Heartless hit and run: Help track down suspect car, driver who left father, young son to fend for selves

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Watch the video below: A public bus camera catches a car blowing a stop sign in Bothell — ‘T-Boning’ a father’s car with his toddler in the back.

Both the boy and his dad are alright, but what’s not okay is what happened right after the crash that has Bothell Police needing your help. “The suspect vehicle then was able to, wasn’t disabled, was able to drive north a little bit on 4th and the victim initially thought he was just trying to get out of the way, so he drove north for maybe 300, 400 feet, got out of the vehicle, looked around his vehicle and then just got back in and took off,” describes Bothell Police Ofc. Dave Nelson. “He didn’t come back and he was too far away that the victim’s not positive, but he believes he was a white male, but he said it was too far away to be 100% positive.”

Ofc. Nelson thinks the car is a black or dark blue Lexus IS 200 or 300 model. He says the camera quality wasn't good enough for them to see a license plate, so other than the car description and that the driver may be white, they've exhausted all leads and are hoping someone can give them the tip to lead them to the the Lexus and the driver who took off -- leaving that father and son to fend for themselves -- not even knowing if they were hurt or not.

"Hit and run is kind of my 'Pet Peev,' says Ofc. Nelson. "It's like, if you're involved in something like that, that happens, accidents happen, things happen, we totally get that, but just be responsible. Stay on scene. Make sure everybody's okay, first of all and then be responsible. That's why we have insurance companies and things get taken care of, but when you take off like this you just make it that much harder and the other poor guy, he wasn't doing anything wrong, he was doing what he was supposed to and now he's gotta go through his insurance company and all that kind of stuff."

The crash happened on the morning of Monday, April 10th at 4th Ave. W. and 216th St. SW.

If you've seen a car like the suspect's since then that had damage to the passenger side, including a busted back window -- maybe you work at a body shop in the Bothell area that did work on a Lexus like this in the past month -- or simply if you think you know anything at all that can help Bothell Police solve this hit and run case and hold that driver accountable, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS, or use the P3 Tips App to submit your information.