Man threatens to shoot people at Tacoma motel

Troopers begin major commercial vehicle emphasis along I-5

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SEATTLE — Thousands of drivers who use Interstate 5 everyday will see more police cracking down on violators.

The Washington State Patrol says it’s cracking down on lawbreakers to keep everyone safe from dangerous drivers.

Troopers are looking for trucks camped out in the left lane, overweight box trucks in the HOV lane and other drivers who don’t give truckers enough room to driver safely.

“It really all comes down to safety of the motoring public,” said Trooper Rick Johnson.

Extra troopers will be patrolling along I-5 from just south of Seattle to the King and Pierce County line.

Troopers said people driving cars also need to remember to stay out of a big rigs’ blind spot and to give them plenty of space when changing lanes.

“If you’re changing lanes in front of an 80,000-pound semi, they don’t have the reaction time or the ability to slow down and avoid collisions as quickly,” he said.

The emphasis will continue through Friday.