Ask a Cop: My concealed weapons permit just got stolen — should I tell police?

Q: If my concealed weapons permit is stolen, should I tell police? And, can I still carry a concealed weapon? — Jim

A: “Jim, if you had a concealed weapons permit, you should report it stolen to the police even though you don’t have it in your possession. If the police find it we’re going to want to know who you are, even if your credit cards, your driver’s license was stolen too, they’re going to run that name and they’ll be able to get a hold of you. As far as still being able to carry a concealed weapons permit, what you’re probably going to want to do is make sure that you have the police case number with you and you have all the information that’s on your permit, because the police can look that up to get the information to verify you actually have a permit and if it’s stolen and you can back it up with the police case number, you should be okay.” — Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer