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Bellingham police: Help us ID woman who took paramedic’s kit from scene of stabbing

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a woman they say took a paramedic’s kit from the scene of a stabbing Sunday in Bellingham.

“As many of you know there was a stabbing in City Center yesterday afternoon,which resulted in one of our Officers being put in a position to stop a threat,” Bellingham police wrote in a Facebook post. “While we were dealing with the threat, our brothers and sisters of the Bellingham Fire Department were tending to the victim of the stabbing.”

Police said the woman “helped herself to one of the paramedic’s kits while they were busy helping the victim of the stabbing.”

If you can help identify the woman or have any information about the case, contact Bellingham Police.

From Bellingham Police Department