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Video shows 3-year-old Oregon girl struggling to stand after tick bite causes paralysis

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PORTLAND, Ore. — There were some terrifying moments for a family in eastern Oregon when their 3-year-old daughter couldn’t use her legs after she was bitten by a tick.

KPTV reports the girl’s mother posted a video of her daughter trying to stand up. That video has gone viral, with more than 15 million views and 500,000 shares.

Out of the blue, little Evelyn Lewis couldn’t stand up on her own.

“So she couldn’t really stand on her own and wasn’t able to walk, she was kind of just wobbly all over,” said Evelyn’s mother, Amanda Lewis.

The 3-year-old could barely walk or crawl and could hardly use her arms.

“I don’t think she really had any idea what was going on or how exactly to explain it to us, so I’m sure that was pretty scary for her too,” said Lewis.

Evelyn’s parents rushed her to the emergency room. Fortunately, the doctor had a hunch.

“So he started to comb through her hair for a few minutes and sure enough, he found a tick on the back of her head,” said Lewis.

The doctor said Evelyn was suffering from tick paralysis.

“They have something in their salivary glands so when they’re attached for a little while they can release a toxin,” said Lewis. “If we had waited longer to get her to the hospital, it could have gotten so much worse. She could have had respiratory paralysis and she could have ended up dying.”

Fortunately, the tick was removed, and now Evelyn is back to her normal, spunky self.

“She’s back to normal 100 percent,” Lewis said. “You’d never know a week ago she wasn’t able to walk.”

Lewis is thankful the nightmare is over, but she hopes her family’s scary story will help warn parents to always check their children and their pets for ticks.