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  • John Reed made no attempt to call 911 after couple killed near Oso, detective testifies

    EVERETT, Wash. — John Reed, who is expected to claim self-defense, made no attempt to call 911 on the day of or the following days surrounding the death of a Snohomish County couple he is charged with killing, a detective testified Thursday. Reed is charged with killing Monique Paternaude and her husband, Patrick Shunn, in April 2016 near Oso. Law enforcement say it was over a property dispute. The defense attorney, Phil Sayles, says he expects Reed will say it […]

  • King County executive says he stands with Seattle mayor despite originally opposing head tax

    SEATTLE — King County Executive Dow Constantine says despite his opposition to the Seattle head tax, he and the mayor are still on the same page when it comes to combating the homeless crisis. On May 3, Constantine and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced the two governments would work together to help with the homeless issues in the area. Less than two weeks later, on May 11, Constantine said he opposed Seattle’s plan for a massive head tax on business, […]

  • Small business owners in Seattle say they are targeted for opposing head tax

    Some small Seattle business owners say they are being targeted and threatened with a boycott because they don’t support the city’s head tax.

  • Senate approves $55 million plan to improve volcanic activity monitoring

    SEATTLE — The U.S. Senate approved a $55 million innovative to help improve volcano monitoring, including the volcanoes around Western Washington. The money would go toward modifying equipment, increasing efforts, and creating a more unified system. Something seismologists, like Steve Malone, says could help keep us safer. On May 16, 1980, Malone worked on Mount St. Helens. Two days later, the volcano erupted. “It was quite a catastrophe,” he said. Malone and other researchers worked on the mountain for months […]

  • Ballard residents ask if more could have been done to prevent rape at car dealership

    SEATTLE — Seattle police say a homeless man with an outstanding bench warrant raped a woman at a Ballard car dealership Monday morning, and now neighbors are asking if more could have been done to bring the man to justice before the violent crime. On Wednesday night, the streets of Ballard were filled with people shopping, eating and drinking, many completely unaware of the disturbing crime that  happened just a few blocks away days earlier. “A little bit scary, makes […]

  • Local businesses react to Seattle’s new head tax

    SEATTLE — One homegrown company says the approved Seattle head tax could mean it stops expanding within the city where it  first started business. For weeks, we’ve heard how the Seattle head tax would impact large businesses like Amazon or Starbucks. Now, we’re hearing what the newly approved tax could mean for the smaller businesses who meet the city’s head tax threshold. “At Dick’s Drive-In, we’re proud to be the (company) where Seattleites get their first job,” said Saul Spady, […]

  • Jenny Bastian’s friend reacts to police saying they linked suspect via DNA to 30-year-old murder

    TACOMA, Wash. — Friends of Jennifer Bastian, the 13-year-old girl raped and murdered more than 30 years ago in Tacoma, are reacting to police saying the suspect charged in the case was on their radar for nearly the entire time. “For a lot of us, our childhood ended that day,” said Ana Perera. That day is August 28, 1986. That’s when police found the body of 13-year-old Jennifer Bastian. She had been raped and murdered. Perera went to school with […]

  • Suspect arrested in 1986 murder and rape of Tacoma’s Jennifer Bastian

    A suspect has been arrested in the murder of 13-year-old Jennifer Bastian, the Tacoma Police Department announced Thursday. 

  • Classmate reacts to arrest made in 30 year old Jennifer Bastian cold case

    After more than 30 years, Tacoma Police made an arrest in the murder and rape of a 13-year-old girl; and one former classmate of the victim says it’s a day he thought he may never see. On August 4th 1986, 13-year-old Jennifer Bastian left her Tacoma home. On August 28th 1986, the girl’s body was found. Police say she was raped and murdered. “I distinctively remember her coming up, Jennifer coming up and asking if anyone wanted to go riding with her […]

  • Local family-run candy company looks to continue growth internationally

    One local homegrown candy manufacturer is expanding its business overseas which could lead to more jobs in Pierce County. For about 30 years Ames International produced chocolate and nut products in Western Washington. “Nonstop chocolate; all you can eat,” said Amy Paulose. In the 60s, Paulose’s father George, immigrated from India. Eventually, the rest of his family followed, and George Paulose created Ames International. “My father decided to start a business to support the family,” said Amy Paulose. The rest […]