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‘Brian Fisher Memorial Ride’ getting ready to hit the road to remember fallen law enforcement heroes

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LAKEWOOD -- It's that time of year to sign up for a great event to remember our fallen heroes in law enforcement.

Bikers and drivers will hit the road on Saturday, June 24th for the 'Brian Fisher Memorial Ride.'

The annual event started back in 2007 following the death of King County Sgt. Brian Fisher. "We'd hoped at that time we'd never have to do this again, but since then there's been officers that have passed away, or have had disastrous circumstances that need assistance, so we continue the fundraising throughout the year," said Brian Fisher Memorial Secretary, Rebecca Person."

This year's honorees are the late Department of Corrections Ofc. Brian Roberts and King County Corrections Ofc. Jim Ngo.

The ride will stretch from Lakewood to the Shilo Inn at Ocean Shores, where several great events will go on, including dinner, auctions, raffles and lots of games for kids.

"We have unbelievable staff that work with us and it's an honor for me, it's an honor for my wife to be part of it. It's very heartwarming and a very emotional thing," said Brian Fisher Memorial Chairman.

If you'd like to be part of the ride, CLICK HERE to sign up!