Tacoma woman celebrates her 105th birthday

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Florence Motley is the oldest living-African-American resident in Washington state.

TACOMA, Wash. — With balloon tablecloths and a large cake, a church in Tacoma celebrated the birthday of one of their dearest members. Florence Motley will turn 105 this week.

She is the oldest living-African-American resident in Washington state.

Florence was born on March 28, 1912. In her lifetime she has lived through 19 presidential administrations, two World Wars, the Women’s Sufferage and the Civil Right movements.

But today, was just another good day for the woman who had seen so many days.

“At this age, I can remember bad days and good days, but today is very good,” Florence told Q13 News.

Florence moved to Washington in 1987, so she could be closer to family.

"She's raised me. She was in our home living with us," said Sharon Kinnard, Florence's granddaughter. "She's a friend that I've had for 54 years."

Florence grew up on a farm and was an only child.

"So naturally they let me kind of have my way," Florence joked about her parents.

She said she was both a tomboy and a little girl.

In her adult life, Florence was very active in the community.

One advice she has for today's youth is to find a goal and work towards it.

"If you don't have a goal and work towards it, you'll just devolve into other things," she said. Adding obey your parents and try to do what your instructors tell you to do.

As for health advice, Florence says to "eat right, rest, and study your Bible."

Today's celebration was held at the Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church and hosted by the local Iota Mu Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and Harbor View Manor.