What was that fireball in the sky over Western Washington?

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SEATTLE — People from Snohomish and Wenatchee to Tumwater reported seeing a fireball over Western Washington that seemingly plummeted to the ground Thursday night.

Was it a meteorite or space junk burning up in the atmosphere?

Witnesses on the Q13 News Facebook page saw something, they just weren't sure what it was. Here are their comments:

Katie White: I was on the border of Kent/Auburn and I saw what at first look like a shooting start evolve into a green fireball shooting straight down and looks to have exploded on its way down.

Amie Su Wheelis: I saw it in Snohomish, thought it was a falling star but then there was 3 explosions that lit up the sky. So cool.

Randy Perry: Lots of people saw it in Sequim..No video yet

Elizabeth Marois:  I saw it and a light flash from it I live in ferndale wa

Jerrod Myers: Saw it down south in tumwater

Cameron Fawaz: I saw it didn't record it

Joanne Victoria Cooper: Daughter saw it in north marysville- mom I just saw the weirdest thing fallinf from the sky and it like bursted into flames with a fire tail

Christina Kyle: I wish I did. But it was an amazing sight here in Everett. Just happend to take the dog outside right before it happened.

Andrew Berman: We were in port ludlow on our deck in the hot tub and saw it like a big fire ball...it was very clear.

Tasha Henson: Saw it at the waterfront in Ruston Way in Tacoma. Like a greenish blue streak going down then kinda like firework that wasn't so great explosion. Something like that. I thought I was seeing things. I told you the world was ending Douglas.

Kelly Wiggans-Crawford: I saw it in south Kent valley. It was green with a smoke trail. Only got a brief look at it before it was blocked by buildings. Thought it was a firework at first.

Anne Saben-Edwards: We saw it in Olympia over the Capital Forrest. It was EXTREMELY bright and fast! It exploded as it fell from the sky. Agree with Hunter...much brighter than the sun by a long shot!!

Hunter Allen Welfringer: I sware it came down not 3 miles from my house it literally lit up 5x brighter that the sun. Im based out 8 miles west of eatonville.