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Police in Shoreline arrest suspects in Lynnwood gun shop theft

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SHORELINE, Wash. — Police on Wednesday night arrested the suspects in the theft of a Glock handgun from a Lynnwood gun shop on State Route 99 last Friday.

“Earlier this evening, Shoreline Detectives developed a lead on suspects that stole a pistol from a Snohomish County gun store,” the Shoreline Police Department said Wednesday night on its Facebook page. “They contacted the suspects in the Richmond Beach area and one complied while the others ran into a nearby house” in Shoreline.

“Due to the possibility of the suspects being armed, the house was surrounded and the KCSO (King County Sheriff’s Office) Negotiations team and SWAT unit were called out. After some persuasive conversation, the remaining suspects gave up without fanfare.”

Lynnwood Deputy Chief Jim Nelson said Q13 News coverage that led to the identification of the suspects via a Crime Stoppers tip. He said both suspects are juveniles. As a result, the photos and video of the suspects have been removed from this story.


They walked into the store around 12:15 p.m. Friday and asked to look at a Glock firearm, police said. They had to wait a few minutes while the manager was finishing a different transaction so they just wandered around the store.  When the manager gave them the Glock to look at and hold, they turned around and bolted, he told police.  Two customers chased after them but they got away.

“Anytime you have suspects on the street with a gun, we want them really bad. It’s just not a theft. We got a gun on the street and hopefully nobody gets killed with that gun,” said Ret. Det Myrle Carner.