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  • New research shows teens aren’t using more marijuana since legalization

    SEATTLE – The annual Washington State Healthy Youth Survey shows marijuana use among teens has remained stagnant over the past 10 years, despite the legalization of marijuana. Social work researches say it’s good news, but it doesn’t mean a parents’ job is done, as other trends emerge with the survey results. “The sky is not falling and that’s an encouraging thing,” said Kevin Haggerty, associate professor at University of Washington’s School of Social Work. Haggerty said the 2016 numbers from […]

  • Driver learns from toll bill that his license plates were stolen

    SEATTLE – A Seattle driver learned his license plates were stolen after receiving an unexpected toll bill in the mail. The thefts are nothing new, say law enforcement, asking drivers to check and make sure the plates on your vehicle are actually yours before your morning commute. “I was reading the bill and I noticed out my window, the license plate on the bill was different than the license plate on the car,” said Patrick Moberg. Moberg said the toll […]

  • Mumps outbreak in Snohomish County has area schools on alert

    LAKE STEVENS, Wash. — Mumps outbreaks are happening across the greater Seattle area and now Snohomish County schools are on the list of growing concern. The contagious disease started in the Everett School District and as of Saturday, cases have been linked to Standwood-Camano Island and Monroe School Districts. The Snohomish County Health District released a report listing 33 cases of mumps confirmed and suspected, 21 of which were found in schools. Here’s the list from the Snohomish County Health […]

  • Bullying: What parents need to know

    EVERETT, Wash. – “Go kill yourself,” said Gary Vander Giessen, is the insult his 7th grade granddaughter heard daily before committing suicide. The family of Vylit Vander Giessen blame bullying for the death of their loved one. The young girl’s death is part of a disturbing trend, said one psychologist, that can’t be left for schools to solve. “There’s something going on in our schools early, that children are led to believe it’s OK to bully, it’s normal,” said Vander […]

  • ‘They knew Vylit was being bullied’: Grandfather speaks out about 7th grader’s suicide

    LYNDEN, Wash. – A Lynden family is devastated after they say their 7th-grade daughter took her own life as a result of bullying. Her death is sparking a conversation in the community that the girl’s grandfather is leading, called #VoiceforVylit. “Vylit was such a sweet girl,” said Gary Vander Giessen. Vylit, said Vander Giessen, was a typical 7th grader, spunky, sassy and full of life. “She loved sushi and chocolate and going to movies with papa and nana.” The young […]

  • 2-car crash in Seattle sends one vehicle careening into gas pump, triggering brief fire

    SEATTLE — A two-car collision Monday night in north Seattle sent one vehicle careening into a gas station, where it slammed into one gas pump, knocking it about 35 feet away and starting a fire, the Seattle Fire Department said. The accident happened just before 8 p.m. at the Shell station at 10005 Holman Road NW. The fire that started with the impact into the gas pump was quickly extinguished by firefighters, who shut down the pumps with the emergency shutoff […]

  • Moms say kids got norovirus at Marysville trampoline park

    MARYSVILLE, Wash. – A potential norovirus outbreak over the weekend at a Marysville trampoline park left nearly a dozen kids sick with extreme flu-like symptoms. The virus is spreading through entire families, according to one mom who alerted Q13 News to the problem. Christi Young said her 7-year-old son’s class was canceled Monday and will again be cancelled on Tuesday due to several sick children and parents. “Saturday night, in the middle of the night, he woke up vomiting,” Young […]

  • ‘I was in shock’ friends of teen killed by falling tree concerned over park safety

    EDMONDS, Wash. – Family and friends are grieving the loss of 17-year-old Diana Olidinchuk who died in after a tree fell on her in one of their local parks. It has some concerned about the safety of the trees in Meadowdale Beach Park where a makeshift memorial for the teen is at the hike’s entrance. “I was at work yesterday and my friend called me and I was in shock,” said Angelina Plutenko. She came to the memorial with her […]

  • Man finds Washington state tax error on car tabs could be costing you hundreds

    SHORELINE, Wash. – A local man discovered a Department of Licensing tax error that could be costing thousands of people hundreds of dollars. Keith Brick estimates the problem is likely 20 years old, and could affect anyone who bought or brought a car to Washington state. The Shoreline software developer caught the error when he double-checked the amount Washington state said he owed this year for his car tabs. “Last year my RTA excise tax was only $67; this year […]

  • New sales tax increase proposed in King County, this one to help fund arts and sciences in schools

    SEATTLE – Between recent tax increases and proposed new levies, King County residents, especially those in Seattle, may be feeling tapped out. Now comes another one for King County. According to a press release on the initiative, Access for All would “increase funding for arts, science and heritage institutions to provide in-class learning experiences in every county school district, along with providing students with transportation and free tickets. It will also allow more arts, science and heritage organizations to offer […]