University of Utah says there is legal case to impeach Donald Trump

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(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY – A professor at the University of Utah said there’s a strong case to impeach Donald Trump once he’s elected.

Law professor Christopher Peterson said he found ample evidence to charge the President-elect with fraud and racketeering, both of which are considered felonies within state and federal law, KUTV reported.

In his analysis “Trump University and Presidential Impeachment,” Peterson looked at Trump University, where students spent close to $30,000 to learn about practicing real estate. The for-profit college advertised curriculum and instructors chosen by Trump that promised students a high-caliber and selective experience.

But Trump University, according to Peterson, was unaccredited and taught students get-rich-quick schemes. The school closed in 2010 but still faces numerous lawsuits that could cast a shadow over his presidency, Peterson said.

“In the United States, it is illegal for businesses to use false statements to convince consumers to purchase their services,” explained Peterson. “The evidence indicates that Trump University used a systemic pattern of fraudulent representations to trick thousands of families into investing in a program that can be argued was a sham. Fraud and racketeering are serious crimes that legally rise to the level of impeachable acts.”

Peterson also said Congress can push for an impeachment in civil cases — the president doesn’t need to be criminally convicted — and that it can consider crimes committed before the candidate was elected to office.