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Family adopts 7 siblings: It’s ‘important to keep them together’

SPRINGFIELD, Ga. -- A family of three is now a family of 10 after a mom and dad adopted 7 siblings.

The four girls and three boys were in the foster care system for three years.

"We had the opportunity to give the kids a loving home to be a part of and have value when we met the seven, the super 7, and important to keep them together," the father, Josh Clark, told WTOC.

The seven children join the Clark's biological child, 3-year-old Noah.

Mom Jessaka Clark said it was very natural to adopt. "My parents were foster parents for most of my life, then house parents at a children's house, so we always had 10-12 children in the house."

The children are Maria, 14; Elizabet, 11; Duillermo, 10; Jason, 8; Kristina, 7; Katerin, 7; and James, 5.

Jessaka said they started calling her and her husband "mom" and "dad" the first time they all met.

"I knew they were my kids. I immediately knew I wanted to be their mom. You both kind of have to fall in love with each other," she told CBS News.