Seattle-based app turns phone into ‘perfect eyewitness’ to crime

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SEATTLE – A new app created in Seattle has its sights set on stopping crime. Called iWitness, it hijacks your phone, arming users against their attackers with video, audio and 911.

After registering, the app takes one click to arm. Once armed, audio, video and your exact location are recorded and saved to the cloud. Another tap or shake of your device and 911 will be called automatically.

“It’s for abduction, it’s for assault, it’s to really be what you would always want to have, which is someone watching over you,” said founder and CEO of iWitness, David Remer.

“if someone is feeling threatened, there isn’t anything for her or him to do, but just touch the screen,” he explained.

Remer called iWitness, the perfect witness to any crime. He hopes the app becomes a diversion to attacks, by informing criminals they are being watched.

“I think it’s good to be preventative, especially if you’re a single girl walking through, or if you have your hands full,” said Angie Streeter. Q13 stopped Streeter and her friend to ask if they would use an app like iWitness. They both had concerns that it may be too much of a hassle.

But, Streeter said it is better than some of the safety alternatives on the market.

“I like it better than trying to carry pepper spray or doing something like that,” she said.

The app is free to download, but costs $2.99 a month to use. Remer says the service it provides is priceless.

“It answers the questions ‘Where were you? Are you sure it was him or her? When did it happen and what exactly were the actions and what did you do to cause it or defend yourself?’ It’s all on tape,” he said.

Q13 News found similar safety apps for free, including bSafeCircle of 6, and Kitestring.