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This photo the House Republicans tweeted out is making some waves

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — This is the photo the House Republicans Twitter account tweeted out today. And it’s making some waves.

No, it’s not the fact that certified grown adult Vice President-elect Mike Pence is using a selfie stick.

This photo the House Republicans tweeted out is making some waves

Look closer. Do you see it?

Trick question. It’s actually what’s missing that’s making news: diversity.

The tweet accompanying the photo reads “UNIFIED.” The photo, however, shows mostly white men.

House Republicans, according to data released by the Senate, are currently able to claim two African-Americans, nine Latinos and 23 women in their ranks. While it’s easy to spot some of the women front and center, some Twitter users were still not jazzed.

On Election Day this year, only about 8% of African-American voters and 29% of Latino voters supported Donald Trump. However, Trump was able to clinch the nomination with 58% of the white vote.

The photo is also very reminiscent of a photo Paul Ryan Instagrammed over the summer.