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Catholic group protesting Satan club meeting at Portland school

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The group is upset that the Satan club is being allowed to meet at an elementary school, the same place the Catholic group meets.

PORTLAND, Ore. — A local satanic group is moving forward with their plans for the “After School Satan Club” at a Parkrose elementary school. But now, a local Catholic group is fighting back.

On Wednesday, two dozen people from local Catholic churches protested and prayed in front of Sacramento Elementary School. They’re angry that a Satan club will start holding after-school meetings there next month.

KPTV reports a Christian group called the Good News Club meets at Sacramento Elementary, so to be fair to all beliefs, Parkrose District leaders say they had to afford the Satan club the same opportunity.

Satan club leaders say their focus is not on devil worship but education about humanism, rationalism and science.

Parents worry that it scares kids and send them the wrong message.

“Freedom of speech, I understand. But like I said, we’ve all known, Satan is Satan. It’s the devil,” said Jose Delgado. “How can anything positive come out of that? We already live in a messed up world.”

“We believe we live in a pluralistic society and there are good people of all beliefs and bad people of all beliefs and that one belief system does not represent all Americans,” said Finn Rezz, organizer of the After School Satan Club.

The After School Satan Club held an open house after the protest on Wednesday. Their regular meetings will begin next month.

Similar clubs are proposed in western Washington as well.