Bellevue man arrested in connection with three attacks on Seattle women

SEATTLE – Seattle police arrested a 33-year-old Bellevue man Tuesday who they believe attacked three women in Seattle recently.

Police haven’t named the man, but they said he was booked into King County jail on three counts of indecent liberties.

Police said the man tended to attack his victims from behind while they were walking, then threw them to the ground and tried to force himself on them.

On Monday, police said they believed the man drives a red Chevy Cruz. They said they found the man after following up a lead about a Cruz that was recently sold to a dealership by a man fitting the suspect’s description.

Police said when they arrested the man, he was wearing a black bomber jacket similar to the one described by victims and witnesses and seen in surveillance video.

In all three cases, the women were able to fight him off with the help of passers-by.