11-year-old hit-and-run victim: ‘I’m kind of mad she left me sitting in the … road by myself’

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RENTON, Wash.  —  A little boy is home recovering after a car hit him early Wednesday morning — and then drove off.

Eleven-year-old Islam Yasser’s face and head are covered in large knots and scrapes after a very scary incident on the way to his bus stop.

“That’s every parent’s worst fear, is to get a call that your child just got hit by a car and then to show up and see him and know that the person that was responsible didn’t even have the common courtesy as a human being to even ask him if he was OK and call 911,” says his mother, Amanda Dass.

Renton police say it happened near the corner of Talbot Road South and South 26th Street around 7 a.m.  Wednesday.

Islam’s friend, 11-year-old Jacob Dahlam, says he’s still shaken up after watching it happen.

“I saw him go up in the air and flip,” says Jacob.

Islam says the impact knocked him unconscious.

Jacob says the woman driving the car stopped and got out of the vehicle.

“She said the 'F' word five times out loud and everybody was just staring at her," Jacob said. "And then she picked him up and said, ‘Why are you in the middle of the road?’ and then put him back down and said, ‘I’m going to go move my car’ and then she drove off."

Islam said, “I’m kind of mad that she left me sitting in the middle of the road by myself."

His mom says she is, too.  She wants answers and justice for her son.

“To be able to hit a child and leave him in the road without any regard for his life; it’s a hit and run. It’s horrifying and I want her to pay for what she did to my son,” says Amanda.

The children say it was dark and raining at the time of the accident, but police have not said whether that played a role.

If you have any information, please call the Renton Police Department.