The WB I-90 floating bridge is now open

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  • What should you do if a power line falls on your car?

    High winds Saturday brought a power pole crashing down on a car in Auburn, trapping two people inside.  It can be a scary situation, but the victims did exactly the right thing: stayed inside the car until crews were able to come rescue them. Puget Sound Energy says any time a power line falls, you should assume it’s live, and could electrocute you.  That’s why you should never drive over a fallen power line – and if one falls on […]

  • Jeff Bezos tweeted @SpaceX. Here’s how Elon Musk responded

    Elon Musk is about to test out his new creation: The Falcon Heavy. If it works, Falcon Heavy will become the world’s most powerful operational rocket. Its first uncrewed test flight is scheduled for Tuesday between 1:30 pm and 4 pm ET at at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. “It’s the biggest rocket in the world by far,” SpaceX CEO Musk told CNN’s Rachel Crane Monday. With its 27 engines, the rocket will give off a thrust equal to 18 […]

  • All lanes of southbound I-5 reopened after fuel spill near the Tacoma Dome

    All lanes of southbound I-5 near the Tacoma Dome have reopened after a fuel spill early Monday morning, according to the Washington Department of Transportation. All lanes of SB I-5 have reopened near T-Dome. — WSDOT Tacoma Traffic (@wsdot_tacoma) February 5, 2018 Around 3 a.m., State Patrol Trooper Brooke Bova tweeted that a crash at the Tacoma Dome caused a hole in a fuel tank, which leaked more than 150 gallons of fuel onto the highway. SB I5 @ TDome: […]

  • Seattle police report overall crime decrease in 2017

    The Seattle Police Department is reporting some encouraging numbers from 2017.  Taken all together, police records show 1% less crime in 2017 than 2016.

  • What exactly did Bruno Mars win?

    You know your Kendrick Lamar from your Migos, your “Despacito” from your “That’s What I Like.” You are your trivia team’s go-to person whenever music history is the subject. But we won’t hold it against you if you don’t have a clue what the difference is between Grammy’s Song of the Year and Record of the Year categories. Well, here’s some help, straight from the Grammy website: Song of the Year: This award goes to the person who wrote the song. So while […]

  • Protecting your property from burglars

    People are pouring into the Pacific Northwest, drawn by the breathtaking scenery, job opportunities, and progressive culture. But what many people don’t realize is that Seattle also has twice the rate of reported property crimes as New York, and Tacoma’s rate is even higher. That doesn’t mean you should avoid Seattle and Tacoma; but it does mean you should take precautions to dissuade burglars from making off with your property! A security camera is a start, but it can only […]

  • Protecting your packages

    You see the reports on the news almost every week: another thief, caught on camera stealing a package – sometimes right after delivery! Whether you call them package thieves, porch pirates, or just a Grinch – you want to avoid being a victim if you can. But the statistics aren’t good. PEMCO Insurance says as many as one in five Americans have lost a package to this kind of crime.  You can avoid being one of them – or being […]

  • Holiday hazards: is your home at risk?

    While we celebrate the holidays with family and friends, firefighters across the nation will be responding to emergency calls because someone’s Christmas tree went up in flames. It’s not as unusual as you might think. Pemco Insurance says fire departments see an average of 200 fires started by Christmas trees every year, which adds up to millions of dollars in damage. In the worst cases, these fires can even take a loved one’s life. Experts say there are three main […]

  • Texting and driving

    Is Washington’s distracted driving law making a difference?

    Over the summer, Washington implemented tougher distracted driving laws months earlier than expected.  Under the new law, drivers can be pulled over and ticketed for holding any kind of electronic device at the wheel.  If you break any other traffic laws, and the officer who pulls you over discovers you are distracted by anything else – like food, or putting on makeup – it will increase your ticket. Because Governor Jay Inslee opted to veto a proposed waiting period and […]

  • How would you spend $4 million?

    Snohomish County officials are asking for your input on affordable housing and community development.  The county gets about $4 million in Federal funds every year to be spent on affordable housing, public facilities, infrastructure, and economic development.  The county needs your input to determine how that money would be best spent. You can weigh in at one of two meetings on Tuesday, December 5th at the Robert J. Drewel Building in Everett, or send written comments to the Snohomish County […]