Arrest made in Vietnam veteran’s Darrington home burglary

The suspect in the burglary case.

The suspect in the burglary case.

STANWOOD — Thanks to information received from one of our viewers, the North Snohomish County Property Crimes Task Force arrested Danny Wilton this morning in Stanwood. Wilton had a Department of Corrections warrant for Escape from Community Custody and convictions for Burglary and drug dealing. He is WMW Capture #803.

MARYSVILLE, Wash. — A disabled war veteran is reeling after burglars hit his Snohomish County home not once, but twice.

Bob Shearer, 73, recently hurt his leg and spent time with family while he recovered. But while he was gone from his property, crooks ransacked his Darrington home.

“Why, why did you do it?” said Shearer. “I worked hard I fought for my country, I’m a Vietnam vet.”

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputies said thieves trashed Shearer’s home and stole just about anything they could including rare coins, hunting and fishing gear, and firearms.

Thieves also got away with a mounted deer head – the same buck Bob hunted nearly 50 years ago as a teenager.

Several days after the first burglary Shearer said he caught several thieves red handed trying to steal his street rod. He called police but the crooks got away.

Shearer’s family counts the losses in tens of thousands of dollars.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s detectives believe 35-year-old Danny Wilton had something to do with the burglaries.

Cops think he lives in Seattle and regularly visits his girlfriend in Stanwood. Investigators said Wilton has a history of burglary.

Anyone who has information about Wilton’s whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.