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Track operations returning to normal after train derailment

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STEILACOOM, Wash. — BNSF crews worked all day Monday to replace about 75 feet of track where an Amtrak passenger train derailed near Chambers Bay Marina in Steilacoom.

The track was damaged by pressure from the derailment. There were no serious injuries in the derailment Sunday.

Gus Malones, with BNSF, says once crews fix the tracks, they will test them to meet federal and BNSF requirements before opening it to train traffic.

“When I was here last night, they were bringing in big cranes and stuff,” said Mike Callier who lives above the train tracks. He’s been a resident of the area for 18 years and has never seen a train derailment.

“Everything was still on its side after midnight last night and I left the house a little after 3  this morning, and as far as I could see the whole train was out there, they didn’t move any of it, and then I just got home this afternoon and it’s all gone,” said Callier.

Crews removed the train cars by 8 a.m. and took them to a railyard south of Steilacoom for further inspection.

BNSF says that 25 gallons of either fuel or oil from the train spilled onto BNSF property at the site of the derailment.

“I’m not concerned about it, they had the booms down there right away and they got it taken care of pretty quick,” said Callier.

The Amtrak Cascade train derailed Sunday afternoon on its way from Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia.

All 267 passengers aboard the train got off safely with just minor injuries.

The investigation is being handled by Amtrak; no word yet on the cause of the derailment.