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Troy Diggs is a morning news producer for Q13 FOX News.

Troy wanted to work in television at the age of 4, when he would sit at a drawing table with a clip-on tie and jacket and pretend to be a television anchor. Eventually, he went to Arkansas State University, and became an overnight producer at his hometown television station in Northeast Arkansas, Jonesboro's KAIT.

In 2001, Troy moved to Wichita, Kan. - despite never having been there before the job interview. He spent three years as a producer for "Good Morning Kansas" at KAKE-TV, was nominated twice for Emmy awards, and never got used to calling it the "Ar-Kansas River".

Troy later spent about ten years working for two Kansas City television stations, ending his tenure at Q13 FOX's sister station, WDAF. He moved to Seattle and Q13 FOX in December of 2013, and still marvels at what an amazing trip it's been.

In his spare time, Troy volunteers at 826 Seattle, a non-profit in Greenwood that helps children and teens improve their writing and communication skills. He's also an aspiring photographer (you can see his work at and regularly runs 5k races throughout the Pacific Northwest. He also produces and co-hosts "PriceCast", a fan podcast on "The Price Is Right". (It's available on the iTunes store.) Although he currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, Troy refuses to give up his soccer allegiance to Sporting Kansas City. When it comes to the Seattle Sounders/Portland Timbers MLS rivalry, Troy considers himself "the Switzerland of Cascadia."

Troy lives in Queen Anne, and has yet to master the art of climbing the neighborhood hills without complaining.

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    Major League Soccer unveils new logo, reaction mixed

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    Remember the good old days of 2013, when people were wearing their hair longer, texting on their newfangled iPhones, and Grumpy Cat was… still grumpy?  That’s when these guys took the Internet by storm: Now, the Norwegian duo Ylvis is back with a second single.  This new song, entitled “Trucker’s Hitch”, is about tying knots with rope. As of Thursday morning, it had already amassed more than 670,000 YouTube views – an impressive amount, to be sure, but nowhere near the 448 million views […]

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    FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — An accused thief with a taste for makeup has been arrested for stealing $144 worth of eye shadow. Brandy Allen is facing shoplifting charges, after employees of a beauty store spotted her grabbing random handfuls of makeup and throwing them into her purse. According to a Fayetteville, Ark., police report, when a police officer came to question her, she tried to smear the tops of the packages to make them look already used. Q13 FOX sister station KFSM says she was arrested and […]

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    ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — The people at East Hills Mall in St. Joseph, Missouri probably never thought their “Back to School” commercial would get more than 800,000 views on YouTube. The video features shop owners from the mall singing various back-to-school themed verses like “Backpacks! Backpacks! Come get your backpacks!” and “Boots and pants! Boots and pants!”  Some of them are done in a… unique voice. After the commercial got attention on Reddit, it was featured on national talk shows.   Producer Chris […]

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    INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A single mother was able to get her van back from thieves – all she had to do was ask. Megan Bratten ran into a suburban Kansas City store to pick up school supplies, and her van was gone when she came out.  The single mother of five remembered that her estranged husband’s cell phone was still in the van, so she sent a text – asking for the van to be returned.  A few hours later, it […]

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    SEATTLE — Got a big appetite and a big wallet?  A Seattle food truck is now offering the world’s most expensive hot dog.  In fact, the Guinness Book of World Records has verified it. The Tokyo Dog food truck’s “Juuni Ban” has a retail price of $169.  It contains smoked cheese bratwurst, butter Teriyaki grilled onions, Maitake mushrooms, Wagyu beef, foie gras, shaved black truffles, caviar and Japanese mayonnaise, all encased in a brioche bun. To meet the requirements for a world record, […]

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    SEATTLE — Stores all around the Puget Sound have their back to school displays out for shoppers.  The National Retail Federation says the average family will spend more than $600 on clothes, electronics, and school supplies for back-to-school. To help parents, some schools offer pre-packed boxes of supplies; schools that participate will often provide parents with a link where they can buy a box that’s packed and ready on the first day of school.  These boxes normally sell for between […]