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Nice notes, free hugs: Through this election drama, kindness still wins

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Sometimes people just need a hug, or a nice word, or anything to shake off the ugliness of the long, hard election season.

Fortunately, even when the country feels so divided, kindness always finds a way to unite.

People are leaving nice notes on the New York subway

Some people are describing them as “Subway Therapy” and “love notes to America.”

And offering free hugs

(Even when they didn’t agree, and those are the most important hugs.)

Even in the UK, this guy reached out to those exhausted by the whole thing.

Leaders are calling for togetherness

“I am truly shocked by the hatred being posted online and the vitriolic comments on social media this morning. America, we are better than this,” wrote Aaron Montz, the mayor of Tiffin, Ohio. “Regardless of your opinion on the outcome of this election, we must drop the hate and anger and instead turn it into positive change and political action.”

For those who are feeling sad or threatened, allies are offering their resources

And little children are proving they can be big inspirations

“Love is love,” chanted this little girl at a rally in Austin, Texas. Read more about her here.