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  • Lakewood woman finds business card for white supremacist group on windshield

    LAKEWOOD, Wash. – A Lakewood woman is concerned that a white supremacist group is actively recruiting in Pierce County after finding one of their business cards on her windshield. Nancy Ivory-Saunders said she found the card on Monday after a trip to Fort Steilacoom Park with her dog. She said she saw the business card, but waited until she got home to read it. When she realized it was for Northwest Front, she said her reaction was guttural. “I was […]

  • A peaceful gathering in Tacoma to honor the victims of Charlottesville

    More than a hundred gather in a show of solidarity with the victims of Charlottesville in Tacoma Sunday night.

  • ‘Tweaker cams’ get attention of Everett City Council

    EVERETT, Wash. – The Everett City Council received an earful Wednesday night from citizens who said they are sick of the eyeful they get at the corner of Smith Avenue and 36th Street. Their comments came less than a week after the owner of ZSport automotive began a livestream of the area from cameras perched atop his business. The small group of citizens who spoke at the council meeting promised to return next week with more people and keep returning until […]

  • Bears spotted in Lynnwood: Know your rights as a homeowner if threatened

    KENMORE, Wash. – There’s a little slice of rural paradise near the heart of Kenmore’s downtown. Aaron Brown and his wife live there with their four goats. Unfortunately, Brown’s domesticated animals are attracting wild animals. “I have seen evidence of the coyote spending time in here, two lots over I have seen what I think is evidence of the bear,” said Brown. On Tuesday, there were multiple sightings in Lynnwood of a mama bear and a cub — but authorities […]

  • Burien voters to decide city’s ‘sanctuary city’ status

    BURIEN, Wash. — A citizens’ initiative to overturn the city of Burien’s sanctuary status will now go to the voters in November. The decision came in a 6 to 1 vote by the Burien City Council on Monday night, the second meeting in a week on the issue. Once again it was standing room only in Burien, one week after an explosive four-hour meeting left the council deadlocked over the city’s sanctuary status. It all began with a petition started […]

  • Three things that could leave you stranded on side of the road during heat wave

    SHORELINE, Wash. –With temperatures expected to soar high into the 90s in Seattle this week, Puget Sound mechanics are telling drivers to be prepared for breakdowns.  A heat wave can be just as dangerous on the side of the road as the dead of winter, they warn. AAA estimates they’ll be helping at least 7 million drivers nationwide this summer, and most often for lockouts, battery issues and tire problems. “I have been getting cars towed in here left and […]

  • Snohomish neighbors say goodbye to crime by saying hello to one another

    SNOHOMISH, Wash. – Neighbors in a small town in Snohomish County have reverted to old school techniques to solve a modern problem. When the drug users and dealers came into their town, the neighbors said they went outside, saying hello to one another and eventually goodbye to crime. “It was noisy, there were drug houses, a lot of partying going on,” said Donna Ray, explaining how her Morgantown neighborhood of Snohomish used to be. “We saw drug transactions going down […]

  • Mill Creek family facing thousands in medical bills after bat tests positive for rabies

    MILL CREEK, Wash. – A Mill Creek family is warning others after one of the bats in their rafters tested positive for rabies. It’s forced the entire family to undergo precautionary anti-virals costing thousands, something they said could have been prevented. Susan Kraushaar said she first found the bat last Tuesday. She said it was laying outside their garage door, dead. After hearing reports of rabies in Mill Creek, she put a bucket over the carcass and warned her family […]

  • Mukilteo to build Peace Park commemorating lives of teens killed at party

    MUKILTEO, Wash. – The city of Mukilteo is requesting the community’s feedback for a new Peace Park dedicated to the lives of three teens shot and killed last year while at a party. Nineteen-year-olds, Jake Long, Jordan Ebner and Anna Bui are the impetus for the park, said Mayor Jennifer Gregerson, but it’s also for anyone else in the community who may be hurting. “Every 30th of each month, it’s actually a day for us as a friend group that […]

  • King County Sheriff’s Office takes first steps toward body cameras

    KING COUNTY, Wash. –  Seattle’s bike patrol officers in the West Precinct were outfitted with body cameras over the weekend as part of Mayor Ed Murray’s executive order signed last week. Within 48 hours of the roll out, the King County Sheriff began the steps to outfit his department with body cameras. King County Sheriff John Urquhart said he is just as fed up as Mayor Murray with the slow-moving process to get cameras. He said the time to wait […]