Mary’s Place gets a makeover; ‘It felt really cold and clinical’

SEATTLE -- An army of volunteers is helping make Mary's Place an even nicer place.

Interior design professionals and students spent the last couple of months working on a renovation of what they call a "respite room" at Mary's Place, a place of refuge and healing.

Mary's Place is an organization that helps homeless families with young children find places to stay.

The room designers say it's a great improvement over what was there.

"It felt really cold and clinical. The acoustics were really bad. It just didn't feel like a great place to go rest and recharge," Kristen Petersen-Motan said. "We want this to be somewhere where these women can come in during the day and re-charge."

We just got a photo of the final product and they did a beautiful job.

After weeks of planning and two-and-a-half days of labor, they put the finishing touches on the project Sunday evening.