Man threatens to shoot people at Tacoma motel
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  • Not to be outdone… #WrinkleWednesday gives other Sounders FC dogs a run for their money

    SEATTLE — A few weeks ago, we told you that Seattle Sounders FC defender Brad Evans’ dog Coto is the undisputed champ of the MLS soccer dog world. NOT. SO. FAST. There’s some new dogs in town, Sounders fans. Sounders goalkeeper Stefan Frei’s miniature shar peis, Cloi and Nala, definitely give Coto a run for his money. Why, you ask? One word: #WrinkleWednesday. Otherwise known as the cutest thing this side of the Premier League. #WrinkleWednesday — Stefan Frei (@Stefan24Frei) […]

  • Rocking in the Rain: Capitol Hill Block Party Day 1 (PHOTOS)

    SEATTLE — What is it with festivals and rain this year? Sasquatch and now Block Party. Did you know the last weekend in July is historically the driest weekend of the year in Seattle? But for those out Friday night, sipping on overpriced tall boys and listening to the crunchy sounds coming from all corners of Pike and Broadway, dry was not on the mind. Did it dampen our spirits, though? Heck no! In fact, during Built to Spill’s set as […]

  • The REAL star of Sounders FC’s Brad Evans’ home walks on all fours

    SEATTLE — It’s no secret that Seattle Sounders FC Defender Brad Evans lives a pretty, pretty good life. Star of a Major League Soccer team. Starting player on the U.S. Men’s National Team. Thirty years young. Fit. A loving wife and a gorgeous home in Kirkland. It’s easy to think Evans has it made. Game day in San Antonio! 7:30pm Fox Sports 1 #USAvMEX #nike #isiphotos A post shared by brad evans (@bradrevans) on Apr 15, 2015 at 10:31am PDT   But one doesn’t […]

  • As nation celebrates ruling, a Seattle Pride first flies on the Sound

    SEATTLE — Pride weekend in Seattle is a city-wide affair. From coffee shops to libraries, street corners to Q13 FOX News This Morning TV sets, the question is simple: “What are you doing for Pride?” No description of what Pride is, what it means to the city. A question as important and annual as “What are you doing for the 4th?” It seems a bit odd, then, to learn that for the first time in Pride’s 41-year history in Seattle, […]

  • Facebook post, neighbors save 5-year-old West Seattle girl’s birthday party

    SEATTLE — It was two days before Claire’s fifth birthday party, and her stepmom Melissa Hunter was in a panic. Hunter had balloons, party favors and desserts.  She had her house prepped and invitations set. Claire buzzed with anticipation. “I tend to go all out for parties,” Hunter, a professional party and wedding planner, said. “I put all this effort in. I had been talking the party up to Claire. Like, ‘just wait until the 31st. You’re going to have […]

  • A festival veteran explains why Sasquatch! is a can’t miss (PHOTO GALLERY)

    GEORGE, Wash. — Krysteen Lomonaco has seen her fair share of music festivals. Ozzfest, Paradiso, Watershed. Bumbershoot and the Freemont Fair. Every weekend for about four months during the summer, Lomonaco is sitting in a chair at a festival as a barrage of diverse tunes can be heard from not-so-far off. No, Lomonaco isn’t some music junky, hell-bent on cramming her summer months with festival corn dogs and an ever-growing case of Tinnitus. She works at the festivals. And she loves them […]

  • 5 things you didn’t know about Sasquatch! (PHOTO GALLERY)

    GEORGE, Wash. — Who would have thunk it. You’re back at Q13 FOX News, reading a music blog. A year later, the finest news station in Seattle is still not known for our prosaic pieces on intricate instrumentals. Despite how we try. But you’re here. And we’re HERE. Here being the Gorge Amphitheater, at the 2015 Sasquatch! music festival. We decided yet again rather than try to fake it, say we were thoroughly impressed with Sleater-Kinney’s standout performance (we were) […]

  • Parkland woman fights to keep rare, iconic pet in wake of husband’s sudden death

    PARKLAND, Washington — With the propagation of crowd funding sites, there’s no shortage of people who have fallen on hard times seeking money. Cancer. Deaths in the family. Sick pets and owners who can’t afford a vet bill. Many find that appealing to neighbors and friends for cash is the only thing that can get them through. And in many ways, Tammy Merkle’s story is no different from dozens of others on GoFundMe. She has an ailing animal that she’s trying […]

  • Were you born in Seattle in fall of 1977? You might be key to 37-year-old mystery

    SEATTLE — It’s a stormy night in the early fall of 1977. A man driving in the pouring rain suddenly encounters a crazed man in the middle of Interstate 5, jumping up and down and waving his arms. Sound like the beginning of a horror movie? Nope. In fact, it’s part of a Redditor from Seattle’s crazy tale. And he’s hoping you can help him put an end to a longtime mystery. Redditor /u/gnique posted his story to the Seattle subreddit Tuesday afternoon. […]

  • ‘Simple, small gesture’ by legendary shoemaker changes life for family of child on autism spectrum

    PUYALLUP — Five-year-old Jaimes Jaurigue doesn’t like shoes. They’re too big. They’re too tight. They’re not colorful enough. And they’re never fun to wear. “It’s a battle getting him into pretty much any shoe,” Jaimes’ mother Melissa Rossi-Jaurigue says. “It takes me about 20 minutes at least to get him to put them on. At least.” But Jaimes’ distaste for shoes is something more than a case of a stubborn 5-year-old. Jaimes is on the autism spectrum, Rossi-Jaurigue says, and […]