The wind returns to Seattle tomorrow: How do crane operators make sure you’re safe below?

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SEATTLE — Seattle is quickly becoming the City of Cranes. There are at least 58 tower cranes dotting the Seattle skyline. That is more than any other city in the U.S.

Wind and thunderstorms return to Seattle on Thursday, and it got us thinking: Should I walk under a crane?  If you’ve walked through the city’s streets– you’ll know, they are hard to avoid.

We asked the General Manager for Skanska USA Building, Chris Toher, what the guidelines are for their operators follow during gusty weather.

Western Washington will see gusts over 30 mph for a brief period on Thursday, according to meteorologist Walter Kelley.

Toher described how operators ensure that heavy loads don't fall onto you below if a random gust of wind comes their way.

To give you peace of mind: cranes are constantly inspected, not just during major weather events.

"Every day our cranes are looked over by the operator so when that operator ascends the crane he's looking at bolts, he's looking at pins, connections, he's looking for weld conditions, missing paint, and he inspects the cable and on a monthly basis we have a third party monthly inspector that checks the crane top to bottom," said Toher.