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‘Distract and grab’ crooks: Help ID trio of women suspected of stealing from Lewis County landmark

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Recognize these three women?

Lewis County detectives say they stole more than $2,000 from the Justice General Store in Onalaska last month.

It was a pretty sly heist — except for the getting caught on camera part. “You can actually see, one of the females distracts the worker and actually engages her in a conversation, while looking at a product and trying to get more information and, of course, the employee’s trying to be helpful and is over there talking and then you see one of the other females begin to start to work almost like a lookout. You see her watching, standing back and then you have the third female, actually gets down on her hands and knees and crawls behind the counter, so she’s not noticed back there and you can see her going through things behind the counter, looking around, then ultimately removing cash and checks that were back there in a deposit bag,” describes Lewis County Chief Dusty Breen. “The Justice General Store has been one of those Lewis County landmarks for years in Onalaska. It’s one of those local community areas where people go often to shop and to have them be victim to this type of incident is very impactful to them and the fact that around $2100 worth of their income is taken is significant to that business.”

Detectives think the three women are possibly Hispanic and they took off in a white SUV, possibly a Suburban or Cadillac.

If you know who they are, call the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office at (360) 740-1105.