Sleeping panda turns the tables on zoo intruder (VIDEO)

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CHINA — Mei Ling, a giant panda, was resting in its zoo enclosure in eastern China when a man jumped in and attempted to tease the animal.

The panda woke up, quickly grabbed the intruder by the leg and wrestled him to the ground.

Zoo keepers say Mei Ling was just looking to play and the move was similar to one used with breeders.

The man, however, realized the power of the wild animal and struggled to free himself — and eventually managed to escape, with torn pants.

Officials said they believe the man jumped into the enclosure to show off to his female friends.

The zoo said Mei Ling is receiving medical checks and is being closely observed, but that she seems fine.

The zoo invader hasn’t been located, but officials said it’s unlikely he was seriously hurt.