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Richard Sherman confirms NFL fined him for unnecessary roughness against Bills kicker

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Kicker Dan Carpenter #2of the Buffalo Bills in action against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field on November 7, 2016 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

RENTON, Wash. (AP) — Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman confirmed he’s been fined by the NFL for unnecessary roughness for his hit on Buffalo kicker Dan Carpenter in last Monday’s game against the Bills.

Sherman said Thursday that the explanation and wording of the letter from the league makes it nearly impossible for him to appeal. Sherman said the league’s justification in the letter was that the hit came after the whistle was blown.

Sherman said he won’t appeal the $9,115 fine.

Sherman was not penalized for unnecessary roughness on the play. He was flagged for being offside, but referee Walt Anderson’s explanation after the game said he didn’t believe the contact was excessive enough to warrant an unnecessary roughness foul. NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino said that interpretation was incorrect and Sherman should have received a personal foul on the play.

Late in the first half of Sunday’s game, Sherman jumped offside during a field goal attempt and brought down Carpenter. At the time, he was called only for offsides.

Blandino later said Sherman should have been penalized for unnecessary roughness.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Sherman said he never heard a whistle so he didn’t stop trying to block the kick.

The Seahawks defeated the Bills 31-25.

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