Pete Carroll: Containing Aaron Rodgers is key to Sunday’s season opener at Green Bay

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll speaks in an exclusive interview with Q13 News sports director Aaron Levine.

RENTON, Wash. — It’s finally here, 12s: Game 1 of the regular season.

Kickoff is Sunday at 1:25 p.m. on Q13 FOX — an official partner of the Seattle Seahawks — and we’re bringing you exclusive access to the team.

Q13 Sports Director Aaron Levine caught up with head coach Pete Carroll at the VMAC.

Aaron: What are the biggest differences between the preseason and the regular season?

Pete: There are a lot of differences – the squad is all cut down now. But the preparation to get here and the mentality that it takes to play well is still the same. But it’s different because it’s game time.

Aaron: What did you see during the preseason that you’d like to continue in Green Bay?

Pete: Across the board we score a lot of points, we move the ball around well on offense. Russell had a terrific preseason. We have continued growth with the guys up front and our running backs. We really want to see the running game come together.

Aaron: What’s the adjustment like going from a 90-man roster to 53 guys?

Pete: The room is a lot more empty. You get over the losses, we have losses because we love these guys so much, and the players feel the same. It just gets more intense and things shift in a sense. It’s a really fun time of year for us.

Aaron: What does Sheldon Richardson bring that makes you guys even better?

Pete: He’s one of the most effective players in the league year in and year out. What I like about him most is he’s so savvy. He really understands the game and that kind of smarts helps other guys too. He’ll help other people around him play well and that’s always the mark of a good player.

Aaron: It’s a strong test for the DBs this week against Aaron Rodgers. You had success against him in the past when what has happened?

Pete: He’s an extraordinary player, so we have to keep him under wraps and not let them make the big plays that give them the field position or score on the board. Last year, right off the bat they hit something on a scrambling play. That’s what we want to contain, and if we can do that then we’ll have a really good chance to play well.

Aaron: In light of what happened with Michael Bennett — when a player faces injustice how has this locker room responded in the past few years?

Pete: Oh, I think we respond in marvelous fashion. Our level of communication is deep and from the heart. When you care about the people around you, you can handle whatever comes your way and that’s what you see happening around here.

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