A nasty, sloppy day on Thursday, but Father’s Day weekend is looking good…

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SEATTLE -- A sloppy weather system will be rolling through Western Washington on Thursday.

It will be wet and gusty by June standards, according to Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley said.

The rain was expected to start late Wednesday night and and pick up during the morning commute with mainly light rain. The heavier rain will be during Thursday afternoon.

"There will be a rain shadow so the wettest areas will be north of Seattle and south of Seattle. The wind increases in the afternoon with gusts around 30 mph in most places," Kelley said.

He added that it will be wet through Friday morning's commute and then the rain stops midday Friday.

The metro Seattle area is expecting about ½ an inch of rain, but the coast and mountains will get up to 2 inches. "That is significant for this time of year," Kelleys said.

For example, last Friday when we had thunderstorms we only got a 1/3 of an inch. "I would expect some standing water on the roads Thursday evening and Friday morning.

Friday afternoon will be pleasant and the weekend looks good. It should be a Happy Father’s Day, with temperatures for many us in the low 70s.