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  • Wet winter brings spring hazards for hikers

    SEATTLE – Officials are warning outdoor enthusiasts about dangerous rock conditions after a 21-year-old man died near Index while hiking. The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office said a rescue mission was launched around 1:30 p.m. Friday after it was reported that a rock had fallen on a man. Snohomish County Fire District 7 said later that the victim was among a group of four hikers. He was climbing on a steep rock field when the boulder gave way, pinning him underneath. […]

  • Pet owners beware, coyotes on the hunt

    SEATTLE – Dog and cat owners are being warned after a series of coyote sightings in and around the city. Coyote activity sees an uptick in the months of April through June, when pups are born and taught to hunt. Whether you live in a city or in rural areas, wildlife experts say you need to take precaution to protect your best friends. “Under 20 pounds is certainly an animal that I would be concerned about,” said Dr. Gene Mueller, […]

  • What semi-truck drivers wish they could say to Seattle drivers

    EVERETT, Wash. – Semi truck drivers share their concerns over getting cut off, tailgated and having to stop short in and around Puget Sound after a deadly week on Washington roadways. Nine people were injured or killed since last Thursday in accidents involving semi-trucks – all but one of those in the Puget Sound area. “Our job is to maintain our lane, that’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to run you over,” said Mark Allenbach, a trucker with […]

  • Everett barista’s ashes stolen from car in Kent

    KENT, Wash. – An inexpensive necklace containing priceless ashes was stolen from a car in Kent to the shock of the owner. The ashes are those of Courtney Campbell, a 26-year-old barista who was killed in a propane accident in 2016, while working at her Everett stand. Pieces of jewelry were made after her death, including bracelets for her two young daughters and a necklace for her brother, Tyler Campbell. “The necklace sat here on the gear shift,” said Campbell, […]

  • Are these your feet? Mason County Sheriff’s seeks help identifying potential voyeur victims

    Mason County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help identifying potential victims of the serial intruder recently captured. 22-year-old Chase Garner has been charged with 20 counts related to a string of break-ins over the last several months in Mason County.

  • 300 stall parking garage opens in Pike Place Market

    A Mother’s Day trip to Pike Place Market will be made easier with the addition of 300 new parking spaces now open on Western Avenue. The MarketFront parking garage is part of the market’s $74 million dollar expansion that is expected to be complete by the end of next month.

  • Car ownership in city declines as a result of ‘Seattle Squeeze’

    SEATTLE – Car ownership in Seattle is down for the first time in decades. Our news partner The Seattle Times was the first to report the trend, which experts say is a direct result of the “Seattle squeeze.” Since the 1970s, car ownership has increased alongside the population — until 2015, hen research shows a 1 percent decline. Mark Hallenbeck, director of the University of Washington’s Washington State Transportation Center, called Seattle a “classic environment” where technology, age of residents […]

  • Seattle City Light says ‘Smart Meters’ to be installed soon, but small group is opposed

    SEATTLE – Seattle City Light’s advanced meters will soon be coming to neighborhoods near you. Often referred to as Smart Meters, the wireless meters can keep track of customers’ electricity usage in real time and without the need for a reader to come to your home or business. City Light said it will add accuracy and efficiency, but a small group in Seattle is fighting back against the meters, saying they are not safe or secure. Jordan Van Voast put […]

  • Everett considers adding two new ‘Stay Out of Drug Area’ locations in city

    EVERETT, Wash. – The city of Everett is considering adding two new Stay Out of Drug Area locations to their city, allowing police to arrest repeat drug offenders with a SODA order if they are found in the area. Just like judges can order prostitutes to stay out of specific areas, the city of Everett is working to do the same with known drug users, making places they buy and use off limits. The Stay Out of Drug Areas could […]

  • Stolen RV found in Snohomish County with 9 people living inside, say owners

    A stolen RV was recovered last week in Lynnwood, the owners said it was found with 9 people living inside. Their home on wheels had been turned into a drug den filled with stolen merchandise, that they said is a total loss.