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Longview designates squirrel as city mascot

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LONGVIEW, Wash. (AP) — Longview has decided to make the squirrel its official city mascot following a request for the designation from the organizers of the city’s annual festival centered on the furry rodent.

The Daily News reports ( ) that the City Council approved the designation Thursday.

The proposal to have the squirrel as the city mascot had been in the works since the summer Squirrel Fest began in 2011, led by a group known as the Sandbaggers. Sandbaggers President Pat Kubin estimated as many as 7,500 people attended the event last year.

Mayor Don Jensen says the squirrel had already been an unofficial mascot, as Longview has five squirrel bridges and a wooden squirrel statute. The Sandbaggers are planning a sixth squirrel bridge this year.