team wins.” Growing up a half-hour from Green Bay, Wis., Jones has always been a Packers fan. But when she moved to the Northwest in 2002, she quickly fell in love with the people and the city of Seattle. […]

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    Best game-day superstitions that 12s SWEAR work

    SEATTLE — We asked the 12s what game-day superstitions they perform every week to ensure a Seahawks victory. And you, 12s, certainly delivered. Whether it’s forcing your teenage son to don a green body suit, not washing clothes for WEEKS on end, or wearing a single brand of deodorant the entire season, you certainly have some, um, interesting superstitions. Without further ado, here are our some of our favorite superstitions, as posted to Q13 FOX News’ Facebook page: Jason LaPointe –I have […]